I’m Halfway Through My Pregnancy! A 20 Week Update

Hey babes! This week I’m coming at ya with a 20-week update! Are you sick of all the pregnancy/baby stuff yet?! Sorry, not sorry! If you want to know what I’ve been up to the last ten weeks since I announced the big news, keep on reading!

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I’m Halfway Through My Pregnancy!

A 20 Week Update

As of Friday, September 21st, I am officially 20-weeks pregnant, aka HALF WAY through my pregnancy!!! Whaaa?! To me that is absolutely crazy! Most days it doesn’t even feel like I’m pregnant and it hasn’t hit me yet that I’m growing a human inside of me! I’m hoping now that I know the gender things will start to feel more real. If you haven’t heard, we are having a sweet little boy! Check out the blog post and video I did for our gender reveal!

Also, make sure to check out the video for my 20-week update!

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Pregnancy is so weird, but so cool. It’s such a wonderful experience and the collection of emotions you feel are just insane. At this point in my pregnancy I can say I am definitely one of those women who love being pregnant. Knowing that I am halfway through this journey has definitely made things feel a little more real, however, at the same time I feel like I have a million more weeks to go!

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So, how have I been feeling? What have I been up to? And what are some pregnancy things I am loving? Let me tell you!

As I shared in my first trimester blog post (pt. I) and pt. II, I was lucky enough to have a pretty easy start to this pregnancy. By end of week 11 I slowly started to gain my energy back and feel normal again, or at least my new normal. It wasn’t about until a few weeks into my second trimester I started to feel 100% like myself and got back into somewhat of a routine. I’ve started working out every day again which feels amazing. My appetite is pretty normal and I’m not craving anything too crazy. Overall, I feel great!

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For my workouts, I started following the prenatal program by Every Mother. They are workouts made specifically for pregnant women that help keep you in shape, prepare you for labor, and prevent diastasis recti from happening (splitting of your abdominal wall). I really like this program because it is safely teaching me how to work out while pregnant, it’s inexpensive, and everything is on an app! The workouts are also short and sweet, and it has programs for each trimester, including post-partum. I am currently alternating these workouts with my own. I also walk for thirty minutes or more a day. Getting in 10,000 steps a day has helped me out a lot!

Like I said, my cravings haven’t been all that crazy. This pregnancy has allowed me to digest dairy which is awesome. I try to eat cheese daily (as long as it doesn’t bug me) to get some calcium and vitamin D in. I’ve also been loving ice cream, too! I hope this sticks around once baby comes!

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One thing that I have fallen out of is my usual morning routine of meditating and journaling. Before I even got pregnant I told myself I would continue my practice, especially journaling, to help better deal with any pregnancy symptoms and build a deeper connection with my baby. However, that changed when the first trimester hit. Sleeping in and naps were my priority over meditation, I’m not going to lie. And when you’re extremely tired and feel like shit, the last thing you want to do is sit in stillness with your eyes closed. Who knows, maybe that would have helped ease those symptoms a little more, but I don’t like to force anything that isn’t natural. Also, I made a promise to myself to live in the moment as much as I can and to cherish every second of pregnancy. I’m still working on finding that flow and routine again, and I hope to re-find it sooner rather than later, but I’m also enjoying what is NOW.

Some things that I’ve been loving this pregnancy have been feeling and seeing my body grow and change. Whether its random symptoms I experience or the actual stretching of my growing belly, it is all so amazing to me. And don’t let me forget feeling the baby move! I started feeling him squirm around in there at 15 weeks, but it didn’t feel like much until about 18 or 19 weeks. Now I am at my half way mark and can’t imagine what it’ll feel like in another 10 weeks from now! Also, seeing him in the ultrasound was completely mind blowing! It really put it in perspective that I am growing a human inside of me, yet I was still in disbelief.

As for supplements and vitamins I am taking I plan on doing a post separately on all of that so stay tuned! Right now I am just focused on drinking water, taking my prenatal, and eating all the nourishing foods!

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