Dry Brushing: The Latest Self-Care Trend

There are always new wellness and self-care trends floating around the internet and social media. The hard part is figuring out which ones to add into your daily routine and which ones to cut out and ignore.

I will be the first to raise my hand and say I hop on the bandwagon for many of these wellness trends. Sure, they may be popular for a hot second while others have made it into my self-care regimen, but one thing always remains the same- I believe less is more.

Dry Brushing: The Latest Self-Care Trend

Today I am talking all about dry brushing. You’ve probably heard about it before as it is currently trending on many wellness bloggers Instagram’s and websites. Again, I am totally guilty of following this trend.

I’ve been consistently dry brushing for maybe six or more months and it’s definitely a trend that has stuck. And for good reason. Like I said, I think less is more and dry brushing is like killing 3 birds with one stone. Yes, three. Exfoliator, smoothing and softening my skin, and aiding my body in natural detoxification.

Continue reading below to find out why you should dry brush, how to do it, and exactly why you should adopt this self-care trend!



 Dry brushing has so many benefits that I question why I haven’t started doing it sooner! Starting with the most common benefit, exfoliating, dry brushing can do your skin wonders. Taking off the dead and dry layers of your skin, dry brushing will leave your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Dry brushing also gets your blood flowing and helps improve circulation. So, if you get a little red while dry brushing, don’t be alarmed it is completely normal and healthy. The slight blush color just means your blood is closer to the skins’ surface!

Another benefit you’ll receive from dry brushing is breaking up lymph. This is essential because lymph is generally stored where our lymph nodes are (think armpits and near the breasts) and it is important we keep it moving so our bodies’ can rid of all the toxins.

When we dry brush, we are improving our circulation and lymph drainage which all aids in a natural detoxification of the body. It is important to practice these natural detox methods to ensure the body is disposing of all of the toxins it’s holding on to. If not, the body can literally get backed up causing all sorts of health problems.

Aside from the many internal benefits of dry brushing, there are, of course, many benefits for our skins’ outward appearance. Dry brushing can reduce cellulite, stretch marks, and even back acne. It’ll leave your skin soft and glowing!



When dry brushing you want to make sure to always start at your feet and work your way toward your heart. This is important because one of the many benefits of dry brushing is to improve circulation and get blood moving throughout your body.

Starting at your feet, brush in an upward motion toward your heart. Move up towards your shins, to your thighs, and yes even your butt. Continue dry brushing your stomach, lower to mid back, and then begin to brush up your arms. You’ll finish with your upper back and chest. (LADIES- don’t forget your breasts!!! This is important as lymph can stay stagnant there). Don’t forget to dry brush on and around your armpits to get that lymph flowing.

You’ll want to take your time and slightly press down as you brush. Use small strokes, hitting all desired areas of your body.

It is common to dry brush before you shower that way you can wash off any dead skin. If you do this method, shower as normal.

If you find it easier to dry brush after your shower, that’s fine too. However, to reap the most benefits, use a body oil after dry brushing.

Aside from your body, you can also dry brush your face. This is just as beneficial as brushing the body as long as it is done correctly!

You can purchase a brush specific for your face that will be much gentler, or you can use the same brush you use for your body (that’s what I do). If you use the same brush, make sure to not press as firmly on your face. Brush in small circular motions including the neck, forehead, and everything in between.

If you’re interested in the exact dry brush I use, head to this link!

Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)! 



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