Well, by now the news is out and you know the biggest secret I’ve ever kept! I’M PREGNANT!!! Surprise! You have no idea how happy I am to be typing these words for the world to read! This has been such a tough secret to keep since I basically tell you guys everything!

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If you read the blog post previous to this, then you know I spent a large chunk of this summer off of social media. The truth is, it was because I was pregnant! I had zero energy or motivation to take pretty pictures and let alone share them with inspirational words. It was extremely hard to keep my cool and not completely blow my cover. Was I that obvious?! Lol. Either way, I am just over the moon happy to have finally shared the news with you guys.

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In classic Devon Jade nature, I will be blogging about my whole experience starting with this post! I will also be doing posts for each trimester and anything that strikes some inspo in my mind!

For this post I am just covering the basic question I’ve been getting but will go into more detail in later posts.

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I’m Pregnant!!!

We have been slowly spilling the beans to family and close friends over the last month and I’m so glad I get to share this news with you. I’ve also been getting a lot of the same questions that I’m sure most first-time moms receive so I thought I’d answer them in one big blog post!

Did you plan this or was it a surprise?

I’m not sure why people care but they do, and we have gotten this question a ton. YES, this pregnancy was 110% planned!!! And I think whether it was planned or not, Mark and I would be thrilled either way because we have always talked about having kids since we first met.

How far along are you/when are you due?

At the moment as I’m typing this I am 10 weeks pregnant. However, when I share the news and this post I will be 11 weeks! Baby Devine is due early February! (An Aquarius like me)!

How did you find out?

There’s a little back story to this which I already plan on writing a whole blog post going into more detail buuuut the short story is…I was seeing the doctor for a follow-up exam because I had a miscarriage about a month prior to the visit. It was routine to take a pregnancy test for my appointment and surprise, I was pregnant (about 4 weeks when I found out)! Although finding out this way was quite the surprise, we were trying so we were, of course, hoping for good news!

How did you tell your husband?

Like I mentioned above, I was at the doctor’s so Mark was at work when I found out. I had to stop at Target on the way home, so I picked up a card and put the results inside. I gave it to him as soon as he got home and we both were soooooo happy! I decided to keep it between us because after going through what we already went through, it’s hard to not want to hold your breath. I have a video from our first pregnancy and his reaction was priceless- and he was still just as excited the second time around. I can’t wait to see him as a dad!

Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?

This seems to be another common question. Obviously, we want a baby that is happy and healthy! I think there are amazing benefits to having either gender and we cannot wait!

Are you finding out the gender?

YES. Are you kidding?! This mama does not have patience to wait until February- I want to know NOW!!!

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That sums up the most common questions we’ve gotten asked so far! I have been getting many questions about my first trimester and I will be writing a whole blog post answering those questions separately! Until then, THANK YOU sooo much for all the love and support!!!

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