Jasper’s 2 Month Update

Hey babes! Life has been a tad bit crazy over here and so much is happening so fast. A few weeks back I wrote a blog post sharing my one-month postpartum thoughts and how the new mom life is treating me (and Jasper of course). If you haven’t read that post yet, check it out here!

Since then I feel like my life has, yet again, flipped upside down and we were thrown a huge curve ball. For starters, at 6 weeks pp I was in the emergency room. If you follow me on Instagram, then you heard all about this. I went into the ER for what I thought was normal postpartum bleeding but turns out I had placenta fragments still inside of me!

You may be reading this asking yourself what am I even talking about. When Jasper was born I had to be rushed into surgery to have an emergency D&C because my placenta did not deliver. I go into more detail here on the blog and on my YouTube channel if you want to know the full story of Jasper’s birth.

Jasper’s 2 Month Update

So, around 6 weeks pp I was still having bleeding which wasn’t normal. After several hours in the emergency room and a million tests later, I found out the first D&C was not successful and there was still fragments of my placenta inside of me. This meant I had to have another D&C. So that Wednesday I went in for surgery.


The surgery itself was pretty intense. I was awake for my first D&C I had when I gave birth, but this one I was asleep for. And I’m so glad I was knocked out. I have never felt so much pain in my entire life. Okay, contractions are pretty painful, but this was a close second! I was in so much pain I couldn’t get out of bed by myself let alone hold Jasper. I was pumped with all sorts of drugs and medications that I couldn’t nurse Jasper either. Thank goodness for my doctor who let me stay the night on labor and delivery because those nurses were amazing. Also, a big shout to my husband because he played single dad for about twelve hours while I laid helpless in the hospital bed.

This sounds like complete chaos, and don’t get me wrong, it was. However, I’ve made my peace with it. The silver lining to it all was I learned exactly what was wrong and it makes me feel more confident going forward with having any future children. I had placenta accreta which is when the placenta is stuck to the wall of the uterus. You are at risk for it when you have had previous abdominal surgery, like a C-section, are 35 years old or older, or have had placenta accrete before. It can be detected through an ultrasound though it can also go un noticed. In my case, I didn’t know I was at risk because none of the above applied to me. But in the very beginning of my pregnancy I had a hemorrhage which is what caused the placenta accreta, but it was never detected. Like I said, I made my peace with it, but I also feel like there could have been a little more done so that everyone was better prepared.

Once I was recovered from that, I was finally cleared to go back to my normal life after 8 weeks pp! 8 weeks! But of course, life didn’t slow down there…

Within a week of my second surgery we found out we were going to be moving back home to the East Coast. It is happening SO fast, like we are moving this week as I am typing this, but we couldn’t be happier!

So, between the postpartum complications and this big move coming up, you could say things have been overwhelming to say the least.

Aside from that, things are going great! Mom life is no joke and some days are harder than others, but I am taking it day by day. The most important thing for me has been giving myself time to sort through my emotions and thoughts. It’s not always easy and to be honest I’ve neglected myself for several weeks, but I always feel SOOO much better once I carve out that time. Motherhood is a work in progress that is never ending!

Jasper is literal perfection. He started smiling and now can make out faces. It’s seriously the cutest thing when he looks at me and smiles or giggles back. MELTS. MY. HEART. His doctor said he’s very social for a two-month-old (he gets it from his mama). He’s also getting so strong! He’s very close to holding his head up but isn’t always a fan of tummy time which is resulting in his slightly flat head that I am hoping goes away!!! He still loves his boobs and milk and we’re still exclusively breastfeeding over here. I couldn’t be more grateful. Jasper officially weighs 11.8 pounds and is 23 inches long! He’s going to be tall, or at least I hope because this mama is short af, lol. Oh, and it may look like his eyes are going to stay blue, but we will see!

That’s all I got for now but will have more updates for ya for month three! Thanks for following along and make sure to follow my Instagram page to stay up to date on daily life adventures!



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