Jasper’s 11 Month Update

The official countdown is on! My baby boy is eleven months old, and this time next month he will be a toddler! How does that even happen?! I am truly baffled! I am experiencing all the emotions.

Jasper’s 11 Month Update

In true Jasper fashion, he made another huge developmental leap this month! He has grown so much! He went from having barely one tooth to having almost four teeth! He is very close to standing all on his own like a big and rarely ever sits still. Talk about high energy! J has finally begun to really enjoy eating. While he still prefers his breastmilk over most things, he loves to explore his food and feed himself. I have no doubt by the time he turns one he will be a pro at eating.

Jasper is also back to hating his car seat. He screams unless he’s sleeping, just like he did when he was teeny tiny. With that said, car rides are not fun for this mama, but we are working on it! His sleep is also slowly improving. While he doesn’t always sleep through the night, he puts himself to bed all by himself and nurses only twice, unless sick or in need of extra comfort. This was a huge challenge for us so I am super proud of both myself and him.

J’s new favorite thing to do is dance and it is literally the cutest thing ever. I could sit and watch him dance all day long! Aside from dancing, he’s a big talker like his mama and dada.

While it saddens me to know my tiny baby is growing into a little boy, I am also so proud of him. I know this last month of babyhood will be very emotional. However, I have zero doubts in toddlerhood he’ll be just a sweet!

Until next time, when Jasper is ONE!



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