7 Things My Pregnancy Taught Me

It is mind blowing to think this time last year I was over halfway through my pregnancy and Mark and I were trekking across the country for our visit back home to the East Coast. Now, today our little man is almost nine months old and we are living in Delaware. Who would have thought?!

Looking back, I can clearly see the highs and lows of my pregnancy and everything it taught me. While I was in the thick of it, it was hard to see the lessons I was learning. For me, my pregnancies (I’m including the first pregnancy I lost), served as a time of growth. Not only was I physically growing, but mentally and emotionally as well.

In this blog post I want to share some of that growth with ya’ll. Whether you are trying to conceive, expecting a little babe, or a seasoned mama, I hope this settles your worries or makes you feel less alone.


7 Things My Pregnancy Taught Me

Nothing is guaranteed. While this may seem obvious on a day to day basis, pregnant or not, after losing my first pregnancy this really stuck in my mind. I knew miscarriage was a risk however I didn’t think it would ever happen to me. So, when I got pregnant with Jasper shortly after, I knew the potential risks. Every day was a gift, yet each day was also another moment filled with concern and worry. I am here to tell you take each day as it comes because once you get pregnant the worrying never stops. Enjoy what is now.

Listen to your instincts. You know the expression “gut feeling”? When it comes to pregnancy so many things can cause you to question and bring up fear. Listen to your gut and those new mama instincts. It doesn’t matter what anyone else tells you. This is your body and your baby that is growing inside of your womb. Every woman and every pregnancy is different.

To piggy back off of the lesson above, block out the blabber. What do I mean by this? For some odd reason the second a woman gets pregnant society thinks it’s totally okay to shove unsolicited advice and opinions down our throats. As a first-time mama, it is especially hard to ignore what others may have to say. I am telling you, you will find yourself spiraling into a black hole of comparison, worry, and fear. Of course, there are women we do trust that give great advice, maybe it’s your own mom or your best friend. Always take what others say with a grain of salt and listen to your gut! You know best mama!

Get in exercise, or at the very least go for walks! This one I’m sure ya’ll have heard in books and from your doctor but I am here to tell you, DO IT. Of course, if you have a medical condition or have to be on bed rest then there are exceptions. Although I was very active prior to pregnancy it was a goal of mine to walk thirty minutes a day no matter what. I am so glad I did!

Less is more. Hear me out, it is easy to go crazy buying all the new baby products and cute baby clothes. You heard it here first, you don’t need half of the crap advertised! A few outfits, diapers, wipes, some place safe for the baby to sleep, and some swaddles is really all you NEED. Of course, there are other things you’ll purchase that come in handy (a future post about this is in the works). I bought SO much throughout my pregnancy and now half of it is getting sold or donated simply because it was never needed- I purchased it out of pure excitement honestly.

Take time to pause. No matter how much you try, once the baby gets here you will never feel like you gave yourself enough “you” time, or time with your spouse. So, when there’s a lull in the day or you find yourself day dreaming, pause. Take a deep breath in and savor the moment.

Allow your pregnancy experience to be yours and don’t feel guilty about it. I expressed many times how prefect my pregnancy was. I rarely had any pain, my energy levels were through the roof, and I felt so strong and powerful. I often felt expressing this I might come off as bragging. Not all women enjoy pregnancy, and that is okay, but don’t let their negative experience crush your positive one.


While I can think of many more lessons I learned, those remain in my mind forever. As my husband and I talk about when we’re going to start trying for baby number two, I keep these stored in the back of my head. As well as other things I may like to do differently.

I would love to hear your thoughts or any lessons your pregnancy taught you. Comment on this blog post or head to my Instagram!



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