I’m Pregnant…AGAIN!


I’m Pregnant…AGAIN!

SURPRISE! I am pregnant, AGAIN! If you truly know me, then maybe this isn’t a surprise to you because you most likely know I want one million babies. For everyone else, yes this was definitely planned and on purpose. Mark and I decided we want all of our children close in age and to have them all at once for several reasons. I know there is a lot of differing opinions on when and how close together to have your children, but this is what we as a couple and family want!

I am beyond happy to finally share this news with you because it has been so hard to hide. I found out when I was about four weeks pregnant. Any of my Instagram followers remember when my sewage pipes got clogged? I actually found out the day before, ha! Hence, the slight panic when I couldn’t use the bathroom at all. I have to say this was harder to keep to myself than when I was pregnant with Jasper. I wasn’t sick all that much compared to my first pregnancy, but I definitely had my moments. The exhaustion however was insane. I will write out a whole post on my first trimester, but it wasn’t anything like I thought it would be the second time around! Thankfully. Yes, we are finding out the gender and no, we don’ have any names picked out, lol.

For me, even though this pregnancy was planned, it still came as a surprise because we didn’t know how easy it would be to get pregnant a second time. After all, I am still nursing Jasper, but I have had my period back since three months postpartum. On top of that, after having two D&C’s within 6 weeks of one another there was risk of scar tissue which can cause fertility problems. I hear so many stories of other mamas trying for a second baby and not having any luck and it definitely started to get to me! Emotionally, I felt ready after what felt like forever of not knowing if I would ever “feel ready”, but physically I had no idea what my body had in mind. Like any of my pregnancies I will never take this for granted. I am so grateful it happened as fast as it did.

Going into this pregnancy I immediately knew I wanted to do things a little differently, specifically toward the end when it comes to labor and delivery. There was so much I didn’t know when I was pregnant with Jasper, partially because I didn’t do the reading and research I intended to do, but also because there is SO much information. While knowledge isn’t power, my studies as a doula have really opened my eyes to pregnancy and child birth. Without going into too much detail, I have decided to go with a midwife this time around as well as hire a doula. I researched all of the hospitals in my area and after speaking with a few mamas who gave birth in Delaware, including my doula, I feel as though I made the right decisions on where to give birth. After what I went through with Jasper’s birth I have to give birth in a hospital from here on out as I am now considered “high-risk”. If you aren’t caught up to speed with his birth story check out Part I and Part II. In the beginning of March, I had my first appt and the nurse sat down with me for over an hour. I have never received that kind of treatment and I wish for every pregnant woman to experience that. I also had my first ultrasound and will be getting any further scans done at Maternal Fetal Medicine. To read my pregnancy announcement blog post from Jasper, click here.

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and love. It really is appreciated and nothing ever goes unnoticed. I will be sure to keep posting updates and sharing my journey all over again. Love ya’ll so much!



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