My First Trimester: The Second Time Around


Here we are again! My first trimester, the second time around! I went back to my blog post I wrote about my first trimester with Jasper, here you can find Part I and Part II, just to compare, and I realized I published it around the same time I am publishing this one, lol. Not much has changed!

My First Trimester: The Second Time Around

So, by now you know I am pregnant with my second little babe! I wrote all about it here. To be quite honest, I thought my first trimester the second time around would be a lot worse. If you can remember, my first trimester with Jasper was a breeze… well my whole pregnancy was. I had little morning sickness and overall handled it pretty well! Everyone says expect each following pregnancy to feel worse, but I have to disagree.

I found out I was pregnant at around four weeks. At that time, I had no symptoms aside from these little tiny bumps I get on my upper back and shoulders. I also had some implantation bleeding. I actually thought this was my period. However, something prompted me to take a test and the smallest double line showed up. So naturally I went to Target to get a digital test and I was in fact pregnant! My husband was out of town, so I had to keep this secret all to myself. I really wanted to tell him in person. But, if you know me, you know nothing can go as planned! The very next day our plumbing decided to back and I couldn’t use our water; including our sinks, showers, or toilets. Four weeks pregnant with an infant and two dogs and no plumbing?! Yeah, right! This had me driving three hours to my mom’s house, so we could have running water. I ended up frantically calling my mom and telling her the news.

The very next day my husband came home, and we got our pipes fixed! I, of course, rushed home because I was dying to tell him the news. I once again tried to get a cute little video captured of me telling him, but I always get so nervous, so it didn’t turn out great. I will share it via Instagram if you want to check it out though. He was thrilled of course! We couldn’t believe we were having another baby!!!

Anyways, getting to the point. Around six weeks the exhaustion started to hit. Let me tell you, being pregnant with an almost toddler at the time is no joke. I was beyond exhausted. I thought I was tired when I was pregnant with Jasper, ha! Every day I questioned how I would get through another day. Luckily at the time Jasper was still taking two naps a day so during his first nap I was able to get a nap in too. That was what saved me most days. On top of the beginning morning sickness and exhaustion, Jasper was turning one and we were throwing his first birthday party when I was about seven weeks pregnant. A little tip- do not throw a birthday party for your child while in the depths of the first trimester. It was miserable (for me) and looking back I wish we would have celebrated with just our family. However, I am grateful we have the pictures to remember that time.

Like I briefly stated in the beginning, I wasn’t all that sick. I remember feeling a lot sicker with Jasper. I had my moments and pretty much kept Preppy Pop Drops with me at all times, but the nausea only last about three to four weeks. After about the ninth or tenth week the nausea started to subside and would only come every now and again. I would say the extreme tiredness lasted longer than the morning sickness. I had an aversion to most veggies and coffee again. If you remember from my pregnancy with Jasper I had a huge sensitivity to the smell of our refrigerator. That was a struggle again the second time around, but not nearly as bad. Maybe everything seemed a lot less because I was chasing around a toddler but no matter the reason I am grateful for another easy first trimester.

Once I started feeling better I couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone! This time around the bump has been much harder to hide. I am about the same size, maybe a little bigger, than I was with Jasper at this time, but it got bigger much faster. I also was coming out of my first trimester just when the pandemic became bad. The weekend I announced is the first weekend we were quarantined. We actually had to change our announcement because of everything. Mark ended up getting called into work and I was stuck at my mom’s with Jasper. Things may have gone differently but it just felt good to get the news out. I am glad I wasn’t in my first trimester during quarantine because I feel like I would have been miserable!

Overall, I can say my experience in the first trimester has been relatively the same as it was with Jasper. Most days I have to pinch myself because I forget I’m pregnant, but this time it’s because I am chasing around a toddler! It’s going to be a crazy several months and by the fall it’ll get even crazier, but I would be lying if I said I couldn’t wait for the challenge!



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