What’s Inside My Hospital Bag: Packing for Baby Devine Number Two

I wrote a “What’s Inside My Hospital Bag” post back when I was pregnant with Jasper and thought about just updating that one, but I figured it would be nice to create a whole new post as things are always changing! To view that post, click A Peek Inside My Hospital Bag!

I also plan on creating a printable checklist for any expecting mamas out there who maybe want additional guidance. Keep your eyes open for that soon!

The hospital does provide you with a majority of the items I have both on the checklist and in my own hospital bag, obviously it is all personal preference on what you choose to bring! I prefer to bring a lot of my own items not only for comfort but a lot of what the hospital provides is full of toxic chemicals.

Before we begin, the bag I am using is from Target last winter. It’s Universal Thread but it looks like it is no longer available. The black faux leather backpack I am using for the baby is also from Target, but again they no longer sell it. However, Target has great weekender bags in general, so if you’re looking for a cute yet functional and inexpensive bag, check there!


Nursing friendly pajamas/lounge wear sets x2. I didn’t purchase maternity or nursing specific pajamas, but instead two matching sets that were not only cute, but also functional and comfortable. I remember being extremely hot after I gave birth to Jasper (in the middle of January) so I didn’t even wear the pants and robe I brought. This time around I am packing shorts and bringing a house robe/cardigan to throw over if I get cold. I got both lounge wear sets from She In. I got the pink and the gray.

A comfortable outfit to go home in. In addition to the lounge wear I plan to wear while I’m in the hospital, I am also bringing an outfit that I will wear for the ride home. We have an hour drive from the hospital, so I want to be as comfortable as possible but also still feel pulled together. I am packing pants from Target by the brand Colsie (no longer available but anything from the Colsie line I love) and a “mama” maternity t-shirt also from Target. I can’t find the link to the one I purchased but here is one similar.

A house robe/cardigan. I decided to bring a cardigan style robe this time around. I found this one from Target and I am in love! It is extremely soft and oversized so perfect for wearing around the hospital and throughout postpartum. It is also super cute and makes you feel like you tried to look nice.

Nursing bras x2. I purchased new nursing bras to try out, so I am packing two of those to have with me. A lot of you suggested the brand “iloveSIA” on Amazon. These are the ones I went with!

Slippers. I didn’t bring these with Jasper and I ended up being barefoot most of the time. However, when we left the hospital my feet were SO swollen I couldn’t put on my sneakers. These were gifted to me for a wedding but here is a link to a similar pair.

Shower shoes. Again, something I brought with Jasper but ended up not using because I was so sore and tired I didn’t even care, lol. I would like to labor in the shower so maybe I’ll get more use out of these this time around.

Purse with wallet, ID, any paperwork, etc.

Camera and charger.

Phone charger.

Bag of snacks.


I have a toiletry bag that is pretty much ready to grab and go at all times. There will be a few things I will have to add to it right before we leave.

Body wash. I use Young Living’s “Bon Voyage” travel kit for most of my toiletry staples.

Body lotion. Again, using YL.

Belly butter and oil. I have been using the Honest brand throughout my whole pregnancy.

Dry shampoo. Honestly, I probably won’t have the energy to wash my hair after I give birth so I’m not even packing shampoo or conditioner. Instead I am packing my billie “floof” dry shampoo.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss.

Face wash and moisturizer. I have been using bioClarity for almost three years now and am loving it still.

Witch hazel. I use this as a toner but also to spray on my face to “refresh” it.

Body cloths. I won’t obviously be wiping down there for a while, but I love having these for a quick refresh, especially right after birth before I shower! I love the brand Cora.

Cool Azul pain relief cream. I remember how core I was after delivery Jasper (plus having surgery). I don’t know if I’ll need this, but it would have been nice to have after Jasper was born!

Contacts, glasses, and contact solution and case.

Deodorant. I use the mini travel size Native deodorant.

Hair ties.


My daily essential oils.

Make-up bag. I didn’t wear make-up while I was in the hospital with Jasper but who knows how I’ll feel this time around!

Labor and Delivery

For labor specifically, I plan to use my doula, obviously! However, I am also bringing a few things of my own to help.

Affirmation cards. I made pretty affirmation cards and got them printed to read while in labor and hang up in the delivery room. Will link them to website soon.

Honey sticks. I grabbed a few honey sticks in various flavors to help keep my energy levels up while laboring.

A large insulated water bottle. I will most likely use my Hydro Flask, or another giant water bottle I have around the house.

Diffuser and essential oils. I am bringing Valor to support my emotions, Peppermint to keep me energized, and Lavender to keep me calm and present. I am also bringing a homemade blend consisting of Clary Sage, Geranium, and Lavender mixed with a carrier oil. I plan to have my doula or husband massage this on my back and/shoulders.

Recovery/After Birth

Postpartum underwear. I bought underwear specifically for postpartum but honestly will just use the mesh undies the hospital provides. Here are the ones I bought and will use once I am home.

Pads. I prefer to bring my own non-toxic postpartum pads. Here are the ones I am using.

Upside down peri bottle. This is something the hospital will provide you, but I find having the upside-down version with the angled nozzle much more helpful. I purchased the frida mom one.

Claraderm spray. This is a Young Living item that replaces Dermaplast (numbing spray the hospital provides you). This one is free of harmful chemicals and full of healing essential oils. I started using it at 36 weeks to help prevent tearing.

Nursing pads. I may not need these, but I am bringing them just in case. I use both the reusable and disposable bamboobies.


Swaddles and matching hats x2. We LOVE Copper Pearl for swaddling. Unfortunately, one of the swaddles I am bringing is no longer available but here is a link to one similar and the other one I packed!

Plain white onesies x2 and buttoned kimono shirts x2. Honestly, little man won’t be in “real clothes” until we go home. I love using the time in the hospital to bond, do skin to skin, and just chill out.

Going home outfit. I just grabbed a cute one-piece romper Jasper wore when he was a baby. Nothing fancy this time around!

All-purpose ointment, lotion, and body wash. We use Honest brand for all of our bathing needs. We won’t bathe baby there, but I like to bring it just in case!

Diapers and wipes. I prefer to use my own diapers, so I made sure to pack a handful of diapers and a pack of wipes! Again, we use Honest brand for our diapering needs.

Nail clippers. I’m not a huge fan of baby mitts and cutting their nails is so easy at that age so I will snip them once we get settled!

Pacifier. We love BIBS.

Boppy/nursing pillow. I purchased one off of Amazon with Jasper and then bought a cute cover to put over it.

Car seat cover and car seat.


Change of clothes x2




Water bottle

Phone and charger


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How We Got Jasper Sleeping On His Own: Our Version of Gentle Sleep Training

While I will never consider myself an expert on infant or toddler sleep, I will say I’ve had my fair share of restless nights (just like any other mama)!

I certainly don’t have all of the answers but I know what it’s like to feel lost and at your wits end over a child that doesn’t sleep. In this post I want to share my experience on infant/toddler sleep and what worked for my family. I encourage you to try what you feel most comfortable with.

How We Got Jasper Sleeping On His Own: Our Version of Gentle Sleep Training

My husband and I decided early on that co-sleeping was what would work out best for us, and then decided to safely bed share for seven months. While there are many articles debating bed sharing, and even co-sleeping, I will say bed sharing is perfectly okay if it is done safely. I would never encourage unsafe bed sharing. With that said co-sleeping vs bed sharing is a different conversation for a different day.

At around seven months we decided it was time to put Jasper in his own space. However, it wasn’t an easy transition. We had our bedtime routine (shared below) that included a nursing session and rocking him to sleep before placing him in his crib. Often times this worked until he got older and started realizing what was happening. At that point you could find me or my husband hunched over his crib holding his hand or rubbing his back to get him to sleep. No matter how we got him to sleep he would always wake up anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours after falling asleep. Then started the endless game of going back upstairs to put him back to sleep. He was also still nursing in the middle of the night so we were flexible with middle of the night wakings!

At ten months old I decided it was just too much having to do this elaborate bedtime ritual just to get him asleep and wake up a few hours later and do it all over again. For my husband and I, the “cry it out” method made us uncomfortable. We knew it was okay for infants to cry, we knew he was physically okay in his crib, and we knew there had to be a light at the end of the tunnel. So, we did what I like to call, our version of gentle sleep training.

I started this one day when Mark was away on training. It was just myself and Jasper for one week and I could focus on getting him to sleep all by himself. I would complete his bedtime routine start to finish, including nursing and even sing him a song. I’d give him a kiss and tell him it was bedtime and that I love him. Placed him in his crib and walk out of the room. Of course he cried. I allowed him to be upset for no more than three minutes. Then I’d go back in, comfort him for no more then one minute, lie him back down, and walked out. Again, he cried. This time I extended the time for five minutes. I repeated this cycle, increasing the time he cried by two minutes, until he either fell asleep or cried for ten minutes. I didn’t feel comfortable letting him scream for more than ten minutes at a time. After the ten minute mark I would start again all over. I would say the first two nights were the worst. By the third night he would cry no more than three to five minutes and then be asleep. On the flip side to that was he would always fall asleep sitting up! It used to scared me in fear he would hit his head. Sometimes all it took was me lying him down or he would eventually figure it out himself.

This method is what worked for us, as we tried many others. It’s what always gets him back to a healthy sleeping routine, if you will. Jasper was putting himself to sleep (both nap time and bed time) and staying asleep for a solid seven months!

To put this method to test, at around seventeen months old when the eighteen month sleep regression hit early, we introduced this method once again. We decided to do this after about two weeks of him not even wanting to sleep in his crib. He would need our hand to hold to fall asleep in our bed. He wouldn’t even nap in his crib. It got to a point where I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I felt like all I did was soothe my toddler to sleep only for him to wake up again.

So, onward to our version of gentle sleep training. The first night we did it he was fast asleep in ten minutes! He is now eighteen months old and is falling asleep all on his own again. However, I will say, he has a few nights where he wakes up and ends up in our bed (normal for a toddler his age to have a bout of separation anxiety, plus he is teething). But overall he is falling asleep on his own for both nap time and bed time- and that has been a huge relief!

Below I wrote out exactly what my husband and I did so that you can try it out too if you’re interested.

Again, this is what works for us and, more importantly, Jasper. We follow an attachment parenting approach but it’s important to us that our children get good sleep as well. We meet in the middle and go from there. I hope you can respect that and hold off on any negative comments! If you use this method please tell me how it worked out for you!


Go upstairs to Jasper’s room around 6:45pm

Turn on his diffuser, sound machine, and close the blinds (this is signals to him it’s time to unwind for bed).

Change his diaper, give him a massage with lavender scented lotion, apply his sleepy time oil behind his ears, and Copaiba on his gums for any teething pain.

Put on pajamas.

(Mark usually does all that while I’m reading him a bed time story)

Turn off lights.

Nurse (he no longer nurses to sleep now).

Sometimes I would sometimes sing him a song before placing him in his crib.

*starts to cry*

Wait 3 minutes. Go in and KEEP him in his crib. Comfort him and lay him back down. Stay in there for only 1-2 minutes. Walk out.

If he cried again I would wait 5 minutes, then go in and do the same thing.

Then 7 mins. Repeat.

Then 10 mins. Repeat and start over from 3 minutes.

I increased the time by 2 minutes, never allowing him to cry more than 10 minutes at a time.

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My Second Trimester: The Second Time Around

If I’m being honest, before I sat down to write this post I went and looked back at my blog post I wrote about my second trimester with Jasper. I feel like this trimester was so long but felt like it flew by with Jasper. I also wanted to compare how I felt then versus now.

My Second Trimester:

The Second Time Around

So, what was the second trimester like the second time around? It was pretty much the same minus a few changes.

For starters, with Jasper’s pregnancy, I wasn’t entering my second trimester the same day the world went into quarantine. I literally started feeling better as the pandemic came and it’s been a challenge to say the least. The bulk of my pregnancy COVID-19 has pretty much controlled. Mark was only with me for one appointment and hasn’t been able to come back with me since. I think that has been the biggest let down, especially because Jasper doesn’t get to experience it much either. We actually bought a doppler to use at home, so Mark could hear the heartbeat; without that he would have never heard it, and Jasper loves to listen to it too! Then you have the masks. My provider has no clue what I look like without a mask on and it’s just so crazy to think about. Of course, it sucked being trapped inside the house for a majority of my pregnancy too, but now I feel a little better since the restrictions have let up. Overall, I feel pretty calm about this whole being pregnant during a pandemic thing. It was nerve wracking and scary in the beginning, but now I’m trying to resume life as normal as possible and accept that this may be part of that new normal.

At the beginning of my pregnancy (before all of the craziness came about) I hired a doula. After diving into the doula world, myself and delivering Jasper I knew hiring her was a necessity this time around. We’ve been meeting via Zoom which has been nice and I’m feeling really good about having that extra support person there while I labor.

As far as how I feel physically, I would say I feel about the same as I did with Jasper. I wasn’t sick all that much again (thank goodness) and I had a great amount of energy in the second trimester. The main difference is I have Braxton Hicks this time around which is new and interesting to experience, ha! As I get bigger and further along I definitely feel the aches and pains slightly more, but nothing resting and nourishing my body can’t fix. I’m also cleared to deliver this babe vaginally and there are zero signs of any issues with my placenta, which makes me beyond happy! I’ve been meaning to tell ya’ll all the details regarding that but it’s a lot so I have to mentally prepare myself to sit down and stay on track, lol.

Emotionally, I have zero complaints! It’s not until the third trimester, closer to my due date, my emotions get the better of me. So, for now I am just enjoying this phase while preparing for what’s to come as much as I can.



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First Trimester Survival Guide

If you have ever been pregnant, or are even thinking about having kids, then you most likely have wondered how bad the first trimester really is and how you’ll get through it. I am here to tell you that every woman is different but it’s better to be prepared than to be sick and hopeless.

I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but now after being pregnant three times (four if you count my angel baby), I feel like I got a handle on how to ease that first trimester dread.

Below you will find my top fourteen must haves to survive the difficult first trimester.

DISCLAIMER: Every woman is different, therefore some or all of these may not work for everyone. This is based off of my own experience and research. As always, ask your provider or a professional if it is safe for you to use any of these remedies.

1. Ginger Lemon Tea

I learned really quick to keep ginger tea on hand when I was pregnant with my first. I swear by ginger and its magical healing properties to subside and take away nausea. I prefer to add lemon to my ginger tea as it helps take away the nausea even more and makes it easier to drink (if you don’t like ginger). Here is my favorite brand.

 2. Peppermint and Lemon essential oils

You all know I swear by my essential oils. I remember when I was pregnant with Jasper I would not leave the house without peppermint oil in my purse. Simply smelling this oil always did the trick when I was in a pinch. I prefer to place a drop of it on my tongue as I found it to be the most effective. I do this with Lemon as well- simply smelling this oil can do the trick! I use Young Living essential oils.

 3. Preggie Pop Drops

These were an item I heard a lot about but never believed they worked until I gave them a try with my second pregnancy. I felt like I constantly needed to have something in my mouth, whether it was candy or gum, I couldn’t stand to be without it. I decided to try these and ya’ll, I went through a container in less than a week. Not only do they taste so good, but they temporarily relieved any nausea I had. I used them between meals or when I was busy with Jasper.

 4. Gum

Before I discovered the magic of Preggie Pop Drops, I would chew gum constantly (and I still do). I prefer traditional mint flavored gum, but any flavor of your liking will do. It always helps with any heart burn, reflux, and that metallic taste women sometimes get in their mouth when pregnant.

 5. B6 Vitamin

I researched the crap out of morning sickness remedies before I ever got pregnant. I hate feeling sick and I really hate vomit, so I was prepared to do anything to prevent it. I kept coming across B6 vitamins and how effective they were. So, after my own research, which I advise everyone else to do, I decided to give them a go. Best decision EVER. Your B vitamins get depleted when you become pregnant, specifically B6, causing you to become nauseous mixed with all of the hormonal changes. I took no more than 100mg a day.

6. Unisom (in combo with B6)

For my current pregnancy Unisom in combination with b6 every night was the only thing that made me somewhat functional during the day. It is important that you get the Unisom with doxylamine (the SleepTabs) because that is the ingredient needed to make them work! Again, check with your provider before taking this.

 7. Gummy Prenatals

When you’re nauseous and/or throwing up the last thing you want to do is swallow a horse pill. I know I sucked at this in my first trimester. I resorted to gummies instead and I will never go back. I prefer the OLLY brand because the serving size is two, so I would take one in the morning and one at night. Once any and all morning sickness was gone I switched back to my original ones in pill form.

 8. Heating pad

I know there is a lot of controversial conversations on heating pads and pregnancy but again, please research this for yourself. It is safe as long as your body temperature doesn’t rise. This saved me so many nights when I was awake feeling so sick. I’d sip on some ginger lemon tea and lay my heating pad over my stomach. Find it on Amazon here.

 9. Eat what you can, when you can

Chances are you will have strong aversions to foods you used to love and crave only specific things. That’s okay! Listen to your body! Whatever you can stomach and keep down, eat it and eat about every two hours (assuming it’s a snack or small meal). Eating before you get out of bed in the morning helps too. I would keep a box of plain Cheerios by my bed to snack on throughout the night and in the morning. Bananas are another great option.

10. Sleep

Easier said than done, I know. Making sure I got plenty of rest is what always kept me going. With my first, I would take a long nap every afternoon after work and then go to bed at a decent time. With my second, I would nap when Jasper went down for his first nap in the morning. My current pregnancy was a little harder as I have two toddlers running around but we made quiet time a priority in the afternoons! Rest when you can, it doesn’t have to be a nap.

 11. Exercise

The last thing you probably want to do is exercise, but trust me on this one, it helps. Even going for a walk or doing some stretches goes a long way. It subsides any nausea and gives you energy.

 12. Fresh air and sunshine

Fresh air always made me feel better and it still does even if I’m not pregnant. Going for a walk, opening a window, or sitting outside always helped take my mind off feeling crappy.

13. Ice cubes/chips

During this pregnancy water was repulsive to me up until I was over halfway through my pregnancy. Staying hydrated is very important so I resorted to sucking/eating ice cubes!

14. When in doubt, call your provider

The first trimester is HARD. If you feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun to remain functional but can’t seem to find any relief- call your provider. Your provider can typically prescribe you something for nausea. This may vary upon woman to woman.

I hope this helps any of you mamas out there! Please feel free to share what worked for you during your pregnancy!

5 Lessons I Learned in My First Year as A Mom

I can remember talking about having children with Mark very early on in our relationship. We knew as soon as we got married we wanted to start a family. Once I got pregnant I continued to fantasize about the mom I would be and what life would be like after having a baby. I envisioned this beautiful, happy life where myself and kids were almost always happy. I was a “cool” mom. I did all the fun things with a smile on my face and thrived at staying at home with my baby. The truth is I felt like that was robbed from me and I didn’t know how to adjust.


I am writing this blog post to show mamas, new and old, that you don’t just have to survive motherhood, especially the first year. There is so much talk about how motherhood is nothing but non-stop, messes everywhere, and running on exhaustion and coffee. While some days that may be true, motherhood is so much more than that. So, if you’re a new mama, don’t let those memes and negative talk scare you. For you seasoned mamas, remember not to get caught up in the mundane tasks of motherhood.


As women I believe we all have these expectations of how we will raise our kids and the kind of mom we want to be, assuming you want kids that is! Once you get pregnant your views may change a little bit, but ultimately you still fantasize what your new life will look like. I know I did (and sometimes still do). The thing is when we put too big of expectations on anything, we tend to get let down. Of course, it is healthy to have goals and a basic understanding of how you want to parent, but if there is anything I learned in this first year of motherhood it is this…


5 Lessons I Learned

in My First Year as A Mom

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I remember feeling like I had to do it all because I was the only one who could do it right. I was mama bear and I was the only one best for my baby. While those emotions and feelings are valid, you do not have to do it all. It may take some learning and training your mind but ask for help when you need it. Start small like asking a friend to watch the baby while you shower.

Don’t worry about what others are thinking, saying, or doing (and stand your ground).

Chances are you will feel like everyone is staring at you when you go on your first solo outing with you newborn. Can people tell I’m new at this? Do I look like I know what I’m doing? Do other moms know how I’m feeling? Meanwhile, there is another mama with a screaming toddler thinking the same thing. This applies to parenting advice and the choices you decide to make as a parent. Stand your ground, follow that mama instinct. You know what is best for your child so don’t let anyone tell you different. It’ll be hard at first to not let it get under your skin, but I promise it’ll become second nature. All of it will.

Don’t buy into the crap.

Figuratively and literally. Don’t buy into all of the old wives’ tales or what some acquaintance told you on Facebook. And also, don’t purchase all of the unnecessary stuff. I promise babies need less than we think they need.

Soak up every single second of motherhood.

This may seem like an obvious one but it’s important. As I mentioned when I started typing out this post, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day craziness. Don’t let that stop you from soaking up your new life. The good, the bad, the messy, and everything in between, because one day your kids will be grown, and you’ll be asking yourself where has the time gone.

Love yourself harder than you ever thought you could.

It is so easy to pick apart your body after you give birth. It’s even easier to assume you’re failing as a mom and that you in fact don’t have it all together. After your baby is born, you are born again too, as a mother. There is always so much talk about how to care for a newborn, but what about the new mama? The mama who just had her second baby? Third baby? The list goes on. Somewhere along the way we as mothers get swept under the rug and neglected. Those first several months are a vulnerable time, so give yourself some grace. Take whatever time you need, ask for help, cry- let it out, and most importantly give yourself a hug and remind yourself you are amazing.

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Baby Devine Number Two’s Gender Reveal

By now you all most likely know we are having a baby BOY! This means I will be a boy mama of TWO little boys come the fall. We could not be more excited!I had a strong feeling this second baby was another boy. In the very beginning I had some suspicions it might be a girl but as time went on my gut feeling was so strong that it was a boy. Turns out I was right, again! Mama’s intuition knows best I guess! I also feel like it’s only natural to assume your second baby is the opposite of your first. I know a lot of you guys guessed it would be a girl. Either way, we are thrilled and could not be more anxious to meet him!IMG_7064

Baby Devine Number Two’s Gender Reveal

For our gender reveal we originally planned to do something small and simple (like what we did with Jasper), but COVID-19 had other plans. I was naïve and hoped all of this pandemic crap would fade away by May and we could have our gender reveal. Here we are in June and are just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. So, with COVID controlling a lot of our decisions, we had to switch gears. We obviously couldn’t have friends or family present, but we wanted to still make it special. Me, more than my husband lol, wanted to go all out since we were forced to practice social distancing. I knew I wanted it recorded like last time and I knew I wanted cute photos to remember the day by too. Well, I got almost what I wanted lol.IMG_6520I decided to go for the “balloons out of a box” to reveal the gender, but with a twist. I wanted not only colored balloons indicating we were having a boy, but also foil letters spelling it out, plus blue confetti powder cannons. Per usual, I headed to Pinterest for inspiration. I came up with exactly what I wanted. Ordered all the items needed and patiently waited for everything to arrive.I really wanted to announce sooner rather than later because it was so hard not to accidentally blurt out “BOY” on social media. However, we were limited to when we could do it because of the weather. Every day for the next week it was raining or windy and the reveal had to be done outside since we were setting off colored powder cannons. So, we chose the last day before the rain was supposed to come and man that was a mistake! It was cold and windy. We had to literally bring bricks with us to hold down our tripod and pray that nothing ripped off or out of the box. Not to mention, the hassle it was to set everything up. It’s not as easy as it looks to shove multiple balloons in a box and have them pop out looking all pretty, lol.

So, despite having everything against us, we managed to make it work. I’m not 100% happy with the photos but the experience makes me laugh. Poor Jasper probably thinks we are crazy parents (and we are lol).I know a lot of people are already asking if we have names in mind. The short answer is no. Ya’ll know the hassle we went through trying to find a name for Jasper, so we decided not to even think about names until the third trimester or the last month of my pregnancy. We changed Jasper’s name at least four times until we decided on Jasper, and even then we didn’t commit to his name until he was born. For me boy names are hard, and I don’t like many. When we do choose a name, however, we will not be sharing it until his birth.IMG_6526I cannot wait to continue on this journey with ya’ll. Any mamas of more than one boy please share all your tips- and any mamas of two or more tell me your secrets!  

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  Everything we used for the reveal will be linked below.Colored balloons: Sage Green Ivory Chrome Gold BalloonsNavy BalloonsLight Blue Balloons

Foil letter balloons: BOY

“Sweet Baby” banner: Sweet Baby Boy Glitter Banner

Confetti powder cannons: Blue Cannons

I’m Half-Way There! My 20-week Pregnancy Update


Today I am celebrating being half-way through my pregnancy! However, I am not celebrating because I don’t like being pregnant but because I survived growing another human while taking care of a toddler, ha-ha! In all seriousness, it’s a big deal when you reach that halfway point! By now most of the morning sickness, if any, is gone, energy levels are back up, there’s a little bump poking out, and pregnancy is mostly enjoyable!

I officially have about two months until my third trimester and roughly forty weeks until we meet our newest addition, so I felt like it was the perfect time to reflect on my pregnancy thus far. As always, here is my 20-week update when I was pregnant with Jasper.

My 20-week Pregnancy Update

So, what does being twenty weeks pregnant look like the second time around? Let me tell ya, it is not much different than my first and I am beyond grateful for that. If you read my post on my first trimester then you know I had very little to no nausea whatsoever, but I was exhausted. By now at the half way point any and all nausea is completely gone with the exception of if I wait too long to eat in the mornings. I have all of my energy back and am feeling like the Energizer Bunny most days. However, chasing around a toddler definitely wears me out. I feel like this pregnancy, and baby, are SO low key. My pregnancy with Jasper was pretty chill but with the distraction of a toddler and knowing what to (somewhat) expect I am getting through it with more ease. I don’t feel the need to research every little thing, I recognize certain signs and symptoms that arise, and I feel very confident and prepared overall. (But ask me how prepared I feel once this babe comes, lol). Also, studying for all of my different doula certifications help. Not to mention I hired a doula for myself this time around. Jasper is also super sweet and loves giving “his baby” kisses and cuddles. He’ll lift up my shirt and lay his head on my belly and you guys, it melts my freaking heart.


As far as this new babe’s health and sex, well you will know that VERY soon. Aside from knowing the sex, this baby is perfectly healthy! Something I haven’t really touched on in detail is being monitored for my placenta. I talked a little bit about it in my pregnancy announcement post and a little bit on my Instagram, but if you want to know where it all started read Jasper Thomas’ Birth Story (pt. I) and Jasper Thomas’ Birth Story (pt. II). I plan on doing a full blog post on this issue because there’s just SO much information I want to get out there and share, but it’s a lot so I want to organize my thoughts first. Long story short, after I delivered Jasper I had retained placenta which caused me to need a D&C to remove the remaining tissue. The doctor did not get all of the placenta out, again, causing me to have another D&C at six weeks postpartum. It was absolute hell. So, fast forward to this pregnancy and any other future pregnancies, I am considered high risk because it could happen again. There are many risks involved at the time of delivery so that is why I am considered high risk, but like I said, I’ll save all that for another day. For now, I am seen every four weeks for an ultrasound at Maternal Fetal Medicine to monitor where my placenta is. It has been extremely emotional because it brings up the trauma I went through with Jasper’s birth and is obviously scary for future births. It isn’t something I ever thought would happen to me and I really have been trying to stay positive and hope for a healthy all-natural labor and delivery.


On top of all of that craziness, there’s COVID-19 of course. That in itself has been such a whirlwind. Where do I even start? I truly wasn’t affected by it (pregnancy wise) until I went for my anatomy scan. By the time I went for my scan absolutely no one was allowed with me and masks were mandatory. So, you have an important appointment to begin with and then you have to go alone during a pandemic. Before that appointment I never really had to leave my house, so I never had to face the reality of it. It then altered our gender reveal plans and we had to get a little more creative, but I am hopeful it’ll all be passed us once September rolls around. To any other mamas going through this, especially those who had to deliver, I see you. It’s not easy growing and birthing a child but we are doing it during a pandemic and that is freaking scary but so empowering. What a story to tell your babe!

Despite everything going on, I am just grateful to be able to experience growing another human. It truly is something I will never take for granted no matter how hard it is. As always, thank you for supporting me and following along my crazy journeys.



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Can You Guess Baby Devine Number Two’s Gender? Predicting gender based off of old wives tales


Hey friends! I thought it would be fun to do another blog post where we guess the gender of Baby Devine Number Two based on old wives tales! If you can remember, I did this when I was pregnant with Jasper and it ended up being correct. Here is the post if you’re curious! Obviously, these are only old wives tales and aren’t a for sure way to predict the sex of your baby, but it’s fun to do either way!

Can You Guess Baby Devine Number Two’s Gender?


Heart beat is above 140bpm it is a girl, anything below is a boy.

Each and every time I’ve heard the heartbeat it has been above 140bpm (around 150-160bpm)! It has only been in the 140’s a few times.


If your skin is glowing and your hair looks it’s straight out of Pantene commercial you’re having a boy, if your hair and skin has been anything but glowing, you’re having a girl.

This one is split 50/50. In my first trimester my skin was pretty bad, but that’s to be expected. Since then it has been looking better aside from a little bit of red pigmentation on my right cheek.


If you’re carrying low, it’s a boy, if you’re carrying high it’s a girl.

This one I just never believe. I have a long torso, so I naturally carry low. However, this pregnancy I feel like the baby itself is super low.


Craving sweets, it’s girl, craving salty it’s a boy.

To be honest, I do not have any specific cravings! In my first trimester and very beginning of the second, I loved sweets, but I remember that being the case when I was pregnant with Jasper so I’m thinking it’s just a first trimester thing for me.


If you’re carrying most of your weight out front you’re having a boy, if you’re carrying your weight all around, you’re probably having a girl.

This is another that I don’t think is an accurate guess because it just depends on your body type. I carry all in front though.


Cold feet mean a boy is on the way, warm feet or no change expect a girl.

My feet are always cold, even when I’m not pregnant so I am assuming girl?!


If you have severe morning sickness you are having a girl. They say girls give their mom’s trouble right from the start.

I am happy to say I was not that sick!


If your spouse has gained weight, it’s a girl.

I mean I feel like at this time it is too early to tell?? He eats pretty much what I eat, and I haven’t gained any weight yet.


If you get severe headaches you’re having a boy, no real headaches it’s a girl.

I have head headaches for sure!


If you naturally fall asleep on your left side, it’s a boy.

I can only fall asleep on my left side!


That’s all for now! I’m sure I can find plenty more wives’ tales, but I think ya’ll can make a valid guess!

The verdict based off of these old wife’s tales: BOY!!!(again, lol)

In just a few short days we will know for sure, so stay tuned and thanks for playing along!



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My First Trimester: The Second Time Around


Here we are again! My first trimester, the second time around! I went back to my blog post I wrote about my first trimester with Jasper, here you can find Part I and Part II, just to compare, and I realized I published it around the same time I am publishing this one, lol. Not much has changed!

My First Trimester: The Second Time Around

So, by now you know I am pregnant with my second little babe! I wrote all about it here. To be quite honest, I thought my first trimester the second time around would be a lot worse. If you can remember, my first trimester with Jasper was a breeze… well my whole pregnancy was. I had little morning sickness and overall handled it pretty well! Everyone says expect each following pregnancy to feel worse, but I have to disagree.

I found out I was pregnant at around four weeks. At that time, I had no symptoms aside from these little tiny bumps I get on my upper back and shoulders. I also had some implantation bleeding. I actually thought this was my period. However, something prompted me to take a test and the smallest double line showed up. So naturally I went to Target to get a digital test and I was in fact pregnant! My husband was out of town, so I had to keep this secret all to myself. I really wanted to tell him in person. But, if you know me, you know nothing can go as planned! The very next day our plumbing decided to back and I couldn’t use our water; including our sinks, showers, or toilets. Four weeks pregnant with an infant and two dogs and no plumbing?! Yeah, right! This had me driving three hours to my mom’s house, so we could have running water. I ended up frantically calling my mom and telling her the news.

The very next day my husband came home, and we got our pipes fixed! I, of course, rushed home because I was dying to tell him the news. I once again tried to get a cute little video captured of me telling him, but I always get so nervous, so it didn’t turn out great. I will share it via Instagram if you want to check it out though. He was thrilled of course! We couldn’t believe we were having another baby!!!

Anyways, getting to the point. Around six weeks the exhaustion started to hit. Let me tell you, being pregnant with an almost toddler at the time is no joke. I was beyond exhausted. I thought I was tired when I was pregnant with Jasper, ha! Every day I questioned how I would get through another day. Luckily at the time Jasper was still taking two naps a day so during his first nap I was able to get a nap in too. That was what saved me most days. On top of the beginning morning sickness and exhaustion, Jasper was turning one and we were throwing his first birthday party when I was about seven weeks pregnant. A little tip- do not throw a birthday party for your child while in the depths of the first trimester. It was miserable (for me) and looking back I wish we would have celebrated with just our family. However, I am grateful we have the pictures to remember that time.

Like I briefly stated in the beginning, I wasn’t all that sick. I remember feeling a lot sicker with Jasper. I had my moments and pretty much kept Preppy Pop Drops with me at all times, but the nausea only last about three to four weeks. After about the ninth or tenth week the nausea started to subside and would only come every now and again. I would say the extreme tiredness lasted longer than the morning sickness. I had an aversion to most veggies and coffee again. If you remember from my pregnancy with Jasper I had a huge sensitivity to the smell of our refrigerator. That was a struggle again the second time around, but not nearly as bad. Maybe everything seemed a lot less because I was chasing around a toddler but no matter the reason I am grateful for another easy first trimester.

Once I started feeling better I couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone! This time around the bump has been much harder to hide. I am about the same size, maybe a little bigger, than I was with Jasper at this time, but it got bigger much faster. I also was coming out of my first trimester just when the pandemic became bad. The weekend I announced is the first weekend we were quarantined. We actually had to change our announcement because of everything. Mark ended up getting called into work and I was stuck at my mom’s with Jasper. Things may have gone differently but it just felt good to get the news out. I am glad I wasn’t in my first trimester during quarantine because I feel like I would have been miserable!

Overall, I can say my experience in the first trimester has been relatively the same as it was with Jasper. Most days I have to pinch myself because I forget I’m pregnant, but this time it’s because I am chasing around a toddler! It’s going to be a crazy several months and by the fall it’ll get even crazier, but I would be lying if I said I couldn’t wait for the challenge!



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I’m Pregnant…AGAIN!


I’m Pregnant…AGAIN!

SURPRISE! I am pregnant, AGAIN! If you truly know me, then maybe this isn’t a surprise to you because you most likely know I want one million babies. For everyone else, yes this was definitely planned and on purpose. Mark and I decided we want all of our children close in age and to have them all at once for several reasons. I know there is a lot of differing opinions on when and how close together to have your children, but this is what we as a couple and family want!

I am beyond happy to finally share this news with you because it has been so hard to hide. I found out when I was about four weeks pregnant. Any of my Instagram followers remember when my sewage pipes got clogged? I actually found out the day before, ha! Hence, the slight panic when I couldn’t use the bathroom at all. I have to say this was harder to keep to myself than when I was pregnant with Jasper. I wasn’t sick all that much compared to my first pregnancy, but I definitely had my moments. The exhaustion however was insane. I will write out a whole post on my first trimester, but it wasn’t anything like I thought it would be the second time around! Thankfully. Yes, we are finding out the gender and no, we don’ have any names picked out, lol.

For me, even though this pregnancy was planned, it still came as a surprise because we didn’t know how easy it would be to get pregnant a second time. After all, I am still nursing Jasper, but I have had my period back since three months postpartum. On top of that, after having two D&C’s within 6 weeks of one another there was risk of scar tissue which can cause fertility problems. I hear so many stories of other mamas trying for a second baby and not having any luck and it definitely started to get to me! Emotionally, I felt ready after what felt like forever of not knowing if I would ever “feel ready”, but physically I had no idea what my body had in mind. Like any of my pregnancies I will never take this for granted. I am so grateful it happened as fast as it did.

Going into this pregnancy I immediately knew I wanted to do things a little differently, specifically toward the end when it comes to labor and delivery. There was so much I didn’t know when I was pregnant with Jasper, partially because I didn’t do the reading and research I intended to do, but also because there is SO much information. While knowledge isn’t power, my studies as a doula have really opened my eyes to pregnancy and child birth. Without going into too much detail, I have decided to go with a midwife this time around as well as hire a doula. I researched all of the hospitals in my area and after speaking with a few mamas who gave birth in Delaware, including my doula, I feel as though I made the right decisions on where to give birth. After what I went through with Jasper’s birth I have to give birth in a hospital from here on out as I am now considered “high-risk”. If you aren’t caught up to speed with his birth story check out Part I and Part II. In the beginning of March, I had my first appt and the nurse sat down with me for over an hour. I have never received that kind of treatment and I wish for every pregnant woman to experience that. I also had my first ultrasound and will be getting any further scans done at Maternal Fetal Medicine. To read my pregnancy announcement blog post from Jasper, click here.

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and love. It really is appreciated and nothing ever goes unnoticed. I will be sure to keep posting updates and sharing my journey all over again. Love ya’ll so much!



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