My First Trimester… the THIRD time around

I want to start this post off by saying a lot of how I felt was based off comparing this pregnancy to my first two pregnancies. I know every woman and every pregnancy is different. This blog post is dedicated to all things first trimester in my third pregnancy- the good, the bad, and the ugly!

If you haven’t read my initial blog post where I announced our third pregnancy, go back and read it here. In that post I mentioned how we waited a little longer after Slate to start trying for this baby, than we did when Jasper was little and we got pregnant with Slate. Very similar to my first two (technically three including my miscarriage) pregnancies, I knew I was pregnant almost immediately. Since the day we conceived I experienced cramping, bloating, and general discomfort. It’s funny because I tested pretty early on in this pregnancy and some tests came up very faint with a positive while others were a bold face negative. I didn’t believe any of them until I got the confirmation on the digital test. This was around three or four weeks pregnant- right before christmas!

By week 5 I could already feel my appetite dwindling and myself feeling “full” all of the time. By week 6 I was down for the count! Little did I know I also contracted C0V!d sometime during this week. It was awful because at first I thought it was all first trimester symptoms and I was miserable just thinking about how worse it was only going to get. Then when my husband tested positive and I lost my taste and smell we just knew. By week eight or nine my symptoms turned into strictly first trimester symptoms. However, they were just as rough. While I am typing this I am literally wincing thinking back to those two/three months, I am traumatized. I had little to no appetite and a lot of food aversions. I couldn’t cook for myself or my children without becoming severely nauseated. We ended up eating out a lot because I couldn’t stand the smell of food cooking. Around nine weeks pregnant I was getting used to the everyday nausea, then I got food poisoning. That was rough but I was on the mend within twenty-four hours.

From the weeks ten through fifteen I figured out a system where I was still very much sick but I was able to function on a very basic level. I was taking b6 and unisom to help with the nausea and slowly started to feel good around week fifteen. When I was starting to get back into my normal routine of eating and cooking and working out, our whole house got hit with the stomach bug. It was the worst. Let me tell you that virus spread like wildfire and was nasty. I had it the worse, I think from being pregnant. I would take C0V!d over this. It wasn’t until week seventeen I started to fully com around and feel like myself.

Thinking back to the months of January and February are honestly a blur. While a lot of those horrible moments are so vivid in my memories, it is also all I can remember because everyday was ground hogs day. I would wake up sick, lay around, and do anything I could to not get sick. Here I am though, almost half-way through my pregnancy, and remembering why moms have more than one child- because we forget how horrible those first several weeks are.

Anyways, that is pretty much how the beginning of my new year went and I am so happy to see better days. I can’t even tell you what cravings I had or specific symptoms (other than nausea) because that’s literally all I could focus on. It consumed me most days. There was, and still is, a lot of anxiety from this first trimester. I am doing whatever I can now to make sure I enjoy the good days but know there still may be some not so good ones too. It is wild to look back on because my first two pregnancies I was barely even sick so this definitely as a huge shock.

If you are trying to conceive or newly pregnant make sure to read my First Trimester Survival Guide to for tips and tricks to help you get through those first few months.

Next blog post I will be doing our “guess the sex of the baby” based off of old wive tales. For now you can read Jasper’s and Slate’s.

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