5 Things I Realized When I Ditched My Phone

Wow. It’s more than a while since I’ve grabbed my laptop and sat down to write a blog post. Not going to lie, it felt a little intimidating opening up my screen to type. But when inspiration hits the words just don’t stop pouring out.

If you have stuck around on Instagram, then you probably know I took a very long hiatus from social media. For about a month and half I rarely shared posts, stories, or any photos. I scrolled every now and then but for the majority of those six weeks I stayed off of my social media apps.

There’s not really one specific reason as to why I chose to do this, it kind of just happened naturally and I rolled with it. I was tired, bored, and lacked inspiration and motivation. And at first, I had a hard time dealing with these feelings and felt like it was my obligation to you to post. But I took a step back and realized this is what my mind, body, and soul needed. And I am so glad I did it!

During the time of my social media detox, if you will, I learned quiet a lot and realized some things. I decided what better way to come back to blogging than to share my insights with you! Below are a few things that struck my mind when I put down my phone and stopped scrolling. I hope you can relate and I urge you to try this on your own!

5 Things I Realized When I

Ditched My Phone


It’s all one big mind game. In a world where everyone is sharing what they’re doing and saying, it is very easy to feel like you have to as well. You want to share the latest party you and your friends were at, your new outfit, or the puppy you adopted. I totally get it! I do it too! Or maybe you’re like me and part of your business is on social media and/or through technology. It can be really hard to put down your phone and live your life. What I learned when I wasn’t posting on Instagram for a month was it’s just all in your head. At first you’ll feel like you’re missing out and you HAVE to scroll or else you’ll miss something, a.k.a. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). But once you train your mind to know everything will be right where you left it and those important to you won’t leave you hanging, ditching your phone will become easy peasy!

Your sense will become heighten. I kid you not…when you are worried about what’s on the screen in front of you you are less likely to be worrying about what’s going on around you. Are you in a safe environment? Is there danger near? Is someone calling your name? Is that smoke you smell? Not only will your eyes begin to witness things you normally miss, but your food will taste better, you will become more focused and alert, and everything will be an experience!

You’ll forget you even have a phone. Maybe not completely forget but enough to leave it at home when you’re running to the store or keep it in your purse when you’re out at lunch. Soon you’ll not feel the need to go grabbing for it every moment. Keeping it tucked away will replace the habit of keeping it in front of your face.

Your quality of life will change. Chances are if you are spending less time on your phone and more time in the present you’ll start to enhance the quality of everyday life. Your commute to work will be exciting, drinks with friends will remind you how blessed you are, and everyday tasks you used to hate won’t seem so bitter. In fact, you’ll probably also sleep way better because you won’t be staring at your screen all day. You’ll make new, and healthy, habits.

Your inspiration will grow. When we are constantly scrolling through social media we are filling our minds with ideas and words of other’s. Eventually we start to act, speak, and admire them in a way that isn’t our own. This can take away from your own creativity and make the things you used to love very dreadful, like a chore. I think it’s important to take a break from what others are saying and doing and allow your own thoughts to fill your mind and spark inspiration.

Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)! 



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