Jasper’s 10 Month Update

Jasper is ten months old! This last month has been quite a wild ride and one of the most monumental months yet! Our little man is growing so fast and will be turning the big O-N-E in just two months! Where has the time gone?!

Jasper’s 10 Month Update

At ten months Jasper loves showing off all of his new skills. He literally wakes up clapping and waving. To see him so happy makes me even happier! He also has to knock on every surface, wall, and door he passes. Jasper also learned how to give kisses! However, we are still mastering that. J is still obsessed with the vacuum, mop, and broom. There’s definitely no denying he is my son lol! I can’t forget to mention his forever love toward his puppies! J is for sure an animal lover! We also recently purchased a walker for him which he zooms by in. If he’s not crawling all over chances are he’s cruising around in his walker.

I am also happy to report he has his first tooth and more on the way! What was once a sweet gummy smile is quickly turning into a mouth full of teeth! Yay! I am hoping his teeth give him more confidence in his eating abilities. He has gotten much more comfortable with eating, but it’s still a little bit of a challenge. He shows interests in anything I eat and of course still loves to nurse.

At each monthly milestone I am always so amazed at how much Jasper has grown in such a short period of time.

I know this next month won’t be any different and soon after that we will have a one-year old toddler! I cannot wait to cherish this last month of “baby” and prepare of toddlerhood.



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Jasper’s 9 Month Update

Our little man is officially nine months old! Three more months until the big ONE! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to see so many changes this month, but he just came out of a leap and holy moly! Just in these last few weeks he is a completely different baby!

Jasper’s 9 Month Update

Jasper is 21 pounds of pure joy and is growing right on track!

I feel like he was just turning six months old and now here we are planning his first birthday part. What even?! Talk about emotional!

I am so happy to say Jasper is CRAWLING! In his eight month update I mentioned how I had a feeling he would be crawling near or by Halloween. Well, two weeks after I shared that blog post he started crawling! He was working at it so hard and it finally clicked! Now, he is always on the move and will speed right by you. He never wants to sit still and his curiosity has reached an all-time high.

Aside from crawling, Jasper has become more talkative although he still isn’t a fan of strangers. He is learning the difference between “yes” and “no” as well as waving, clapping is hands, and copying mom and dad.

He also got to celebrate his very first Halloween where he dressed up as a scarecrow (For the record- successfully dressing up a nine-month-old for Halloween should be a holiday in itself). Kudos to the moms who seem to pull it all together for Halloween ‘cause it ain’t easy!

I am blown away by all of the things Jasper is learning and I’m even more excited to see what he’ll learn next! I have a feeling ten months he’ll be hitting some big milestones again and maybe even pop out his first tooth!



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Introducing Solids to Jasper

As you may already know, I’ve been on a long journey of getting Jasper to eat solid foods. I had intended to share this blog post back when he was about six months old, but honestly, he wasn’t on a consistent schedule with eating and I was feeling pretty clueless.

Now, Jasper is nine months old and I feel much more confident in his eating habits and schedule.

There is so much to know when first introducing solids to a baby, but I also like to remind other mamas (and myself) to keep it simple! Today on the blog I am going to be sharing how we introduced solid foods to Jasper, a look into our daily eating routine, and what has worked best for him and us as a family.

I want to preface this post with saying every baby is different and each family/parent is different. This is to show you what worked for us and maybe help you if you’re feeling a little clueless or maybe you’ve exhausted all options. Please, do not take this as the only way to feed your little babe. As always, this is our experience.


Introducing Solids to Jasper

Like most first-time parents, we were very excited to start Jasper on solid foods. My husband, Mark, and I are big foodies ourselves to having our son join in on the fun was something we could not wait for!

Ya’ll, I had a plan. I dreamed of making my own purees mixed with a little bit of baby-led weaning. Jasper would eat everything and anything I’d give him, and he would love this experience. If you had a baby, then you know things NEVER go as planned. Whether it is the birth of your child or how they will eat, have a plan but leave room for change and be okay with it.

We began introducing solids to Jasper right at six months old. After doing my own research and talking with other mamas who are very knowledgeable on the topic, we decided this is what was best. Prior to six months old, a baby’s gut is not ready to eat solids so waiting until the six-month mark is crucial for later in their life. If you want more detailed info please visit my sweet friend, @madlywholistic on Instagram, she has SO much knowledge on this subject after healing her daughter’s eczema through diet. Again, this is what WE chose. I personally have a lot of gut issues, so I didn’t want to put Jasper at even more of a risk.

His first food was mashed avocado. It took about a week for him to actually eat it, but after a week or two of him exploring avocado we introduced banana. Then sweet potatoes and other soft foods that were easy to mash up. We also gave him these soft foods whole, so he could learn how to pick them up, feel their texture, and feed himself.

After about a few weeks of this I noticed he started to become uninterested and I also felt like I was running out of options on what to give him (that is not the case now…hindsight is 20/20 lol). So, I just stopped feeding him solids. I was making all of this food just to have it go to waste. However, I know he needed to be eating something other than breastmilk, so he could learn how to chew and feed himself. After talking with my husband and doing more research, I decided to purchase store bought purees. We chose the brand Plum Organics. Turns out, he LOVES them. I could literally copy the exact recipe from the store-bought puree and Jasper would not eat it, but he would eat the one from the store. At this point I knew we had a picky eater on our hands.

In the beginning I felt like a failure. I was beating myself up over not feeding him “properly”. When he reality, he was still getting nursed (and still is) every 2-3 hours. I would ask myself questions like, “what if I just did this from the start?” “did I not try hard enough?” “why didn’t I research more”. If you’re a parent, then you also know this struggle. Is Jasper actually a picky eater or did I screw this up? Is something I STILL ask myself. But, at the end of the day I know he is happy, healthy, and most importantly, fed.

Today, he eats much better! I sometimes still feel like he’s “behind” compared to others his age because we started over at around seven-ish months, but nonetheless he is eating much more than he ever has.

At nine months old, Jasper nurses when he wakes up around eight o’clock and then will usually have a soft cooked egg yolk (no egg white) or puree. He will nurse about 1-2 more times before eating lunch which usually consist of some type of puree, banana, avocado, or another soft food (we usually give those to him in chunks so he can learn to grab them himself, feel their textures, and feed himself). Then, he will nurse the rest of the day until it is dinner time. At dinner we all sit down as a family and Jasper will usually eat another puree. If possible, I give him some of our dinner (if it is safe to eat. For example, we had pasta the other night, but he doesn’t eat any grains yet so I sautéed spinach that we also had in our dish). Throughout the day he likes to eat the teething cookies and chew on carrots, cucumber, and celery.

The only things Jasper does not eat yet are grains (even gluten free), dairy, and egg whites. He also doesn’t eat processed foods.

I hope this helps any parent who may feel stuck or alone. I never thought I would have a picky eater but, here we are. I hope as Jasper gets older things will change but for now I am following his lead!

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Jasper’s 8 Month Update

To be honest, most of the time these monthly updates blur together.

Of course, Jasper is constantly growing and learning new things, but time is moving so fast the months are starting to fold right into one another. Yet, at the same time, there is always so much to document in just one month’s time. And I know a year from now I will be so happy I put the time and effort into these blog posts.

So, for today’s post, as you already know by the title, is an update on our little man at eight months old.

Jasper’s 8 Month Update

I think eight months has been the best month yet. Aside from me starting to emotionally feel better, Jasper and I have bonded so much more. He’s growing into his personality, so it feels like I have my very own sidekick by my side. It’s great!

If you read his seven-month update, which I’ll link here, then you know he’s been sitting up like a champ! Now, he is getting ready to crawl! One minute he was wobbling as he sat and now he’s lunging forward to reach for everything in front of him. He starts off by sitting and leans forward with on leg ready to crawl while the other is stuck. I feel for him when he gets frustrated, but I know he will figure it out soon. He doesn’t enjoy tummy time however he gets in the crawling position and pops out into a superman-like motion. He’s SO close, it’s going to happen any day now.

At eight months I feel like he has really taken to eating more. At seven months he liked it but wasn’t really on schedule when it came to eating purees. Now, he eats them three to four times a day, plus nursing, as well as some BLW focused eating. Since he started consistently eating solids, he has also developed diaper rash (for the first time ever, so it was alarming lol) from the acidic foods. I know it is common so I’m not worried! Some things we are doing to help is changing is diaper more often (still letting him sleep through the night), using a non-toxic diaper rash cream at each diaper change, and cutting back on some of the food combinations until the diaper rash calms down.

Lastly, I don’t remember if I said this in his seven-month update, but he is pretty much sleeping through the night! This started a little while ago (a few weeks after he was in his crib) and he’s been doing so well! He usually wakes up within the hour after falling asleep for his paci and then again between 3am and 5am to nurse. Of course, he has his nights where he’s waking up every other hour but still progress nonetheless!

Out of all the things I thought about prior to having Jasper, I thought how I would be so impatient waiting for him to sit up, crawl, eat, talk, etc., but it’s been quite the opposite. Of course, I want him to reach all of those milestones and will worry if he shows nay delays (what mama wouldn’t?!), but I am in no rush to have him do any of those things until he is ready. I often see mamas forcing these things to happen and sharing how advanced their baby is. I know it is out of pure excitement, but I want him to do what he wants and feels comfortable with. After all, he is only a baby/kid for so long! So, if you’re a mama who sees other mamas raving about their baby doing “x,y,z”, don’t fret. Babies develop at different speeds and it doesn’t make one baby smarter over the other. Enjoy these moments before they are moving and on the go.

This last month has been so exciting. I can’t wait to see where he’ll be at by nine months! It’ll be Halloween and I have a feeling he’ll be crawling!



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Jasper’s 7 Month Update

I know I am constantly saying “where has the time gone” every single second, especially in these monthly milestone updates, but you can quote me on this for future reference. TIME GOES WAY FASTER AFTER SIX MONTHS. Quote me, write it in stone, do what ya gotta do, because I’m serious when I say it.

I feel like Jasper just turned six months old but here we are at seven and a half months. Time could be moving at a faster pace because we are so busy, but I am begging it to slow the heck down!

So, what’s new with Jasper at seven months old? Keep scrolling to read!


Jasper’s 7 Month Update

This last month has been the month of perfecting all of his newly learned skills. He sits up completely on his own now and only falls backwards occasionally. Once he mastered sitting, he wanted to move right on to standing so, our days are getting even more busy. J wants to be on the move at all times and never skips a beat!

He couldn’t care less about being on his belly (it’s like the newborn stage all over again) but yet he wants to be mobile. He hasn’t crawled yet but is definitely getting ready to. I know once he’s mastered crawling it’ll be a huge learning curve for the both of us!

As I mentioned in previous posts, Jasper is now eating solids. He pretty much eats everything and loves food like his mama. We do a mixture of purees and baby-led weaning (more on this soon, I promise). More specifically, he loves ice cream and French fries, but who doesn’t?!

It is so fun to see his little personality develop and him becoming his own person, if you will. Each day I am amazed at what he can do (babies are unbelievably smart when we allow room for baby-led play).

We have his 8-month wellness check at the end of this month, so I will be sure to update ya’ll.


Aside from Jasper growing and learning all the new tricks, I’ve been growing myself. I feel like after the first few months mamas get overlooked, even though we are still in such a vulnerable state.

In my previous post, I briefly mentioned how I am starting to feel more like myself again. I have been kind of ignoring updating ya’ll on the postpartum side of things because I have honestly been struggling. I am in the midst of sharing this reality with you, but I want to collect my thoughts before blasting it out on the internet, lol.

I know I don’t have to share these moments, but in doing so it shows other mamas they’re not alone. It’s been hard, for many reasons, and I am learning every day. It’s funny, the being a mom part is a breeze for me, it’s the deep dark icky stuff no one talks about that has planted a home inside of me.

Anyways, more to come on that. I’m feeling good though (most days) and I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This journey has been and continues to be the wildest ride I’ve ever been on and I am so grateful I get to share it all with you.



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Jasper’s 6 Month Update

Here we are. HALF of a year old! Jasper is officially closer to a toddler than he is a newborn. How did we even get here? Most importantly, where had the last six months gone? It’s been quite the ride, but we made it and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Jasper’s 6 Month Update

The last six months not only have come and gone extremely quick, but the time that has passed has been some of the best times of my life. Six months ago, my sweet baby boy was born, and my life has been changed ever since.

Some days it feels like I never was even pregnant, that I have had Jasper all along. Other days it feels impossible to know my rainbow baby is here in my arms and thriving! As you can probably already tell, this milestone is emotional to say the least. In this blog post I want to take the time to not only share the things Jasper is learning and my postpartum journey, but to also reflect on the first half of 2019.

Let me start off by saying this year has been NOTHING like I imagined. I thought I would have my baby boy and be living happily in Montana as a family of three with our two dogs. Instead, I had a very dramatic labor and delivery that resulted in two surgeries in a six-week span and then flying across the country to our new home in Delaware. What a whirlwind it has been. As stressful and unplanned as it has been, it has definitely made me emotionally stronger. Not many women can say they delivered a baby, had two surgeries, and moved across the country all in two months postpartum. But here I am living proof that it is possible.

However, no matter how exciting all of this may seem (and it IS), I have been struggling. It’s a lot to take on as a new mom and most days my emotions got the best of me. Hitting this six-month milestone isn’t just a huge accomplishment for my so, but also for me as a mom. While my healing is still a major work in progress, I finally feel like I am on the mend.

As for Jasper, he is doing great, as always! It has been amazing to watch his little, but yet really big, personality develop. From a teeny tiny newborn who was so fragile to now a big boy who is going to be walking before we know it. This last month he has learned and grown SO much. He’s pretty much sitting up all on his own, sleeping in his crib, and also started eating solids. And he’s such a trooper through it all!

We have a long way to go but I have no doubt the next six months will be just as bitter sweet. I cannot wait to continue to update y’all and share this amazing journey.

I see big things coming in the future and this is just the start!



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Jasper’s 5 Month Update

As I begin every postpartum/monthly milestone update, HOW are we here already?! In just one month my sweet newborn baby will be half a year old! But, let’s not go down that rabbit hole just yet.

I am going to keep this update short and sweet. It’s been a hectic time over here and I have been really trying to stay present.

After looking at about ten different houses, the very last house was the winner! We found a house! So here we are, again, moving and finding a new routine.

Jasper’s 5 Month Update

Here is a short recap of the last month with our little man…

This new month has mainly been a continuation of months three and four. Jasper been mastering all of the skills he’s picked up like “talking”, rolling over, finding his hands, and so much more. He has also started to sit up- he gets about 10 seconds of sitting with a rounded back until he tumbles! His bouncer is a big hit, too! If it were up to him he would be sitting, standing, or hanging out in mom’s arms all day.

In the next month, we are hoping to start solids, or at the very least try some rice cereal! I will be sure to update you guys on what we do and the foods he’s eating!


That’s all for now! I’m sure I will have more to say (and more time) once six months rolls around. Until then, I’ll be running around like a chicken with its’ head cut off.



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Jasper’s 4 Month Update

I feel like I need to start off this post by asking why doesn’t the four-month milestone come with an instruction manual?! KIDDING, kind of…


Jasper’s 4 Month Update

In all seriousness, month four has been easier than three months but yet harder all at the same time. Last month I had the stress of moving and figuring out life on the East Coast again, but this month I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The first three months I really struggled and I didn’t really notice just how much I was struggling until month four hit. At about 3.5 months Jasper entered the four month sleep regression. Having children, of any age, you know how crazy their sleep schedule can be. So, this was stressful nonetheless, but we are alive and here to tell the story!

On top of my currently crazy life and hormones, lack of sleep has been really playing games with my mind. However, I am trying really hard to establish a routine for myself. I am working out when I can, making sure I am eating enough to help keep my milk supply up, and overall living a balanced life to keep myself sane! Like I said, I was struggling for a while but I am feeling pretty good at the moment!

As for Jasper, I feel like I have a whole new baby! Truth be told, that is how I feel as each month passes.

Jasper has been “finding” his hands and LOVES to chew on them. He’s drooling up a storm and we have to keep a bib on him 24/7 or else we’d be changing his outfit every hour. No, he is not teething yet (yes, I know hand chewing and drooling can be signs, but trust me there are no teeth popping through just yet). However, we think the main cause of all his drooling is his lip tie we recently learned he has. It is nothing serious as he is nursing and gaining weight just fine.

He is also learning to “talk” and he tells the best stories. I could listen to him babble all day long. J has finally mastered tummy time (he used to hate being on his belly). He rolls over, but not consistently. Like everything else, he has his own schedule and does what he wants when he wants!

Jasper certainly wants to be on the move and doesn’t skip a beat, he is truly the life of the party. I am in constant awe seeing the world through his eyes.



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Jasper’s 3 Month Update

I can’t believe we are here. THREE months postpartum and three months of loving on my sweet boy!

This last month has been a whirlwind to say the least. I don’t have too much to update you on in regard to postpartum/baby stuff because it’s been pretty chill if you don’t count the other craziness in my life.

Jasper’s 3 Month Update

Most of you know by now, but my family moved out of Montana and across the country back to the East Coast. Mark will now be stationed in Dover, Delaware so we are working on purchasing a house in the area! Right now, we are staying with my mom until we close on our house and get everything ready to move in. It has been absolutely crazy but being so close to family and friends makes it all worth it. I will update you on our new home as we move forward. We have lots of exciting plans for renovation, so we are hoping all things go well!

Overall, I have been feeling pretty good. Aside from being out of place on the house side of things, I have found my new routine and my new normal, if you will. It definitely took a long while to figure out a schedule that worked but now that I have one it makes life a little easier. I know routines can change every day when you have a baby, so I am allowing for plenty of room to adjust and I am open to change.

However, if I am being honest, I have started to struggle with body image a little bit here and there. I know somewhere, deeply rooted in me, I grew a human and in no way should I be this hard on myself but sometimes it gets the best of me. I am doing what I can when I can, and I know I am taking good care of my body. Finding time to workout has been a lot harder with a baby but I recently started working out again and it feels amazing. Working out has always been more for my mental health than my physical health so getting back into a workout routine has also helped my mental health postpartum.

I know there isn’t a magic trick to get back into the shape I was pre-pregnancy and I’m not looking for an easy way out. I am looking at this as a new challenge. I even bought a new bikini to rock my new mom bod 😉

Processed with MOLDIV
12 weeks in vs. 12 weeks out!

Jasper has been an absolute DREAM. He is such a good baby. At about 8 weeks he started sleeping through the night and has been doing so ever since (he is 13 weeks as I’m writing this). Again, I know things can change in an instant with babies, but I am taking it one day (or night) at a time! He is also a really good napper and takes two really good naps a day. However, we are still working on mastering that third late afternoon nap!

The doctors say Jasper is developing a month ahead of schedule and I feel like most doctors say that to every parent to make them feel good, lol. But, sometimes I do believe them! Jasper has been holding his head up since about 2 months and is VERY social since early on. He’s been smiling and (almost) giggling all the time. He is starting to “play” with his toys and notice his surroundings more. It’s so fun watching his little mind work!

We went on our first big adventure at the beginning of the month and he did SO well. Jasper and I flew from Montana to Seattle, from Seattle to LAX, and LAX to Philadelphia. And we did it all solo! I was more than nervous because I never flew alone before, let alone with an infant! He slept on every flight (even the red eye!!!) and rarely cried. He was a gem.

He of course loves his booby milk and eats about every two hours most days. It definitely shows! He is about 23 inches long and weighs around 12 pounds.


Like I said, I don’t have too much to update ya’ll on, but that’s where we’re at! If you want to stay up to date with daily updates, I post every day on the ‘gram (usually photos of Jasper tbh). Until next month, XO!



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Jasper’s 2 Month Update

Hey babes! Life has been a tad bit crazy over here and so much is happening so fast. A few weeks back I wrote a blog post sharing my one-month postpartum thoughts and how the new mom life is treating me (and Jasper of course). If you haven’t read that post yet, check it out here!

Since then I feel like my life has, yet again, flipped upside down and we were thrown a huge curve ball. For starters, at 6 weeks pp I was in the emergency room. If you follow me on Instagram, then you heard all about this. I went into the ER for what I thought was normal postpartum bleeding but turns out I had placenta fragments still inside of me!

You may be reading this asking yourself what am I even talking about. When Jasper was born I had to be rushed into surgery to have an emergency D&C because my placenta did not deliver. I go into more detail here on the blog and on my YouTube channel if you want to know the full story of Jasper’s birth.

Jasper’s 2 Month Update

So, around 6 weeks pp I was still having bleeding which wasn’t normal. After several hours in the emergency room and a million tests later, I found out the first D&C was not successful and there was still fragments of my placenta inside of me. This meant I had to have another D&C. So that Wednesday I went in for surgery.


The surgery itself was pretty intense. I was awake for my first D&C I had when I gave birth, but this one I was asleep for. And I’m so glad I was knocked out. I have never felt so much pain in my entire life. Okay, contractions are pretty painful, but this was a close second! I was in so much pain I couldn’t get out of bed by myself let alone hold Jasper. I was pumped with all sorts of drugs and medications that I couldn’t nurse Jasper either. Thank goodness for my doctor who let me stay the night on labor and delivery because those nurses were amazing. Also, a big shout to my husband because he played single dad for about twelve hours while I laid helpless in the hospital bed.

This sounds like complete chaos, and don’t get me wrong, it was. However, I’ve made my peace with it. The silver lining to it all was I learned exactly what was wrong and it makes me feel more confident going forward with having any future children. I had placenta accreta which is when the placenta is stuck to the wall of the uterus. You are at risk for it when you have had previous abdominal surgery, like a C-section, are 35 years old or older, or have had placenta accrete before. It can be detected through an ultrasound though it can also go un noticed. In my case, I didn’t know I was at risk because none of the above applied to me. But in the very beginning of my pregnancy I had a hemorrhage which is what caused the placenta accreta, but it was never detected. Like I said, I made my peace with it, but I also feel like there could have been a little more done so that everyone was better prepared.

Once I was recovered from that, I was finally cleared to go back to my normal life after 8 weeks pp! 8 weeks! But of course, life didn’t slow down there…

Within a week of my second surgery we found out we were going to be moving back home to the East Coast. It is happening SO fast, like we are moving this week as I am typing this, but we couldn’t be happier!

So, between the postpartum complications and this big move coming up, you could say things have been overwhelming to say the least.

Aside from that, things are going great! Mom life is no joke and some days are harder than others, but I am taking it day by day. The most important thing for me has been giving myself time to sort through my emotions and thoughts. It’s not always easy and to be honest I’ve neglected myself for several weeks, but I always feel SOOO much better once I carve out that time. Motherhood is a work in progress that is never ending!

Jasper is literal perfection. He started smiling and now can make out faces. It’s seriously the cutest thing when he looks at me and smiles or giggles back. MELTS. MY. HEART. His doctor said he’s very social for a two-month-old (he gets it from his mama). He’s also getting so strong! He’s very close to holding his head up but isn’t always a fan of tummy time which is resulting in his slightly flat head that I am hoping goes away!!! He still loves his boobs and milk and we’re still exclusively breastfeeding over here. I couldn’t be more grateful. Jasper officially weighs 11.8 pounds and is 23 inches long! He’s going to be tall, or at least I hope because this mama is short af, lol. Oh, and it may look like his eyes are going to stay blue, but we will see!

That’s all I got for now but will have more updates for ya for month three! Thanks for following along and make sure to follow my Instagram page to stay up to date on daily life adventures!



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