2019: The Year of Acceptance

I’m sharing this blog post a little later than I originally anticipated, but better late than never, am I right?! Besides, I’m trying to work from a place of mindfulness rather than perfection.

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2019: The Year of Acceptance

With the New Year in full swing, I’ve seen a lot of others sharing their “word” for 2019. I’ve always thought of goals and intentions for the new year but never having a “word”. I didn’t intend on choosing a word for myself because I honestly thought I would want to change it a million times and then eventually forget it come February.

But then I was making a story on Instagram and a word kind of just stuck out to me, if you will.

That word is “acceptance”.

Surprisingly enough, it came to me from one of my essential oils (LOL- typical Devon, I know).

It is an essential oil blend I had been diffusing the whole week leading up to the start of 2019. And an oil I’m still diffusing. But, more than just a yummy essential oil blend, it’s also been a word that’s been in my everyday vocabulary.

With the birth of my son coming up (SO SOON), I’ve been trying really hard to accept all there is to come. Making sure I have everything I need, both for myself and baby, and most importantly, labor and delivery.

I do have a birth plan loosely outlined. I don’t plan on sharing it because it’s a plan, not a promise of how things will go. And, to be honest, that’s really hard for me. I like control and I like to know things are going to go as I imagine they will go. But (a big but here), I know the birth of my baby is NOT going to necessarily go as planned and I’m trying my best to accept any outcome because I want what is best for my little boy, and myself of course. And, giving birth so close to the new year starting, I really wanted to go into 2019 with my arms wide open. I want to accept what the first month of the new year has in store for me and the last month of being pregnant.

For those of you wondering, although I am not sharing my birth plan, I WILL be sharing my birth story both on the blog and on YouTube once he is here.

However, accepting what is to come isn’t just for my labor and delivery experience. It’s for this whole next year. This next season of my life.

So, while it’s starting with the birth of my son, it’s also here to carry me through the beginning of motherhood. To carry me through more “firsts” and finding a new normal again. To take me through the ups and downs life will throw at me, to accept the ebbs and flows in my growing business, and to serve as a gentle reminder why I am here, doing what I do.

I hope you take the time to set a word for yourself, it’s not too late. I encourage it because it helps provide clarity and a little extra nudge when you are lacking motivation.

This post ended up being much shorter than I thought it would, but I wrote from the heart on this one, and I hope you found some inspiration in my words.

Do you already have a word for 2019? I would love to hear what it is so, share below or on Instagram!


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