Jasper’s 9 Month Update

Our little man is officially nine months old! Three more months until the big ONE! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to see so many changes this month, but he just came out of a leap and holy moly! Just in these last few weeks he is a completely different baby!

Jasper’s 9 Month Update

Jasper is 21 pounds of pure joy and is growing right on track!

I feel like he was just turning six months old and now here we are planning his first birthday part. What even?! Talk about emotional!

I am so happy to say Jasper is CRAWLING! In his eight month update I mentioned how I had a feeling he would be crawling near or by Halloween. Well, two weeks after I shared that blog post he started crawling! He was working at it so hard and it finally clicked! Now, he is always on the move and will speed right by you. He never wants to sit still and his curiosity has reached an all-time high.

Aside from crawling, Jasper has become more talkative although he still isn’t a fan of strangers. He is learning the difference between “yes” and “no” as well as waving, clapping is hands, and copying mom and dad.

He also got to celebrate his very first Halloween where he dressed up as a scarecrow (For the record- successfully dressing up a nine-month-old for Halloween should be a holiday in itself). Kudos to the moms who seem to pull it all together for Halloween ‘cause it ain’t easy!

I am blown away by all of the things Jasper is learning and I’m even more excited to see what he’ll learn next! I have a feeling ten months he’ll be hitting some big milestones again and maybe even pop out his first tooth!



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