Jasper’s 10 Month Update

Jasper is ten months old! This last month has been quite a wild ride and one of the most monumental months yet! Our little man is growing so fast and will be turning the big O-N-E in just two months! Where has the time gone?!

Jasper’s 10 Month Update

At ten months Jasper loves showing off all of his new skills. He literally wakes up clapping and waving. To see him so happy makes me even happier! He also has to knock on every surface, wall, and door he passes. Jasper also learned how to give kisses! However, we are still mastering that. J is still obsessed with the vacuum, mop, and broom. There’s definitely no denying he is my son lol! I can’t forget to mention his forever love toward his puppies! J is for sure an animal lover! We also recently purchased a walker for him which he zooms by in. If he’s not crawling all over chances are he’s cruising around in his walker.

I am also happy to report he has his first tooth and more on the way! What was once a sweet gummy smile is quickly turning into a mouth full of teeth! Yay! I am hoping his teeth give him more confidence in his eating abilities. He has gotten much more comfortable with eating, but it’s still a little bit of a challenge. He shows interests in anything I eat and of course still loves to nurse.

At each monthly milestone I am always so amazed at how much Jasper has grown in such a short period of time.

I know this next month won’t be any different and soon after that we will have a one-year old toddler! I cannot wait to cherish this last month of “baby” and prepare of toddlerhood.



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