24 Things I Learned While Planning My Wedding

Yesterday officially marked ONE full month that Mark and I have been married…WHAT?!?! I can’t believe it’s been that long already considering it still feels like it just happened yesterday! It feels absolutely amazing to be married and finally starting our lives as husband and wife.

Although we didn’t have a traditional wedding, click here to read all about it, we still did a lot of wedding planning and got a real taste of what wedding planning is truly like. Today I am sharing everything I learned in this crazy process of wedding planning.

These are things I learned while in the process and not everyone will have the same experience as me. So, with that said, please be kind and understand we all lead different lives and have different expectations!

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24 Things I Learned

While Planning My Wedding

  1. There are A LOT of different options which makes decision making extremely hard.
  2. Even though you’ll probably change your mind 5638745 times, going in with a plan/idea in mind will help you out tremendously.
  3. You WILL change your mind about something, or everything.
  4. Take your time- there’s no rush to tie the knot!
  5. Save money!!! This may sound obvious, especially if you’re paying for it all like Mark and I did, but even if your wedding is paid for I still suggest saving money.
  6. You will learn who your true friends are. You know how people said this when you graduated high school and went to college? Well I think it’s more relatable when you’re getting married.
  7. Be yourself. Seriously. Don’t compare your wedding ideas to someone else’s because it’ll ruin any expectations you have. Besides, your wedding will never be/look the same as theirs.
  8. Shop around for venues, photographers, catering, etc. While the first one may seem like the perfect fit, it doesn’t hurt to look at all your options to find the very best fit for you and your spouse!
  9. Have fun with it.
  10. Either hire a wedding planner or learn how to be organized yourself because you’ll want to keep track of every address, deposit, thank you card, head count etc.
  11. Take full advantage of testing out the food from caterers and bakeries…who doesn’t love free food?!
  12. Don’t let society or anyone in your life tell you how your big day should be.
  13. Be prepared (as much as you can be) for any weather changes or really anything you can’t control.
  14. Let go, because you CAN’T control it all.
  15. Allow yourself to dream.
  16. At the end of the day, any final decisions made should only matter to you and your fiancé.
  17. It’s super easy to feel guilty when all of your guests aren’t happy but it’s YOUR day so even though they may mean a lot to you, they should be supporting you.
  18. As soon as you say the word wedding prices go up about $100 no matter what you’re purchasing, lol.
  19. Take in every single second of your big day. Seriously. Even if you’ve felt like you took it all in, stand back and take it in some more because it’ll be over in a blink of an eye.
  20. DANCE…a lot.
  21. Don’t listen to people who tell you how your big day is going to be, because chances are it was like that for THEM, not necessarily going to be the same for you. (ex. Everyone told me I wouldn’t have time to eat and I ate all freaking night).
  22. Don’t fret about ruining your shoes or dress because it’s going to happen, especially at any outdoor wedding.
  23. Know your worth, you deserve this day.

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