Jasper’s 6 Month Update

Here we are. HALF of a year old! Jasper is officially closer to a toddler than he is a newborn. How did we even get here? Most importantly, where had the last six months gone? It’s been quite the ride, but we made it and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Jasper’s 6 Month Update

The last six months not only have come and gone extremely quick, but the time that has passed has been some of the best times of my life. Six months ago, my sweet baby boy was born, and my life has been changed ever since.

Some days it feels like I never was even pregnant, that I have had Jasper all along. Other days it feels impossible to know my rainbow baby is here in my arms and thriving! As you can probably already tell, this milestone is emotional to say the least. In this blog post I want to take the time to not only share the things Jasper is learning and my postpartum journey, but to also reflect on the first half of 2019.

Let me start off by saying this year has been NOTHING like I imagined. I thought I would have my baby boy and be living happily in Montana as a family of three with our two dogs. Instead, I had a very dramatic labor and delivery that resulted in two surgeries in a six-week span and then flying across the country to our new home in Delaware. What a whirlwind it has been. As stressful and unplanned as it has been, it has definitely made me emotionally stronger. Not many women can say they delivered a baby, had two surgeries, and moved across the country all in two months postpartum. But here I am living proof that it is possible.

However, no matter how exciting all of this may seem (and it IS), I have been struggling. It’s a lot to take on as a new mom and most days my emotions got the best of me. Hitting this six-month milestone isn’t just a huge accomplishment for my so, but also for me as a mom. While my healing is still a major work in progress, I finally feel like I am on the mend.

As for Jasper, he is doing great, as always! It has been amazing to watch his little, but yet really big, personality develop. From a teeny tiny newborn who was so fragile to now a big boy who is going to be walking before we know it. This last month he has learned and grown SO much. He’s pretty much sitting up all on his own, sleeping in his crib, and also started eating solids. And he’s such a trooper through it all!

We have a long way to go but I have no doubt the next six months will be just as bitter sweet. I cannot wait to continue to update y’all and share this amazing journey.

I see big things coming in the future and this is just the start!



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