My Pregnancy Must-Haves

There are many items out there for pregnancy and if you’re a new mom you probably got suckered in to buying them. Eventually you realize it was a waste of money because you never used it. So, before you waste all of your money on nonsense items (save that money to spoil your new babe!!)  I am sharing my pregnancy must-haves.

You’ll see there aren’t that many items on my list. That’s because there isn’t much you need while pregnant. Of course, everyone is different, but I would say these items you can’t go wrong with.

To any expecting mamas, I hope this helps!

My Pregnancy Must-Haves

Essential oils (lemon, ginger, peppermint) This was a given! When do I NOT go without my essential oils? In the first trimester is when I heavily relied on specifically these three oils. I used peppermint to also ease the nausea as well as give me an extra boost of energy.

I just want to put a little disclaimer out there because I know people will ask…

Do your OWN research about essential oils during pregnancy. Some are totally against it while others use them to support different stages of pregnancy. It is totally up to you and your doctor. If you want to use essential oils during your pregnancy always speak to a medical professional first.

Progessence Plus This is a progesterone serum made from essential oils (by Young Living of course). I used this while trying to conceive and throughout my pregnancy into postpartum. Progesterone is crucial when trying to get pregnant and having a healthy first trimester. Again, speak with your doctor before using a product like this.

Cozy clothes I feel like this is a given considering your belly grows and most of your pre-pregnancy clothing will begin not to fit. If you’re like me and are pregnant in the winter, then you’ll live in comfy sweats and baggy t-shirts. I probably own half of Target’s sweat pant collection.

Body oil & body butter One thing that is bound to happen when growing a human is stretch marks. Using a good quality body oil AND butter helped me tremendously. I have very minimal stretch marks and it kept the stretching skin on my belly moisturized af. Here is what I used (both the oil and butter).

Dry brush This was another skin care favorite of mine to help support my stretching skin. I would (and still do) dry brush my entire body from toe to shoulders prior to using my body oil and butter. Not only does it help with stretch marks, but it also provides gentle exfoliating. Read all about dry brushing in my blog post.

Ginger lemon tea Bringing it back to the first trimester when I drank 832578 cups of this a day. If I was nauseous I would drink a mug of this and instantly feel better.

Heating pad Another first trimester life saver. Whenever I feel sick a heating pad always make me feel better.

Epsom salt bath Whether you have sore muscles from carrying around a growing human or you just want to step up your bath game, Epsom salt baths are one of my favorite things to do even when I’m not pregnant.

One good pair of maternity jeans I’m definitely not a mom who says to go crazy buying maternity clothes (especially if you only plan on having one kid) but investing in at least one pair of good maternity jeans is a must! I honestly didn’t wear them that much, but I always had a pair of jeans that I could fit in to when I needed them. They also came in handy postpartum as well.

Maternity winter coat This may be an item if you end up being pregnant in the middle of winter but also a good piece to invest in as well. There’s a good chance your winter coat won’t zip over that growing bump and if you’re like me, you hate being cold. I bought a maternity coat from Motherhood maternity and I love it because I can take out the insert and wear it when I’m not pregnant as well!

Pregnancy pillow This item really depends on you. I bought one because I heard “omg you just HAVE to have one” and then never really used it. Now it is sitting in my closet taking up unnecessary space. However, I know some women who loved their pregnancy pillow. It’s also an item you may not need until the third trimester when your belly is at its’ biggest.

Compression socks If you’re going to be traveling or are on your feet (or sitting) for a long period of time these will save your life. They prevent and reduce swelling, which we all know sucks when you’re pregnant!



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