Jasper’s 7 Month Update

I know I am constantly saying “where has the time gone” every single second, especially in these monthly milestone updates, but you can quote me on this for future reference. TIME GOES WAY FASTER AFTER SIX MONTHS. Quote me, write it in stone, do what ya gotta do, because I’m serious when I say it.

I feel like Jasper just turned six months old but here we are at seven and a half months. Time could be moving at a faster pace because we are so busy, but I am begging it to slow the heck down!

So, what’s new with Jasper at seven months old? Keep scrolling to read!


Jasper’s 7 Month Update

This last month has been the month of perfecting all of his newly learned skills. He sits up completely on his own now and only falls backwards occasionally. Once he mastered sitting, he wanted to move right on to standing so, our days are getting even more busy. J wants to be on the move at all times and never skips a beat!

He couldn’t care less about being on his belly (it’s like the newborn stage all over again) but yet he wants to be mobile. He hasn’t crawled yet but is definitely getting ready to. I know once he’s mastered crawling it’ll be a huge learning curve for the both of us!

As I mentioned in previous posts, Jasper is now eating solids. He pretty much eats everything and loves food like his mama. We do a mixture of purees and baby-led weaning (more on this soon, I promise). More specifically, he loves ice cream and French fries, but who doesn’t?!

It is so fun to see his little personality develop and him becoming his own person, if you will. Each day I am amazed at what he can do (babies are unbelievably smart when we allow room for baby-led play).

We have his 8-month wellness check at the end of this month, so I will be sure to update ya’ll.


Aside from Jasper growing and learning all the new tricks, I’ve been growing myself. I feel like after the first few months mamas get overlooked, even though we are still in such a vulnerable state.

In my previous post, I briefly mentioned how I am starting to feel more like myself again. I have been kind of ignoring updating ya’ll on the postpartum side of things because I have honestly been struggling. I am in the midst of sharing this reality with you, but I want to collect my thoughts before blasting it out on the internet, lol.

I know I don’t have to share these moments, but in doing so it shows other mamas they’re not alone. It’s been hard, for many reasons, and I am learning every day. It’s funny, the being a mom part is a breeze for me, it’s the deep dark icky stuff no one talks about that has planted a home inside of me.

Anyways, more to come on that. I’m feeling good though (most days) and I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This journey has been and continues to be the wildest ride I’ve ever been on and I am so grateful I get to share it all with you.



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