Jasper’s 4 Month Update

I feel like I need to start off this post by asking why doesn’t the four-month milestone come with an instruction manual?! KIDDING, kind of…


Jasper’s 4 Month Update

In all seriousness, month four has been easier than three months but yet harder all at the same time. Last month I had the stress of moving and figuring out life on the East Coast again, but this month I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The first three months I really struggled and I didn’t really notice just how much I was struggling until month four hit. At about 3.5 months Jasper entered the four month sleep regression. Having children, of any age, you know how crazy their sleep schedule can be. So, this was stressful nonetheless, but we are alive and here to tell the story!

On top of my currently crazy life and hormones, lack of sleep has been really playing games with my mind. However, I am trying really hard to establish a routine for myself. I am working out when I can, making sure I am eating enough to help keep my milk supply up, and overall living a balanced life to keep myself sane! Like I said, I was struggling for a while but I am feeling pretty good at the moment!

As for Jasper, I feel like I have a whole new baby! Truth be told, that is how I feel as each month passes.

Jasper has been “finding” his hands and LOVES to chew on them. He’s drooling up a storm and we have to keep a bib on him 24/7 or else we’d be changing his outfit every hour. No, he is not teething yet (yes, I know hand chewing and drooling can be signs, but trust me there are no teeth popping through just yet). However, we think the main cause of all his drooling is his lip tie we recently learned he has. It is nothing serious as he is nursing and gaining weight just fine.

He is also learning to “talk” and he tells the best stories. I could listen to him babble all day long. J has finally mastered tummy time (he used to hate being on his belly). He rolls over, but not consistently. Like everything else, he has his own schedule and does what he wants when he wants!

Jasper certainly wants to be on the move and doesn’t skip a beat, he is truly the life of the party. I am in constant awe seeing the world through his eyes.



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