Jasper’s 5 Month Update

As I begin every postpartum/monthly milestone update, HOW are we here already?! In just one month my sweet newborn baby will be half a year old! But, let’s not go down that rabbit hole just yet.

I am going to keep this update short and sweet. It’s been a hectic time over here and I have been really trying to stay present.

After looking at about ten different houses, the very last house was the winner! We found a house! So here we are, again, moving and finding a new routine.

Jasper’s 5 Month Update

Here is a short recap of the last month with our little man…

This new month has mainly been a continuation of months three and four. Jasper been mastering all of the skills he’s picked up like “talking”, rolling over, finding his hands, and so much more. He has also started to sit up- he gets about 10 seconds of sitting with a rounded back until he tumbles! His bouncer is a big hit, too! If it were up to him he would be sitting, standing, or hanging out in mom’s arms all day.

In the next month, we are hoping to start solids, or at the very least try some rice cereal! I will be sure to update you guys on what we do and the foods he’s eating!


That’s all for now! I’m sure I will have more to say (and more time) once six months rolls around. Until then, I’ll be running around like a chicken with its’ head cut off.



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Jasper’s 4 Month Update

I feel like I need to start off this post by asking why doesn’t the four-month milestone come with an instruction manual?! KIDDING, kind of…


Jasper’s 4 Month Update

In all seriousness, month four has been easier than three months but yet harder all at the same time. Last month I had the stress of moving and figuring out life on the East Coast again, but this month I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The first three months I really struggled and I didn’t really notice just how much I was struggling until month four hit. At about 3.5 months Jasper entered the four month sleep regression. Having children, of any age, you know how crazy their sleep schedule can be. So, this was stressful nonetheless, but we are alive and here to tell the story!

On top of my currently crazy life and hormones, lack of sleep has been really playing games with my mind. However, I am trying really hard to establish a routine for myself. I am working out when I can, making sure I am eating enough to help keep my milk supply up, and overall living a balanced life to keep myself sane! Like I said, I was struggling for a while but I am feeling pretty good at the moment!

As for Jasper, I feel like I have a whole new baby! Truth be told, that is how I feel as each month passes.

Jasper has been “finding” his hands and LOVES to chew on them. He’s drooling up a storm and we have to keep a bib on him 24/7 or else we’d be changing his outfit every hour. No, he is not teething yet (yes, I know hand chewing and drooling can be signs, but trust me there are no teeth popping through just yet). However, we think the main cause of all his drooling is his lip tie we recently learned he has. It is nothing serious as he is nursing and gaining weight just fine.

He is also learning to “talk” and he tells the best stories. I could listen to him babble all day long. J has finally mastered tummy time (he used to hate being on his belly). He rolls over, but not consistently. Like everything else, he has his own schedule and does what he wants when he wants!

Jasper certainly wants to be on the move and doesn’t skip a beat, he is truly the life of the party. I am in constant awe seeing the world through his eyes.



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Jasper’s 3 Month Update

I can’t believe we are here. THREE months postpartum and three months of loving on my sweet boy!

This last month has been a whirlwind to say the least. I don’t have too much to update you on in regard to postpartum/baby stuff because it’s been pretty chill if you don’t count the other craziness in my life.

Jasper’s 3 Month Update

Most of you know by now, but my family moved out of Montana and across the country back to the East Coast. Mark will now be stationed in Dover, Delaware so we are working on purchasing a house in the area! Right now, we are staying with my mom until we close on our house and get everything ready to move in. It has been absolutely crazy but being so close to family and friends makes it all worth it. I will update you on our new home as we move forward. We have lots of exciting plans for renovation, so we are hoping all things go well!

Overall, I have been feeling pretty good. Aside from being out of place on the house side of things, I have found my new routine and my new normal, if you will. It definitely took a long while to figure out a schedule that worked but now that I have one it makes life a little easier. I know routines can change every day when you have a baby, so I am allowing for plenty of room to adjust and I am open to change.

However, if I am being honest, I have started to struggle with body image a little bit here and there. I know somewhere, deeply rooted in me, I grew a human and in no way should I be this hard on myself but sometimes it gets the best of me. I am doing what I can when I can, and I know I am taking good care of my body. Finding time to workout has been a lot harder with a baby but I recently started working out again and it feels amazing. Working out has always been more for my mental health than my physical health so getting back into a workout routine has also helped my mental health postpartum.

I know there isn’t a magic trick to get back into the shape I was pre-pregnancy and I’m not looking for an easy way out. I am looking at this as a new challenge. I even bought a new bikini to rock my new mom bod 😉

Processed with MOLDIV
12 weeks in vs. 12 weeks out!

Jasper has been an absolute DREAM. He is such a good baby. At about 8 weeks he started sleeping through the night and has been doing so ever since (he is 13 weeks as I’m writing this). Again, I know things can change in an instant with babies, but I am taking it one day (or night) at a time! He is also a really good napper and takes two really good naps a day. However, we are still working on mastering that third late afternoon nap!

The doctors say Jasper is developing a month ahead of schedule and I feel like most doctors say that to every parent to make them feel good, lol. But, sometimes I do believe them! Jasper has been holding his head up since about 2 months and is VERY social since early on. He’s been smiling and (almost) giggling all the time. He is starting to “play” with his toys and notice his surroundings more. It’s so fun watching his little mind work!

We went on our first big adventure at the beginning of the month and he did SO well. Jasper and I flew from Montana to Seattle, from Seattle to LAX, and LAX to Philadelphia. And we did it all solo! I was more than nervous because I never flew alone before, let alone with an infant! He slept on every flight (even the red eye!!!) and rarely cried. He was a gem.

He of course loves his booby milk and eats about every two hours most days. It definitely shows! He is about 23 inches long and weighs around 12 pounds.


Like I said, I don’t have too much to update ya’ll on, but that’s where we’re at! If you want to stay up to date with daily updates, I post every day on the ‘gram (usually photos of Jasper tbh). Until next month, XO!



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Jasper’s 2 Month Update

Hey babes! Life has been a tad bit crazy over here and so much is happening so fast. A few weeks back I wrote a blog post sharing my one-month postpartum thoughts and how the new mom life is treating me (and Jasper of course). If you haven’t read that post yet, check it out here!

Since then I feel like my life has, yet again, flipped upside down and we were thrown a huge curve ball. For starters, at 6 weeks pp I was in the emergency room. If you follow me on Instagram, then you heard all about this. I went into the ER for what I thought was normal postpartum bleeding but turns out I had placenta fragments still inside of me!

You may be reading this asking yourself what am I even talking about. When Jasper was born I had to be rushed into surgery to have an emergency D&C because my placenta did not deliver. I go into more detail here on the blog and on my YouTube channel if you want to know the full story of Jasper’s birth.

Jasper’s 2 Month Update

So, around 6 weeks pp I was still having bleeding which wasn’t normal. After several hours in the emergency room and a million tests later, I found out the first D&C was not successful and there was still fragments of my placenta inside of me. This meant I had to have another D&C. So that Wednesday I went in for surgery.


The surgery itself was pretty intense. I was awake for my first D&C I had when I gave birth, but this one I was asleep for. And I’m so glad I was knocked out. I have never felt so much pain in my entire life. Okay, contractions are pretty painful, but this was a close second! I was in so much pain I couldn’t get out of bed by myself let alone hold Jasper. I was pumped with all sorts of drugs and medications that I couldn’t nurse Jasper either. Thank goodness for my doctor who let me stay the night on labor and delivery because those nurses were amazing. Also, a big shout to my husband because he played single dad for about twelve hours while I laid helpless in the hospital bed.

This sounds like complete chaos, and don’t get me wrong, it was. However, I’ve made my peace with it. The silver lining to it all was I learned exactly what was wrong and it makes me feel more confident going forward with having any future children. I had placenta accreta which is when the placenta is stuck to the wall of the uterus. You are at risk for it when you have had previous abdominal surgery, like a C-section, are 35 years old or older, or have had placenta accrete before. It can be detected through an ultrasound though it can also go un noticed. In my case, I didn’t know I was at risk because none of the above applied to me. But in the very beginning of my pregnancy I had a hemorrhage which is what caused the placenta accreta, but it was never detected. Like I said, I made my peace with it, but I also feel like there could have been a little more done so that everyone was better prepared.

Once I was recovered from that, I was finally cleared to go back to my normal life after 8 weeks pp! 8 weeks! But of course, life didn’t slow down there…

Within a week of my second surgery we found out we were going to be moving back home to the East Coast. It is happening SO fast, like we are moving this week as I am typing this, but we couldn’t be happier!

So, between the postpartum complications and this big move coming up, you could say things have been overwhelming to say the least.

Aside from that, things are going great! Mom life is no joke and some days are harder than others, but I am taking it day by day. The most important thing for me has been giving myself time to sort through my emotions and thoughts. It’s not always easy and to be honest I’ve neglected myself for several weeks, but I always feel SOOO much better once I carve out that time. Motherhood is a work in progress that is never ending!

Jasper is literal perfection. He started smiling and now can make out faces. It’s seriously the cutest thing when he looks at me and smiles or giggles back. MELTS. MY. HEART. His doctor said he’s very social for a two-month-old (he gets it from his mama). He’s also getting so strong! He’s very close to holding his head up but isn’t always a fan of tummy time which is resulting in his slightly flat head that I am hoping goes away!!! He still loves his boobs and milk and we’re still exclusively breastfeeding over here. I couldn’t be more grateful. Jasper officially weighs 11.8 pounds and is 23 inches long! He’s going to be tall, or at least I hope because this mama is short af, lol. Oh, and it may look like his eyes are going to stay blue, but we will see!

That’s all I got for now but will have more updates for ya for month three! Thanks for following along and make sure to follow my Instagram page to stay up to date on daily life adventures!



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Jasper’s 1 Month Update

It’s officially been one whole month since I gave birth to my son, Jasper Thomas, and boy what a month it has been! I could go on and on about this last month. Trust me, a lot has happened, and life is so different with a newborn, but I’ll begin with saying it was nothing like I expected. Let me tell you why…

Jasper’s 1 Month Update

I set myself up so I didn’t have to go back to my work until April. Being a stay at home mom and working for myself gave me those perks and I am forever grateful. Truly, I am really really grateful. I didn’t do a damn thing for a good three weeks. I warned my husband that all hands were on deck and he was going to have to help with the cooking and cleaning (and if you know me that was a big thing to let go of because I prefer to do the cooking and cleaning, I am a control freak). I planned to do a lot of resting and self-care, if you will. I planned to take these next two months to heal and bond with my baby. While I did almost all of that, it really only lasted those first three weeks.

Sharing my heart…

I really needed those first few weeks because I had surgery after I delivered so it took me a little longer to heal than most women. But after about a week and half to two weeks I got cabin fever and was ready for a routine again and for my husband to go back to work. I wanted so much to not have to heal my body and let mother nature take its’ course. After all that’s what I planned to do, this is sacred time for a woman and her baby, I wanted to do it right. It just wasn’t feasible for me. I work best with structure. But structure with a newborn? I’m sure many of you mamas are laughing at me while reading this.

I fell victim to comparison and was hard on myself for not giving myself an exact time window for this fourth trimester I read all about. I thought to myself “I need to heal and take this time with my baby or I will fail as a mother”. I was so caught up in having it “perfect” (perfectionist over here!) that I almost ended up ruining it for myself.

I hid all of my postpartum emotions because if I talked about them I would just cry. I fought with my husband more in this first month than we ever have in the three years of knowing one another and I felt so much guilt and sadness for what seemed like forever.

I know it was a lot of the hormones causing all of this, so I try not to beat myself up over it but the guilt I felt was real. I had, and still have some, feelings of guilt with the way Jasper came into this world. I felt like I didn’t stand up for myself or my son as much as I could. I also felt like I was mourning a loss. I LOVED being pregnant and to have that gone in an instant the way it happened truly upset me.

I started to see a therapist again and I forgot how freeing it felt to just speak, cry, and share my emotions without fear of judgment. Unless you’ve been through pregnancy, loss, and motherhood it is very hard to understand. So, having a professional and a real life mama listen to me felt really good.

This first month wasn’t what I expected it to be. It was even better. It made me stronger than I could possibly ever imagine. It has shown me how much love I have in my heart. And it has made me realize this is motherhood and it only gets better from here.

And while I’m sharing my heart, I also didn’t expect to share all of this in a blog post. I planned on giving you guys a physical update on my postpartum body and talk all about Jasper (who is just PEREFECT by the way). And I still will but I think this needed to be shared more. This is the real and raw side of motherhood and postpartum.

I can’t wait to see what this second month has in store. Time is going by SO fast and I am trying to soak up every second I can. I’m just happy I get to share it all with you guys. It makes it that much more special.

A physical update…

As for a physical update…I’m doing great!

I am taking a long time to heal but I am shocked with how well my body is handling all of this. I have some extra skin and my belly button looks a little funny. My hips are definitely not the same and my boobs have doubled in size. But I LOVE my postpartum body just as much as I loved my pregnant body. I am just as excited to follow this journey as I was when I was pregnant.

And Jasper, like I said, he is PERFECT. We are working on finding a routine that works well for the both of us but other than that we are taking each day as it comes. He’s growing like a weed and I’m proud to say it’s all from my breast milk! I can’t believe how much he’s grown already and I’m anxious to see what he’ll look like a month from now!


This journey has been so wild, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am doing what I have been called to do and loving it.



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Jasper Thomas’ Birth Story (pt. II)

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Jasper Thomas’ Birth Story (pt. II)

Read pt. I of his birth story here.

After the nurse broke my water (around 2pm), things started moving pretty fast. I started feeling pressure. Jasper was so close to making his arrival!

Around 2:45-3pm I was ready to do my first “practice” push. Little did we know he was right there so that one set of pushes got him set up in the perfect position to come out. However, you can’t deliver without the doctor and she was delivering another baby at the moment. I was sitting there waiting to push for about thirty to forty-five minutes. What a wild experience, I could feel him descending and it was pretty cool. During this time Jasper’s heart rate started to drop again but this time all the way down to 60 bpm. So, they had to put me on oxygen to help him and if he didn’t come out soon or if his heart rate didn’t come back up I would need an emergency c-section.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Patiently waiting for the dr. so I can start pushing!

Luckily the doctor came in at about 3:30-3:45pm and it was go time!

I didn’t push for long (I even got to feel his head while he was crowning- it was WILD) and before we knew it our son was born at 4:08 pm on Wednesday, January 30, 2019. He was 6 pounds and 3 ounces measuring at 19 inches long.

Delivering Jasper was the greatest, most wildest experience of my entire life. I felt so strong and empowered. It was like I knew I was meant for this. I’ve never felt so much happiness and joy than I did pushing out my son into this world.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Two minutes after he came out…in complete awe.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I was in complete awe when he came out and was placed on my chest. I only had a small tear which I didn’t even notice until I saw her stitching me up. In fact, I was in so much awe that I didn’t realize thirty minutes had passed. But this is when things got scary…

Yes, the story isn’t over quite yet, lol.

In those thirty minutes a woman’s body has to deliver the placenta, if not, the doctor has to go inside themselves and get it out, or worst-case scenario a D&C is needed.

My placenta wasn’t delivering on its’ own.

At this moment a few things went through my mind “okay, no big deal it’ll come eventually”, “what happens if it doesn’t come out?”, “what about if the doctor can’t grab it herself?”, “can I still get it encapsulated?”.

Then everything started happening so fast. Jasper was taken out of my arms and the doctor was pushing and pulling all over inside my abdomen trying to get my placenta out. Before I knew it, she yelled out to everyone in the room “book an OR she needs a D&C”. Like lightning speed everyone was rushing around like busy bees as the doctor was telling me I have a 50% chance of surviving due to high blood loss and that I may need a blood transfusion amongst many other complications.

I have never been so scared in my life. I thought induction struck fear in my body, but this was different. Tears immediately poured out of my eyes and down my face as they wheeled me away from my husband and son. All I could think of was “am I going to see them again”. I was clueless and scared and so upset. On top of that I had the shakes really bad from hormones which didn’t help.

As we got into the OR I quickly learned it was NOT like Grey’s Anatomy and it’s much different when you’re on the OR table. I was awake for the whole thing which I am super thankful for because it allowed me to go back to the room with Jasper right away. It was also nice to know what they were doing and get any questions I had answered. During the surgery I had my whole lower half suspended and my legs spread wide open. It was very invasive to say the least. The surgery took about an hour and before I knew it I was back holding my son feeling beyond grateful to have him in my arms.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We spent the next two nights in the hospital, so they could not only monitor Jasper but also monitor me for any post-surgery complications. We got to leave that Friday evening.

Overall for my first labor and delivery experience it was pretty traumatic. However, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I am super grateful to have my son here happy and healthy and to also be healthy myself. I still tear up thinking about those few days and bringing Jasper into the world.


I would also like to put a disclaimer out there that if you are pregnant please please please do not take my story or experience and compare it to what yours will be like. Every woman and pregnancy are so different. Labor and delivery are such an unpredictable thing and babies make their own time. The best thing you can do is go into this experience with an open mind. Have trust in yourself and your doctors and the rest will just flow.


To hear more about Jasper’s birth story click here to watch!



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Jasper Thomas’ Birth Story (pt. I)

On Wednesday, January 30, 2019 my world completely changed. Just nine days after my twenty fifth birthday, our son Jasper Thomas Rogachenko-Devine was born. This day will forever be the craziest, yet best day of my entire life. Jasper came into this world a whole nine days early and we have not stopped loving on him since.

The second he was in my belly he gave me a run for my money and his entrance into this world wasn’t any different! Being an Aquarius (like his mama) he had to make sure his debut was dramatic. I know you guys have been waiting a while to hear his birth story, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Jasper Thomas’ Birth Story (pt. I)

Let’s start at the very beginning…

Monday, January 28th was just an average day. I was 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant, anxiously waiting for my son’s arrival. That morning I was babysitting our friend’s little girl and then was headed to my doctor’s appointment for the week (those who don’t know, once you hit 36 weeks in your pregnancy you go to the doctor every week up until you deliver). These appointments aren’t anything too crazy- the doctor checks your vitals, baby’s heart rate, and your cervix if you choose, so this was routine for me.

It wasn’t until my doctor couldn’t find Jasper’s heart beat and once she did, she said, “He’s pretty mellow today, when was the last time you felt him move?”. Now, this may sound bad considering you should be kick counting, but I didn’t even realize if he was moving or not because I was pre-occupied babysitting. She then proceeded to tell me not to worry and she’ll hook me up to the Non Stress Test (NST), which is a test to monitor the baby’s heart beat and movement.

While I was hooked up to the monitor his heart rate wouldn’t stay at a consistent rate of 130 or higher (it was at 120 or lower). My doctor wasn’t too concerned because everything had looked great up until this point, but she scheduled me for an ultrasound later that day just to be sure.

So, at 4pm we came back. For this ultrasound the baby has a thirty-minute window to show movement, breathing, heart rate, brain function, etc. They then are scored on a scale of 8, scoring only in twos. Jasper was not moving, and his heart rate was now at 104, therefore he got a six out of eight (anything that isn’t an eight out of eight is technically failing). So, with these results, my doctor prompted us to come back the following day for the same tests.

Fast forwarding to the next day, Tuesday, January 29th, I went back in for another NST and ultrasound. He showed some improvement on the NST as his heart rate was higher and more consistent. Unfortunately, on the ultrasound he scored a six again because there was no movement.

It was literally like déjà vu, except this time it was different when my doctor walked in. As she walked in and sat down the first thing she said was “Where are your bags? I think it’s time to head to delivery”.

I about lost it. No, I did lose it. I was a huge ball of sobbing tears. Scared, anxious, pissed, worried, frustrated, confused, and sad all at once. Of course, this wasn’t my birth plan and although I was okay with not having my birth plan go as I hoped for, the last thing I wanted was an induction. I wanted my body to do what it had to do on its’ own and not force something if it wasn’t ready.

I immediately started questioning myself, hoping to convince myself and everyone else the baby would move, and it was just all in my head. Because I did feel him move, but it wasn’t the movement you except this late in a pregnancy. My doctor straight up said he’s not going to move in 24 hours if he hasn’t moved yet and while we are both still healthy she wants to give me a chance at a natural birth as much as possible. Still sobbing, I appreciated her even more for that even though I had zero interest in getting induced.

So, to the hospital we headed! Well, almost…

We obviously had to go home to get our bags and take care of the dogs, but I also felt the need to vacuum and clean one last time, lol. Yes, clean my house…clearly, I was stalling! By this time, it was going on 6pm. After about another hour at home we started heading to the hospital. But wait, I had to stop at Target and also eat dinner, lol. So, to Target we went and then to get french fries and pizza as my last meal!

You guys, I stalled so much we didn’t get to the hospital until 8pm, lol.

To my surprise, they had a room all ready to go and they weren’t about to waste any time! The second I stepped foot in the room the nurse prompted me to put on the gown and she would be in to take my vitals and get me hooked up to an IV.

You guys already know I’m psycho and brought anything the hospital usually provides you myself. So, I put on the gown I brought, and the nurse says I can’t wear it because the buttons were incorrect, and it would mess with the IV (it did not). I was already annoyed and didn’t want to be there so this just made me even more pissed. She then proceeded to tell me I couldn’t walk around, that I had to stay in bed and that I also couldn’t eat (mind you, we brought the pizza with us to eat when we got there). Even more hangry and annoyed she told me to get some sleep, so I had energy to push tomorrow (yes, she was totally right but I was not getting any sleep that’s for sure)!

I march to the beat of my own drum so guess what? I ate the damn pizza and french fries without a care in the world! I was not about to go hungry and have no sleep. The nurse probably hated me but ya girls got to eat! Once I had food in my system I felt calmer and not so pissy, lol.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Eating my french fries with not a care in the world.

So, at about 10pm is when the action really starts…

She checked my cervix and I was still only 1cm dilated and 50% effaced (effaced means how thin your cervix is). They were starting me off with Cervidil. For those of you who don’t know, Cervidil is a medication that is applied to a long strip of paper that inserts like a tampon and is placed behind the cervix. It’s job is to “ripen” the cervix and prepare you for labor, or in my case before you receive Pitocin which is the drug that puts you into labor (I wasn’t getting the Pitocin until the next morning). And yes, getting the Cervidil put in hurts like a b*tch!!!

The nurse said I would have to keep it in until tomorrow morning when they give me the Pitocin and that I should only feel what most women describe as “bad period cramps”. No biggie, I could handle that! No, that was FALSE. They weren’t just “bad period cramps” they were legit contractions.

At about some point in the middle of the night (by the way I did end up staying up all night and Mark was sound asleep on the couch that was in the room, lol), the contractions started to pick up and get really uncomfortable. At about 6am they only got worse and I was really starting to question why the nurse referred to them as just cramps because they were way worse than that. 8am rolls around and the Cervidil is finally taken out. The nurse checked my cervix again and I was just barely 2cm dilated.

Finally, the doctor comes in and at this point what I was still being told were cramps started to pick up to every 90 seconds. However, they came in clusters of three with only a second pause before the 90 second break (yeah, they were definitely contractions). The first thing the doctor said to me was, “why are you here?”. Being in pain, this really pissed me off, so I told Mark to tell her what led us here. She responded with “well we monitored you and the baby all night and you both look perfect and I’m afraid the Cervidil didn’t work and your body doesn’t want to be in labor at this point. The cramps you are experiencing aren’t contractions that are dilating your cervix. I don’t feel comfortable going through with this induction.” I WAS LIVID. I was literally having painful contractions for the fun of it and didn’t even need to be here. I was not only pissed but sadden because I felt like I failed my baby. She then proceeded to tell us since my body wasn’t ready to go into labor I had a few options but they all ended up with needing a possible emergency c-section since the Cervidil didn’t work/I was forcing labor. Luckily Mark convinced her to wait a few hours and come back to see if I made any progress- I was not about to go home after all of this!

At about 11am she comes back to check my cervix (I’m still having contractions at this point). I was at 4cm!!! The Cervidil worked and my body was officially in labor!!! At this point I didn’t need Pitocin as long as my body kept progressing. Still frustrated that she told me I didn’t need to be induced, I was also happy to see my body making progress on its’ own!

Here’s where it gets even crazier…

The doctor informed us the baby’s ultrasound scans were sent to the high-risk doctor and he was the one who said I needed to be induced. He found that if Jasper stayed in there any longer his abdomen growth would be stunted. However, Mark or I were never told that until this moment. So, long story short, I was where I needed to be and that 8am conversation was null and void. At this time the doctor asked if I wanted an epidural because if I did she would come back later to break my water but if I didn’t she would break it now and there’s no turning back.

I got the epidural.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
After I got the epidural and moments before I started to push!!!

I told myself I wasn’t going to get one but that all went out the window when I had to get induced. I feel like without the induction I would have been fine, but this induction was so intense and traumatic already that I needed it. And I have NO regrets! The epidural allowed me to relax and enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy.

Moving forward a few hours, I was now 7cm dilated and it was time to break my water! This was really happening! I was going to meet my baby boy so soon!

To be continued…




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A Peek Inside My Hospital Bag!

Since becoming pregnant I have become obsessed with reading other mama blogs! I love reading and listening to birth stories, hearing what they thought was helpful for their birth, and just their overall thoughts on the whole pregnancy experience.

As you obviously already know, I have been documenting my pregnancy both here on the blog, Instagram, and YouTube. I thought it would be fun to do a “What’s In My Hospital Bag” blog post (and maybe a video??) as I know I enjoy reading/watching these as well!

Before I begin I just want to put a little disclaimer out there…

This is what I am choosing to bring that makes ME feel good. I know there may be a lot of “unnecessary” items on my list, as the hospital does provide a lot for moms to be, but I prefer to bring products I love and trust. With that said, please refrain from any negative comments/suggestions! Thank you!


What’s in My Hospital Bag?



I am using a regular duffel bag I’ve had for years to bring all of my belongings in. It’s from Target, of course!

A birthing gown

2 pairs of comfy, loose fitting sweatpants

2 comfy, loose fitting t-shirts

A big fluffy robe

Comfy sweatshirt


100% cotton underwear (I also plan on using the underwear they provide)

2 nursing bras

Nursing pads

Cora 100% organic cotton bladder, overnight pads

Body cloths

Nipple cream

Belly butter

Claraderm (spray for my lady parts post birth)

A diffuser

Essential oils

Basic toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash, lotion, deodorant, and anything else I use on a daily basis)

Make-up (I don’t usually wear make-up but who knows how I’ll feel after I give birth, crazy hormones, LOL)

Shower shoes (plain rubber flip flops)

Breast pump

Cold/hot packs for my boobs while breastfeeding

Phone charger

Extension cord

Chapstick (this is inside of my purse that I’m also bringing)

Large water bottle with straw




I am packing everything for our little babe in his diaper bag.

2 plain white onesies (two different sizes)

Warm pajamas

3 outfits (this is for in the hospital/going home depending on how big he is and the weather)




Body wash


All-purpose ointment

2 swaddles

2 hats

Burp cloths

2 pacifiers (each with different nipples, just in case)

Hand sanitizer

Sanitizing wipes

Car seat (obviously)

Car seat cover

Something to stamp his foot print on

Boppy/nursing pillow

Big fluffy blanket that was hand knitted by my sister-in-law



For Mark he is packing your average overnight bag with a few changes of clothes, toiletries, etc.


Again, I know there are items on my list that may not be needed but this is what I am choosing to bring for me and my family. If you have any suggestions on what I might be missing or could get good use out of, please share! I am open to positive feedback!


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A Quarter of a Century

I’m not sure where to start or even what I exactly want to say, but I know I have a lot to share. Most of the time I have a clear or general idea of what I want to write in each of my blog posts, however today is a little different. I’m stuck between all of the thoughts floating around in my head and knowing I want to create a blog post to share with all of you.

You see, blogging for me isn’t just a part of my brand or future business. It is a public journal of my thoughts, reflections, and experiences. And I am so lucky to have this space and you wonderful humans to share it with. It is something personal to remember special moments in my life but also something I hope that inspires some of you.

So, I will start off by saying THANK YOU.

Thank you for following along on this crazy, wild journey. Thank you for encouraging me and sharing your stories. And most importantly, thank you for showing me love and support as I navigate through this magical life. I love each and every one of you.


A Quarter of a Century

Twenty-five, to me, is such an interesting time in my life. We’re told our twenties are the best times of our lives and I am a true believer in that. I see so many friends and acquaintances on several different paths in life. Some still in school and drunk at the bar every weekend. Others working full time and moving in with their significant other or cat. The rest are getting engaged, married, and pregnant. We are all SO unique but, yet all have one thing in common…

We’re all just trying to find our place in this world.

I grew up fast for my age. While all of my friends went off to college, I didn’t. I took a semester off and worked. Lost a lot of those said friends but gained new ones. I was figuring things out on my own a lot faster than most of the people my age around me were. I never was one to party every weekend or stay up till odd hours of the night. I liked my routine and supporting myself the best I could in the moment. And I was on a journey of self-love before it was trending on social media.

But for the longest time I was so unhappy. I was making personal and professional strides but, I never felt genuine happiness until about age 21. I thought my life was so bad because I “wasn’t like the other people my age”. I felt so different and out of place because I rather do other things than what your average 18-20-year-old was doing.

I didn’t see that all of this was okay until a few months after I turned 21. It was when I moved out of my mom’s house and left a 4-year long relationship that I learned it’s okay to be on a completely different path than everyone else.

I grew up a long time ago, but I never let myself accept it until then. And now I am 25 years old and am beyond grateful where my life has taken me. If it wasn’t for those hard times in my late teens and early twenties, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing out this post.

I always dreamed that I would be successful and married by the time I was 25. I didn’t ever have a plan of how I would accomplish it, but it just sounded like a good age to be settled down at. And I so blindly accomplished just that.

I like to think it was because of the lack of planning I did, but the quick reality check I got so many years ago, that led me to where I am today. All of those days and nights comparing myself to friends and wondering why I couldn’t have a similar care-free life like them. Little did I know the universe had something much bigger planned for me. It was preparing me for the next grand adventure that would bring more joy into my life than I ever experienced before. It was testing me, that’s for sure, but because it knew I was strong enough to walk this life I am now living.

It brought me to meeting my husband out of the blue and very unexpectedly. It brought me a clear vision of the business and work I want to create. It has shown me nothing will ever be perfect or pretty, but it will always be worth it. It’s taken me to places where I never thought were possible, both literally and figuratively. It has given me wonderful friends and family and has taught me I am in control of my own energy and happiness. And most importantly, it has gifted me with a baby boy that will make his appearance any day now. This life has blessed me with more love, joy, and happiness than I ever thought was possible.

And to think this is my life at just age 25 and I have so much more to live.

So, at age 25, at a quarter of a century, I can say I feel successful, accomplished, and over the moon happy with my life. It’s not because I have a high paying job or perfect family either. It is because I simply allowed myself to accept what was and surrender to the universe.

With this post I don’t want to come across like I am bashing anyone who isn’t at the same spot in life as I am, that’s not the message I want to send. I want to remind anyone reading this, whether you are settled down in life or still finding your way, that you don’t have to have the perfect plan or any plan at all. There’s no saying when or how quickly you have to grow up. A college degree means nothing and whatever career you have is worth having as long as you are happy. You don’t need a girlfriend or boyfriend to feel worthy and you certainly don’t need to have your shit together- none of us do.

Maybe there’s no real point to this blog post besides a lot of thoughts rambling across your screen but like all of my posts, I hope there’s at least one person to gain inspiration from it.

My life is far from perfect and it’s taken a lot of self-work to get to this point, but I wouldn’t trade any of it. I never thought this would actually be my life at age 25. I am grateful every day for what I’ve been through, what I have, and what’s to come. And I cannot wait to see what this next year has in store.

Here’s to 25!


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My Maternity Photoshoot

Hey babes! I know you are all probably starting to get sick of all of my bump photos and pregnancy updates. I’m here to report that it will all soon end as the arrival of my baby boy is soon approaching!

Before he gets here though, I wanted to share some of our photos we took for our maternity shoot.

These photos turned out amazing and are my favorite by far!

Please feel to scroll through and check out this special day…


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