Non-Toxic Ways to Boost Immunity and Stay Above the Wellness Line

It’s that time of year again when the temperatures drop, kids are back in school, and germs start to make their mark. Germs are inevitable, they’re everywhere and it’s literally impossible to avoid them. And since you can’t avoid them, you mind as well be prepared for them when they takeover (and help to prevent them from taking over).

As someone who tries their best to stay above the wellness line, I occasionally have my losses, too. But when I do, I make sure I take extra care of my body— after all, your body is trying to tell you something when it is sick, so listen to it. I also try my best to prevent the spread of these pesky illnesses and germs from moving in and living in my household.

For today’s blog post I have compiled up a list of all of my favorite non-toxic products to help keep you (and your little ones) above the wellness line. Not only are they non-toxic and safe for you and your family but they’re all natural and actually work!!! Hence why they are my favorite.



Non-Toxic Ways to Boost Immunity and Stay Above the Wellness Line



Young Living Thieves essential oil– I would say this is the top cold and flu remedy I have and it has never failed me since I began using essential oils. This is an essential oil blend to help support your immune system. It’s full of immune boosting, germ fighting, high quality oils to naturally keep you above the wellness line. I love using Thieves in my diffuser, applying it behind my ears and bottoms of my feet, and Thieves vitality in my tea!

Young Living R.C. essential oil– This is an essential oil blend for respiratory support. Put this on your chest (diluted with a carrier oil) or in the diffuser for easy breathing. Think of this as a non-toxic Vick’s Vapor Rub, only better!

Young Living Lemon essential oil– another oily staple in my household. Lemon is mostly known for its antiseptic properties and Vitamin C. Adding this to water or popping it into your diffuser not only boosts your immune system but helps eliminate germs. It can also act as a cleaning agent for around your house. Don’t have Lemon essential oil? Save the rinds of your lemons and once you have a few saved up place them in a glass jar with equal parts distilled vinegar and water- easy, non-toxic D.I.Y. cleaner!

Young Living Thieves Cleaning line– I know I mentioned Thieves essential oil, but did I add Young Living has a whole line of Thieves? From an all-purpose cleaning concentrate to a spray, wipes, and even cough drops! You can’t really go wrong when purchasing this bundle.



Apple Cider Vinegar– I love ACV. I used to drink this every morning before I got pregnant (I had an aversion to it in my first trimester) and even more so when I am sick. Put a tablespoon in hot water with lemon (add honey for sweetness) and drink up! This is great to have every day to prevent illness but also while you’re under the weather to get you on your feet faster!

Raw honey– honey is soooo soothing when you have a cold, especially a sore throat. When I’m sick, I try to take 2 spoonful’s a day and add it into any tea I may drink. Try and purchase local honey as I noticed it seems to work best!

Elderberry– whether you decide to use this in the form of syrup, capsule, or cough drop, elderberry works like magic when you feel a cold coming on.

Zinc– this wellness hack is still fairly new to me. I recently learned zinc can zap a cold before it comes on but be careful because you don’t want to overdo it! I personally use elderberry and zinc throat lozenges.

Garlic– although I never used straight up raw garlic myself, I have heard nothing but good things about this powerful food. They say eating raw garlic (add it to honey) can help prevent and lessen the time that you are sick.

Turmeric– by now we all have heard of golden milk, but it’s all for good reason. Turmeric is a powerful spice that can boost your immunity.



Rest– like this wasn’t an obvious one. We are all busy, I get that, trust me, but when you are sick, your body is telling you to slow down.

A hot bath or shower– my favorite thing, ever. Hot baths (or showers) cure most things. And, if you have a fever this just might help you sweat it out, plus soaking in the warm water is both relaxing and good for your sick body. Try adding epsom salts and essential to help you relax!



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*I am NOT a doctor or medical professional. This information provided is from my own experience and research. Please consult with your doctor before making may changes to your diet or lifestyle.

*Essential oils do not treat, prevent, cure, or heal any illnesses and you shouldn’t use them in replace of a prescribed medication. Always talk with your physician before using essential oils.

If you are interested in purchasing any essential oils that I have shared, please visit the Essential Oils tab and contact me directly.

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