Third Trimester Survival Guide

Welcome to the third and final installment of my “mini-series” here on my blog! For the first two posts please refer to First Trimester Survival Guide and Second Trimester Survival Guide.

I feel like as a mama-to-be you either hate the third trimester or you love it. Either opinion is valid. Whether you love or hate the third trimester of pregnancy, I am sharing my personal favorite products and some tips to help make this time more enjoyable before you meet your newest addition.

DISCLAIMER: Every woman is different, therefore some or all of these may not work for everyone. This is based off of my own experience and research. As always, ask your provider or professional if it is safe for you to use any of these remedies.


1. Claraderm

Claraderm is a spray Young Living sells to help the healing process postpartum. It is made from essential oils that are nourishing to the skin yet gentle enough for such a sensitive area. I always recommend not only using this after childbirth, but also in the third trimester (around 34 weeks or so) as it protects and prepares for the stretching of the skin of your vagina. 

2. Birthing ball

I bought a standard yoga or exercise ball at Target and used it for those last few weeks of pregnancy. I would bounce on it for about twenty minutes a day. It is also a great support tool during labor.

 3. Essential oils

Everyone has their own preference for scents, especially when pregnant, but I found having these essential oils really helped me through my third trimester and into my postpartum journey. Valor for emotional support, Clary Sage to encourage labor, and Lavender to calm my body and mind. 

4. Capsule maternity wardrobe

By now you most likely don’t fit into any of your pre-pregnancy clothing and may need to invest in maternity clothes. Having a few staple items will get you through until the end but you won’t have to break the bank doing it. Think of the style and type of clothing you wear often, and what’s currently comfortable, and go from there. 

5. Raspberry leaf tea

Raspberry leaf is said to strengthen and prepare the uterus for childbirth. Drinking one to two glasses a day throughout your third trimester shows the most results.

6. Dates

I’m not talking about a date night out, although that kind of date is recommended too. I’m talking about the food dates. Eating dates throughout your pregnancy, specifically in the third trimester, has shown to assist in cervical ripening. This is not to say if you eat dates you will dilate and go into labor, but simply a natural way to assist your body’s natural process when it is ready. 

7. Heating pad

I’m bringing back the heating pad from the first trimester. By the third trimester if you don’t feel it already, your joints and ligaments are relaxing, and you may feel more sore than you normally do. Applying heat to the sore area can act as a temporary pain relief.

 8. Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream and Deep Relief roller

Another YL favorite that I think every mama should own. These two are like Icy Hot but without all the harsh chemicals.

 9. Panty liners

This may be TMI, but welcome to pregnancy and motherhood. As your body prepares for labor your vagina will begin to produce more discharge. Yes, even more. Some women feel more comfortable wearing a panty liner as their pregnancy progresses. 

10. Continue healthy habits from your previous trimesters

Keep eating healthy, working out when you can, taking your prenatals, and doing whatever feels good that you did in the first and second trimesters. This includes purchasing a pregnancy pillow if you haven’t, continuing creating your baby registry, using your belly oil and butter, and drinking water.

This concludes the posts in my “mini-series” here on my blog! I hope you enjoyed them and found them helpful. In the near future I plan to share a post all about preparing for the arrival of your baby, so stay tuned!

Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)! 



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