Jasper’s 8 Month Update

To be honest, most of the time these monthly updates blur together.

Of course, Jasper is constantly growing and learning new things, but time is moving so fast the months are starting to fold right into one another. Yet, at the same time, there is always so much to document in just one month’s time. And I know a year from now I will be so happy I put the time and effort into these blog posts.

So, for today’s post, as you already know by the title, is an update on our little man at eight months old.

Jasper’s 8 Month Update

I think eight months has been the best month yet. Aside from me starting to emotionally feel better, Jasper and I have bonded so much more. He’s growing into his personality, so it feels like I have my very own sidekick by my side. It’s great!

If you read his seven-month update, which I’ll link here, then you know he’s been sitting up like a champ! Now, he is getting ready to crawl! One minute he was wobbling as he sat and now he’s lunging forward to reach for everything in front of him. He starts off by sitting and leans forward with on leg ready to crawl while the other is stuck. I feel for him when he gets frustrated, but I know he will figure it out soon. He doesn’t enjoy tummy time however he gets in the crawling position and pops out into a superman-like motion. He’s SO close, it’s going to happen any day now.

At eight months I feel like he has really taken to eating more. At seven months he liked it but wasn’t really on schedule when it came to eating purees. Now, he eats them three to four times a day, plus nursing, as well as some BLW focused eating. Since he started consistently eating solids, he has also developed diaper rash (for the first time ever, so it was alarming lol) from the acidic foods. I know it is common so I’m not worried! Some things we are doing to help is changing is diaper more often (still letting him sleep through the night), using a non-toxic diaper rash cream at each diaper change, and cutting back on some of the food combinations until the diaper rash calms down.

Lastly, I don’t remember if I said this in his seven-month update, but he is pretty much sleeping through the night! This started a little while ago (a few weeks after he was in his crib) and he’s been doing so well! He usually wakes up within the hour after falling asleep for his paci and then again between 3am and 5am to nurse. Of course, he has his nights where he’s waking up every other hour but still progress nonetheless!

Out of all the things I thought about prior to having Jasper, I thought how I would be so impatient waiting for him to sit up, crawl, eat, talk, etc., but it’s been quite the opposite. Of course, I want him to reach all of those milestones and will worry if he shows nay delays (what mama wouldn’t?!), but I am in no rush to have him do any of those things until he is ready. I often see mamas forcing these things to happen and sharing how advanced their baby is. I know it is out of pure excitement, but I want him to do what he wants and feels comfortable with. After all, he is only a baby/kid for so long! So, if you’re a mama who sees other mamas raving about their baby doing “x,y,z”, don’t fret. Babies develop at different speeds and it doesn’t make one baby smarter over the other. Enjoy these moments before they are moving and on the go.

This last month has been so exciting. I can’t wait to see where he’ll be at by nine months! It’ll be Halloween and I have a feeling he’ll be crawling!



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