Jasper is ONE Year Old!


The day has officially come. My not-so-little baby boy is a whole year old! I have been saying his first year of life how I simply cannot believe how fast time has been flying by, and this is no different. To be honest, six months ago I would have cried at the thought of Jasper turning one. Fast forward to today, I am feeling much better about my sweet baby getting bigger.

This blog post marks a milestone in my journey of motherhood. I have documented all of the big and little moments and I’m so happy I did because I will forever have these memories to look back on. This is last (monthly) update I will be sharing until any future babes join our family. This blog post is also proof I survived my first year of motherhood. Kidding. But really. I hope you all enjoyed following along on this crazy journey and will use these monthly milestones as a reminder of all of the sweet moments parenthood has to offer.

Jasper is ONE Year Old!

Now, let’s jump into Jasper Thomas at twelve months old! Rewinding back to around ten months, Jasper went through a huge growth spurt. This is also when he popped his first few teeth! Since then, Jasper has about five teeth total with no signs of anymore coming at the moment. He has mastered pulling himself up and standing. However, he is still perfecting his confidence to stand unassisted. Jasper hasn’t shown much interest in walking (like his mama) but recently loves to “walk” holding someone’s hands. While so many kids his age and younger are already standing and/or walking I have no worries or concerns our little guy will be joining them in no time!


His favorite word is “mama”. He is working really hard on a few other words but prefers babbling much more. Jasper waves bye, yet we are still working on waving hi! He signs for “milk”, “more”, and sometimes “all done”. He is eating up a storm which is a huge improvement in the last few months. I also am still nursing him about four times a day! We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon either!

Currently, Jasper LOVES any and all animals. He loves playing with his many toy animals, listening to the sounds they make, and of course seeing them in real life! He especially loves dogs and puppies! He loves anything that keeps him busy; like building with his blocks, Legos, and different puzzles and toys from his panda crate.

This year has been the hardest, yet sweetest, year of my life and I truly mean that. I know there’s a lot of talk out there saying you lose yourself after having a baby and while in the moment it may feel true, it’s not. You never really “lose yourself”, your priorities change and it takes some getting used to and figuring out to get back in a routine.


I hope, if anything, from reading these blog posts you see there IS good in the ugly, but we ALL struggle. This will sound like a broken record, but the first year fly’s by so soak it up mama!



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