Life is Messy

Life is Messy

Life is messy. It’s never what we picture in our heads or what we dreamt about when we were little kids. Sure, if we work hard enough and put good energy out into the universe, we are more than likely to receive the things we ask for in return. However, that still doesn’t guarantee us anything. Point blank, life is indeed very messy.

Every once in a while, I feel the need, or more like an urge, to get real with you all and just write till my heart’s content. Sometimes I just don’t have it in me to create beautiful content and posts for ya’ll because like I said, life is messy. So, I guess that’s the theme of this blog post today. It’s not like my usual health and wellness posts and I don’t have any out-of-this-world advice to give, but this is me. Being real and raw.

I think we as humans have developed into more of human DOings, than BEings. We want to do everything and anything and do it all at once. Like we are in a competition or something. Yeah, the real world is hard af. A little cut throat at times. And we all want to be successful. But remember, life is messy. It doesn’t always work out in our favor. And before you exit out of this post, this is not to come off as pessimistic or like a complaint. I’m being my human self.

We (please note, I am generally speaking when I say “we”) are so focused on doing it all we forget to stop and ask ourselves what do we truly want, and more importantly, what do we need. When we’re too concentrated on doing the next best thing we often times don’t realize what is going on right in front of us. We get so used to doing this that we compare ourselves to what others are doing and accomplishing, continuing the cycle of going after the next best thing and not appreciating what we already have. You see where I’m going with this?

So, we are in this never-ending cycle of doing and pleasing only until something doesn’t go our way. The business plan was a bust, plans got canceled, or the amazing day you anticipated turned to crap. We’ve all been there and it’s not the happiest times of our lives but look, you survived. It is when we dial it down and start to take care of ourselves that great success starts to happen. When we stop trying to compete and force things to be perfect. When we take the time to sit down and ask ourselves these tough questions and share what is in our hearts instead of what’s going to bring temporary success or fame, that is when we will start to see the life we dreamed of become a reality.

Because life is messy and when we don’t take time to appreciate what we already have, it won’t ever look good enough. This was a harsh reality check that I realized over the last few weeks and I honestly find myself coming back to this “life is messy” term. I’m a perfectionist by nature and I can be really hard on myself. 2018 has been challenging to say the least and if I’m being human, I didn’t expect it to be that way for me. So yeah, I have been struggling and my life has shifted more times than I can count on one hand. But when I realized what is happening NOW in my life is the only thing that matters and what I’m doing will become successful as long as I do it with love.

Maybe you needed this reminder too, maybe you knew this already. Either way, life is messy and that’s the end of it.


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