Baby Devine Number Two’s Gender Reveal

By now you all most likely know we are having a baby BOY! This means I will be a boy mama of TWO little boys come the fall. We could not be more excited!I had a strong feeling this second baby was another boy. In the very beginning I had some suspicions it might be a girl but as time went on my gut feeling was so strong that it was a boy. Turns out I was right, again! Mama’s intuition knows best I guess! I also feel like it’s only natural to assume your second baby is the opposite of your first. I know a lot of you guys guessed it would be a girl. Either way, we are thrilled and could not be more anxious to meet him!IMG_7064

Baby Devine Number Two’s Gender Reveal

For our gender reveal we originally planned to do something small and simple (like what we did with Jasper), but COVID-19 had other plans. I was naïve and hoped all of this pandemic crap would fade away by May and we could have our gender reveal. Here we are in June and are just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. So, with COVID controlling a lot of our decisions, we had to switch gears. We obviously couldn’t have friends or family present, but we wanted to still make it special. Me, more than my husband lol, wanted to go all out since we were forced to practice social distancing. I knew I wanted it recorded like last time and I knew I wanted cute photos to remember the day by too. Well, I got almost what I wanted lol.IMG_6520I decided to go for the “balloons out of a box” to reveal the gender, but with a twist. I wanted not only colored balloons indicating we were having a boy, but also foil letters spelling it out, plus blue confetti powder cannons. Per usual, I headed to Pinterest for inspiration. I came up with exactly what I wanted. Ordered all the items needed and patiently waited for everything to arrive.I really wanted to announce sooner rather than later because it was so hard not to accidentally blurt out “BOY” on social media. However, we were limited to when we could do it because of the weather. Every day for the next week it was raining or windy and the reveal had to be done outside since we were setting off colored powder cannons. So, we chose the last day before the rain was supposed to come and man that was a mistake! It was cold and windy. We had to literally bring bricks with us to hold down our tripod and pray that nothing ripped off or out of the box. Not to mention, the hassle it was to set everything up. It’s not as easy as it looks to shove multiple balloons in a box and have them pop out looking all pretty, lol.

So, despite having everything against us, we managed to make it work. I’m not 100% happy with the photos but the experience makes me laugh. Poor Jasper probably thinks we are crazy parents (and we are lol).I know a lot of people are already asking if we have names in mind. The short answer is no. Ya’ll know the hassle we went through trying to find a name for Jasper, so we decided not to even think about names until the third trimester or the last month of my pregnancy. We changed Jasper’s name at least four times until we decided on Jasper, and even then we didn’t commit to his name until he was born. For me boy names are hard, and I don’t like many. When we do choose a name, however, we will not be sharing it until his birth.IMG_6526I cannot wait to continue on this journey with ya’ll. Any mamas of more than one boy please share all your tips- and any mamas of two or more tell me your secrets!  

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  Everything we used for the reveal will be linked below.Colored balloons: Sage Green Ivory Chrome Gold BalloonsNavy BalloonsLight Blue Balloons

Foil letter balloons: BOY

“Sweet Baby” banner: Sweet Baby Boy Glitter Banner

Confetti powder cannons: Blue Cannons

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