Surprise… Baby Devine Number THREE!

It’s been a hot minute since I published a blog post, but today I have some very exciting news that I want to share! Those of you who follow along on Instagram already know, but we are expecting Baby Devine Number THREE!

I have been dying to share this news because it’s honestly been rough these last several weeks. Again, if you’re on Instagram, then you know. I will be doing a whole separate blog post discussing my first trimester (because oh my goodness it was totally different than my first two- you can about them here, I’M PREGNANT!!! and here, I’m Pregnant…AGAIN!), but this post is to address basic pregnancy questions and to chat/catch up with ya’ll!

Our third baby is due in August. His/her estimated due date is August 25th to be exact, so I am anxious to see if baby will come on the earlier or on the later side! As I am typing this I am currently sixteen weeks pregnant. Yes, this baby was planned just like all of the others. We actually waited a little while longer to get pregnant this time around. After I had Jasper we started trying when he was about eleven months old, for this baby we waited until Slate was about fourteen months old. Slate and our third baby will be about twenty-three months apart, whereas Jasper and Slate are twenty months apart to the day!

We do not know the gender yet and we probably won’t know until sometime in April. In April, I will be twenty weeks pregnant which is when I’ll receive an anatomy scan and confirm the sex of our baby! I know the trendy “thing” to do now is get the early prenatal testing done (Non-invasive Prenatal Testing) that also provides the sex, but Mark nor I feel it’s necessary to pay out of pocket (our insurance doesn’t cover it) when we can wait and get the ultrasound. The NIPT is a blood draw the detects for genetic abnormalities as well as sex. We do not have a history of genetic abnormalities so that is also why we feel it is unnecessary. Plus, it’s so fun waiting that first half of your pregnancy!

Something I have been getting asked a lot is are we hoping for a girl. Before I answer that I just have to say I assume people ask this question because we already have two boys. We have always wanted four kids and if that means we are “trying for a girl” then take it how you want it. However, I will say, yes, we of course would LOVE a little girl! Jasper is asking for a baby sister and I think it would be adorable for her to have two big brothers to grow up with. Again, if we get a third boy we will obviously be just as excited. Right now, I am trying my hardest not to convince myself it is one over the other and cause an upset on purpose.

If you have been around for my first two pregnancies, you know I post a weekly bump update every week on my Instagram feed and blog posts throughout my pregnancy. Nothing will change with this one- I love having all of the photos and posts to look back on and see exactly how I was feeling in that moment. I also cannot wait to have you all on this journey with me again!

That’s all for now but stay tuned for a first trimester blog post!

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