My Skin Care Routine: Pregnancy Edition

Ever since I can remember I’ve had pretty decent looking skin. I had my fair share of pimples and blackheads but overall growing up my skin was clear and never gave me much trouble. Like most teenage girls, I used the popular Clean & Clear line, especially the “morning burst” facial wash. Anyone else use this stuff?!

It wasn’t until I was older, probably around 21 years old if I’m being honest, that I started to really look into my skin care routine and switch up my products. Prior to going toxic free I used whatever caught my eye, had the best reviews, or what was trending in the beauty community.

Over the years I have experimented with a lot of different skin care products, eventually switched to all non-toxic, and now I take what I put on skin very seriously…especially now that I am pregnant.

Today on the blog I am sharing my skin care routine, pregnancy edition. My skin hasn’t changed all that much while being pregnant but the way I take care of it has become more specific and intentional.

For the most part living in Montana has made my skin so sensitive and dry, but ever since getting pregnant I’ve gone back to having somewhat oily skin (or as some would say, “the pregnancy glow”). However, it’s not just the skin on my face I take care of, it’s my whole body too!

As you read on you’ll see my skin care routine and the products I use are clean, simple, and very intentional.

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My Skin Care Routine: Pregnancy Edition

I would say my skin took a turn during the first trimester when my hormones began to go crazy and my diet wasn’t what it usually was pre-pregnancy. I had frequent pimples that seemed to always pop up out of nowhere, especially when I ate sugar. But that wasn’t a surprise because sugar usually breaks me out pregnant or not. By the second trimester my skin began to clear up and go back to “normal” but gradually began to get a little more oily.

Aside from the skin on my face, my whole body began to change too. I used to never get back or chest pimples, but pregnancy had other plans for me. Again, this was more of an issue in the first trimester and slowly went away during the second. Pimples weren’t the only change though. Obviously as the baby grows, your belly, hips, and legs grow too, and the skin surrounding them!

Like most pregnant women, I wanted to get rid of pimples, have clear glowing skin, and avoid stretch marks as best as I possibly could.

So, what is my skin care routine exactly? Keep reading!



I wake up and immediately wash my face. I use the Clear Skin Routine from BioClarity (cleanse, treat, restore, and hydrate).

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I use warm water to wet my face and BioClarity’s step 1 Cleanse treatment to wash away any dirt. I then pat my face dry and go in with Thayer’s unscented witch hazel. This works as a toner and also gets off any excess dirt and grime my cleanser may have missed.

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I then use my rose quartz roller to wake my face up, take away any swelling, and improve lymphatic drainage and my circulation. The cold stone feels soooo good on my face and helps wake me up.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

After I roll my face, I go in with the step 2 Acne Treatment and put that all over my face. Once that soaks in (I usually brush my teeth during this time), I apply the step 3 Restore all over my face and neck. Lastly, I finish with the final step Hydrate and apply that all over my face and neck as well.



My night time skin care routine is a little different than my morning because I always shower at night and this is when I carve out some extra time to treat my whole body.

Keeping the way I wash my face the same, minus gem stone rolling, I wash my face in the shower and then repeat my morning routine after I get out.

For my body, after I am all dried off, I begin to dry brush. I start at my feet and work all the way up to my chest, brushing toward to my heart. While pregnant, I like to spend a little extra time on my hips, butt, and belly area to really even out my skin and get my blood flowing.

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Once I am finished dry brushing, I take my belly oil from Zoe Organics and rub that all over my belly, butt, hips, and boobs. Next, I go in with my regular lotion from Young Living and apply that on my legs, arms, back/chest.

Once the oil has a little time to soak in I go back over my belly, butt, hips, and boobs with belly butter, also form Zoe Organics. This locks in moisture and ensures those tender areas are getting that extra TLC they deserve.

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One last thing I like to do right before bed is apply My Matcha stick form CocoKind underneath my eyes. This just gives the skin extra hydration and helps that almost-new-mom look.


So, as you can see I do spend a little extra time taking care of my skin, but it is very intentional. This is what I have done throughout my whole pregnancy and I’m sure it’ll change again once baby boy gets here. Until then, this is what I’m working with and will be sure to update ya’ll postpartum!


Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)!



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