Jasper Thomas’ Birth Story (pt. II)

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Jasper Thomas’ Birth Story (pt. II)

Read pt. I of his birth story here.

After the nurse broke my water (around 2pm), things started moving pretty fast. I started feeling pressure. Jasper was so close to making his arrival!

Around 2:45-3pm I was ready to do my first “practice” push. Little did we know he was right there so that one set of pushes got him set up in the perfect position to come out. However, you can’t deliver without the doctor and she was delivering another baby at the moment. I was sitting there waiting to push for about thirty to forty-five minutes. What a wild experience, I could feel him descending and it was pretty cool. During this time Jasper’s heart rate started to drop again but this time all the way down to 60 bpm. So, they had to put me on oxygen to help him and if he didn’t come out soon or if his heart rate didn’t come back up I would need an emergency c-section.

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Patiently waiting for the dr. so I can start pushing!

Luckily the doctor came in at about 3:30-3:45pm and it was go time!

I didn’t push for long (I even got to feel his head while he was crowning- it was WILD) and before we knew it our son was born at 4:08 pm on Wednesday, January 30, 2019. He was 6 pounds and 3 ounces measuring at 19 inches long.

Delivering Jasper was the greatest, most wildest experience of my entire life. I felt so strong and empowered. It was like I knew I was meant for this. I’ve never felt so much happiness and joy than I did pushing out my son into this world.

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Two minutes after he came out…in complete awe.


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I was in complete awe when he came out and was placed on my chest. I only had a small tear which I didn’t even notice until I saw her stitching me up. In fact, I was in so much awe that I didn’t realize thirty minutes had passed. But this is when things got scary…

Yes, the story isn’t over quite yet, lol.

In those thirty minutes a woman’s body has to deliver the placenta, if not, the doctor has to go inside themselves and get it out, or worst-case scenario a D&C is needed.

My placenta wasn’t delivering on its’ own.

At this moment a few things went through my mind “okay, no big deal it’ll come eventually”, “what happens if it doesn’t come out?”, “what about if the doctor can’t grab it herself?”, “can I still get it encapsulated?”.

Then everything started happening so fast. Jasper was taken out of my arms and the doctor was pushing and pulling all over inside my abdomen trying to get my placenta out. Before I knew it, she yelled out to everyone in the room “book an OR she needs a D&C”. Like lightning speed everyone was rushing around like busy bees as the doctor was telling me I have a 50% chance of surviving due to high blood loss and that I may need a blood transfusion amongst many other complications.

I have never been so scared in my life. I thought induction struck fear in my body, but this was different. Tears immediately poured out of my eyes and down my face as they wheeled me away from my husband and son. All I could think of was “am I going to see them again”. I was clueless and scared and so upset. On top of that I had the shakes really bad from hormones which didn’t help.

As we got into the OR I quickly learned it was NOT like Grey’s Anatomy and it’s much different when you’re on the OR table. I was awake for the whole thing which I am super thankful for because it allowed me to go back to the room with Jasper right away. It was also nice to know what they were doing and get any questions I had answered. During the surgery I had my whole lower half suspended and my legs spread wide open. It was very invasive to say the least. The surgery took about an hour and before I knew it I was back holding my son feeling beyond grateful to have him in my arms.

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We spent the next two nights in the hospital, so they could not only monitor Jasper but also monitor me for any post-surgery complications. We got to leave that Friday evening.

Overall for my first labor and delivery experience it was pretty traumatic. However, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I am super grateful to have my son here happy and healthy and to also be healthy myself. I still tear up thinking about those few days and bringing Jasper into the world.


I would also like to put a disclaimer out there that if you are pregnant please please please do not take my story or experience and compare it to what yours will be like. Every woman and pregnancy are so different. Labor and delivery are such an unpredictable thing and babies make their own time. The best thing you can do is go into this experience with an open mind. Have trust in yourself and your doctors and the rest will just flow.


To hear more about Jasper’s birth story click here to watch!



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