Packing My Hospital Bag For Baby Devine Number THREE!

If there is one thing I love to read, and even more so, to watch, are “What’s In My Hospital Bag” posts and videos. I love seeing the different things other mamas use during labor, delivery, and postpartum.

These types of posts can be helpful, especially for first time moms, as it can be overwhelming to know what to pack.

This is my third time packing a hospital bag and I feel like I have perfected it in my own way that’s useful and practical! Feel free to read A Peek Inside My Hospital Bag! which is what I packed for my first baby and What’s Inside My Hospital Bag: Packing for Baby Devine Number Two for my second baby.

There are similarities in each post and what I pack but over the years, and since becoming a doula, I have taken away and even added some things I have found helpful.

As you read my post you will find I pack a lot of what the hospital already provides (pads, diapers, wipes, etc). This is strictly for my own benefit and my personal preference. As someone who lives a low tox life, I prefer to use alternatives to what the hospital has provided. This post is not to make you feel like you need these items, rather to show you what I am bringing for me and my baby. Also, I prefer to have an unmedicated birth therefore I also pack tools to help cope with my pain and make me feel the most comfortable.

What’s Inside My Hospital Bag For Baby Devine Number THREE!

For mama

Hospital gown. I am choosing to bring and wear my own hospital gown this time around. There is nothing wrong with the one the hospital provides, I personally just find it uncomfortable and it never fits comfortably.

Robe. From previous births, I usually quite hot after I give birth, but I also know how cold hospitals can be. I wanted something more causal than a robe but more cozy than a basic cardigan. I feel like this option is the perfect material and isn’t going to over heat me. Robes are also great for skin to skin and quick access to the breasts for breastfeeding.

Pajamas. Something comfortable and cozy to sleep in that’s different than what I’ll be wearing during the day.

Lounge wear/an outfit to wear home. I bought two. One is short sleeves and shorts and the other is long sleeves and pants. I’ll most likely wear one in the hospital and the other to go home in.

Nursing bras. I am bringing two nursing bras. These ones from Amazon are ribbed, come in a bunch of colors, and are super soft! My favorite ones yet!

Cloud slides. I know these slides are super popular right now and I can see why! They feel like you are walking on clouds! I grabbed a dupe from Amazon. I love these because they will fit my swollen postpartum feet and I can wear them in the shower.

My birth plan. Some women love to have a birth plan, others do not. As a doula I find it great to have one so you, your support person, and birth team are all on the same page! Have multiple copies just in case.

Pillow and blanket. This is something that is obviously not needed but makes the hospital stay way more comfortable. I’m bringing a pillow for both my husband and I as well as our own blankets.

My toiletry bag and make-up bag, disposable breast pads, make-up wipes, hairbrush, snacks, water bottle.

Comfort tools and items

Essential oils. I am bringing some to diffuse as well as some to use for my postpartum healing and recovery. I will plan to make a separate post for all things essential oils and pregnancy/birth/postpartum.

Diffuser. To use with my essential oils.

Battery operated candles. This helps set the mood of the environment.

Robozo, hot/cold pack, comb, massage ball.

Honey sticks and ginger and peppermint candies.

Afterease. This is something you add to water to help with the cramps postpartum, especially during breastfeeding!

Nipple butter. Those first few days of breastfeeding can be hard, so I am packing this just in case!

For baby

Swaddle with matching hat. This is mainly for that cute birth announcement photo- but I do love a good traditional swaddle!

Two kimono shirts. Baby is usually just in a diaper and swaddle, or some type of onesie. I love these shirts because they keep them warm but make diaper changes easy.

Going home outfit. I am bringing two sizes, newborn and 0-3 months. I am also bringing one in long sleeves and one in short sleeves.

Pacifiers. This time around I am bringing three different types of pacifiers. With my first, we got lucky and he took the first one we offered him. My second son, however, did not like any of the pacifiers we tried.

Vitamin d drops, vitamin k drops, and probiotics. I like to supplement with vitamin d and probiotics for my baby. There are so many benefits to both including supporting their immune systems and guts! I prefer the vitamin k drops over the shot.

All purpose ointment. This specific ointment we used for both our first and second son. I always bring it just in case. It’s also great in replace of Vaseline if you choose to circumcise your son.

Nail clippers. If you know you know… bring nail clippers!

Baby book. I am only bringing this for his foot and hand prints! I dropped the ball with my second and the only foot prints I have of his are on his birth certificate.. mom fail!

Essential oils. Just like for me, I use essential oils on our babies! These vary from tummy support, sleep support, and others to replace traditional hospital products, etc. I will make a post on this too!

Hatch sound machine. This is my first time bringing a sound machine! With Jasper we didn’t ever need one until he got older. With Slate, we ended up using our phones while in the hospital. So this time we are coming prepared!

My Brestfriend nursing pillow. This is my first time using this specific pillow. In the past I’ve used a regular boppy. The boppy does the trick but I know how badly my posture suffers from nursing, this option is more supportive!

Some things the hospital provides but I will be bringing my own…

Postpartum pads

Peri bottle

Perineal spray

Diapers and wipes

This may seem like A LOT. Most moms will tell you that there isn’t much you need, and while that is true, every mama is different. Whether you don’t mind using what the hospital provides or you’re like me and prefer to bring everything yourself- I hope this post was helpful!

What is one non-negotiable you had for your hospital bag? Or if you’re a first time mom— what are you packing??

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