What’s in My Travel Bag!

As most of you know my husband and I just recently got back from a trip to Chicago where we got married and also spent a few days vacationing! It’s our favorite city and I am so grateful to be able to travel there often. If you haven’t seen already, I made a blog post sharing all of my favorite spots to eat while in the city, check it out!

Aside from traveling to Chicago, we’ve been to a bunch of other places and one thing remains the same, we always, always rent a car. We just love road trips so much and it’s the best way to check things off your bucket list! You could say I’ve gotten pretty good at traveling via car.

With that said, there are some staples I must have with me at all times when we go on these road trips. One of them being my backpack full of allllll the essentials. In this post I am sharing what I keep in this backpack of mine to ensure I have a comfortable road trip!

What’s in My Travel Bag

First off, the bag I use…

It depends where we are traveling to as to what bag I am going to use because I like to double it as my purse for the trip (using it as my purse makes me have to pack less). Typically I use a small-medium sized backpack or a larger purse.

For this trip to Chicago, I used this Steve Madden bag. What I enjoy most about this bag is it was big enough to fit all of my essentials, had a lot of pockets, and was very easy to clean just in case something leaked or spilled.

Inside the bag…

A change of clothes. Something I always bring along on road trips (or any type of travel really) is an extra change of socks and underwear (and sometimes leggings). When you’re sitting in the car for hours and hours, having something clean to change into just makes me feel refreshed and put together. Plus, if an airline loses your luggage, you’ll be thankful you brought an extra pair of underwear!

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Vitamins & Supplements. Collagen, coconut oil, digestive enzymes, and my daily vitamins are all very crucial to have with me at all times when traveling. They make me feel comfortable and I like to make sure I have them on hand, so I don’t fall behind on taking care of my body! 

Phone & watch charger. Does this even need an explanation? I always bring both my phone charger AND Apple Watch charger.

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Essential oils. DUH, of course you’ll find essential oils in my travel bag! I plan on writing a full blog post on what oils I bring and why. I love to use them to support my body during travel as well as diffuse them in my car diffuser.

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Snacks. When we rent a car and go on a road trip, we typically have a bag dedicated to snacks because, priorities, lol. However, if I am traveling by plane I always bring a little something just in case. It’s always nice to have a bite to eat in my bag if I’m also using this as a purse. That way if we eat somewhere with no gluten-free options, I have at least a little something. 

My portable diffuser. I love bringing this with to diffuse my essential oils in the car! It helps clear out any stale odors and just makes the road trip that much more enjoyable.

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Polaroid camera. I wouldn’t say this is an essential or something I always have in my travel bag, but it is nice to keep on hand. Polaroids are a fun way to capture memories and live more in the present moment than snapping pics on your phone and posting them to Instagram.

Tissues and/or napkins.I am a messy person, so napkins are essential for road trips, especially if you are eating in the car. Tissues are also good to have because I always get a stuffy nose and well, if you don’t have napkins, you have tissues lol.

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Tampons & body cloths. I cycle sync so I usually know when my period is coming but traveling can throw your body off and you may get it early or late. Having tampons on hand makes me feel good to know if I get my period I won’t be in a pinch to find tampons OR won’t have to use ones filled with chemicals. Body cloths are amazing because you can use them for your face or lady areas! Again, sitting in the car can make you feel a little yuck so using these to freshen up makes you feel so much better.

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Toothbrush & tooth paste. Because who wants to not brush their teeth? ALWAYS have this with me when I travel.

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Crystals. Again, I plan on doing a full post all about crystals for travel, but I love to bring them along for all sorts of reasons! Not only do I meditate with them but I also use them to help ground myself when I’m away from home. They also help with protection and guarding your belongings.

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Thieves spray. This is something I always keep in my purse even when I’m not traveling. It’s like a sanitizing spray but filled with essential oils instead of chemicals! I spray it all over the rental car, hotels, and any other public places I come in contact with.

Just like everyone else, I love to travel! I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to visit so many places and making sure I’m fully stocked with some of my favorite items makes traveling THAT much more enjoyable! What do you bring along when you travel?

Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)!



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