Guessing the Gender of Baby Devine Number THREE!

It’s time to guess Baby Devine’s gender again! This post is a little late as we have already known the gender for about eight weeks now, but I thought it would still be fun to do it. I did it for both Jasper and Slate’s pregnancies, so it only felt right!

Can You Guess Baby Devine Number Three’s Gender?

Heart beat is above 140bpm it is a girl, anything below is a boy.

Each and every time I’ve heard the heartbeat it has been above 140bpm (around 150-160bpm)! It has only been in the 140’s a few times (girl)

If your skin is glowing and your hair looks it’s straight out of Pantene commercial you’re having a boy, if your hair and skin has been anything but glowing, you’re having a girl.

My hair hasn’t changed all that much, but my skin is awful (girl)

If you’re carrying low, it’s a boy, if you’re carrying high it’s a girl.

This one I never believe. I have a long torso, so I naturally carry low and I carried low with both Jasper and Slate. This pregnancy I feel like the baby is very low!! (boy)

Craving sweets, it’s girl, craving salty it’s a boy.

There haven’t been any specific cravings, more aversions and only wanting certain foods. However, they are things I would normally eat not pregnant. I love sweets though; fruits, ice cream, etc.. so? (girl)

If you’re carrying most of your weight out front you’re having a boy, if you’re carrying your weight all around, you’re probably having a girl.

This is another that I don’t think is an accurate guess because it just depends on your body type. I carry all in front though (boy)

Cold feet mean a boy is on the way, warm feet or no change expect a girl.

My feet are HOT! However it is summer now.. (girl)

If you have severe morning sickness you are having a girl. They say girls give their mom’s trouble right from the start.

I was soooooo sick this tiem around! (girl)

If your spouse has gained weight, it’s a girl.

I don’t believe he’s gained any weight! (boy)

If you get severe headaches you’re having a boy, no real headaches it’s a girl.

No headaches! (girl)

If you naturally fall asleep on your left side, it’s a boy.

I can only fall asleep on my left side! (boy)

That’s all for now! I’m sure I can find plenty more wives’ tales, but I think ya’ll can make a valid guess!

The verdict based off of these old wife’s tales: GIRL!!!

These old wives tales were spot on for both Jasper and Slate. Do you think the predictions are true again?! I’ll be posting our gender reveal to Instagram soon!

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