Second Trimester Survival Guide

Welcome to the second trimester where you’re supposed to be glowing, fully of energy, and rocking that cute little bump of yours. While that may not be the case for every woman, you’ve made it out of the first trimester so that’s something you should be proud of. Whether you feel like a million bucks or are still feeling sick and tired, I have compiled a list of products that will help you get through the second trimester.

This is part II in my little series on how to survive each trimester. For part I, surviving the first trimester, click here.


DISCLAIMER: Every woman is different, therefore some or all of these may not work for everyone. This is based off of my own experience and research. As always, ask your provider or professional if it is safe for you to use any of these remedies.


Second Trimester Survival Guide


  1. Pregnancy pillow

This is an item that some women love or strongly dislike. While it is definitely not needed, it’s nice to have as your belly grows. There are several different brands and multiple shapes and sizes. However, a standard body pillow or multiple regular pillows can support you in the same way. I linked the one I purchased off of Amazon with my first pregnancy.

2.  Belly butter/oil

I swear by this stuff! I used belly oil and butter everyday with my first and I do not have one stretch mark. I continued to use it after I gave birth as well which helped tremendously. The skin on your belly will stretch a lot, so stretch marks or not, you will want this! Linked is a non-toxic brand that is my current favorite.

3. Prenatal vitamins

This may seem like an obvious one and I even mentioned it in my First Trimester Survival Guide, however, I suggested gummies in that post. Prenatals are important for your whole pregnancy but swallowing a large pill can suck in your first trimester so that’s why gummies were suggested. In your second trimester you should be able to stick with your original prenatals. I find the pills have better ingredients and meet the standards of a prenatal.

4. Water

Again, water may be hard to choke down while you’re in your first trimester but now is an important time to make sure you are drinking enough to keep you hydrated and then some. Water will also help settle any Braxton Hicks contractions you may experience later on in your second trimester. Sometimes I don’t want plain water so I like diluting a sports drink, like Body Armor, to my water for electrolytes and taste!

5. Start your baby registry

Now is a good time to start your baby registry. Chances are if you are finding out the gender you may wait start it until then. If you already know or plan to keep everything gender neutral then let the fun begin! (A baby registry must-have post is coming shortly). My favorite place to register is Babylist.

6. Purchase some maternity clothing

You won’t need too many pieces of maternity clothing just yet but you’ll notice your clothes will start to fit a little tighter or your jeans won’t button up. Pick out a few staple pieces that fit you now and can last you through the end of your pregnancy. You can always purchase more later on.

*TIP: use a hair tie or rubber band around your button of your pants. This will give them more stretch, so you can wear your normal jeans a little longer.

7. Purchase a belly band

This goes hand in hand with maternity clothing, but I felt like it needed its’ own mention. If you don’t like the rubber band trick, belly bands are the next best thing. It goes over the top of your pants and belly to extend the life of your pre-pregnancy bottoms.

8. Pregnancy/birth/postpartum books and education

If you are someone who likes to be informed and educated, now is the time to open those pregnancy and birth books you bought.

9. Childbirth class

This isn’t something that is needed but is highly recommended. You can sign up for a class at your local hospital or birth center. In this class they will go over labor and birth expectations and provide you will useful information to help you feel better prepared.

10. Hire a doula

I may be a little biased but hiring a doula has been hands down one of the best decisions I ever made. I didn’t have one with my first and I wish I did. If you haven’t hired one already, finding a doula you trust in the second trimester will allow you to build a connection with her and give you plenty of time to become better informed. The support and education doulas offer is outstanding and worth every penny.


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