24 Things I Learned in 24 Years

I am officially 24 years old, a.k.a. one more year until I’m a quarter of a century! What?! I feel like a lot of people hate the fact that they are getting older, where I am the complete opposite! I actually think it’s so cool! Lol, I know I’m crazy but it’s true! There is just something about getting older that makes me feel good and proud of myself! I also feel SO old the first few months of turning a year older and then by like four months in I start to feel super young and like I’m still a teenager, lol. Anyone else feel the same way? Just me? Okay.

Enough rambling, more blogging! If ya didn’t know, I just turned 24 years old on Sunday, January 21! And again, if ya didn’t know, I am obviously blogging about it! I thought it would be fun to do a “24 things I learned in 24 years” type of post! So, if you’re into it keep on reading!


24 Things I Learned in 24 Years

  1. The way you pictured how your life was going to look like at age 24, when you were 12, is a lot different than how it actually will be. But in the best way possible.
  2. You have to put yourself first when it comes to your happiness.
  3. There’s no time for toxic relationships, whether that be friendships or romantic relationships.
  4. You can’t completely avoid those toxic relationships, so, if you have one, learn from it and move it. You deserve much better.
  5. Everyone has an agenda, including you, so be respectful and kind but set boundaries.
  6. No one is going to do it for you. If you want something you’re going to have to work for it yourself.
  7. As soon as you leave what’s bad for you, so many more doors will open that are filled with nothing but light and love.
  8. You HAVE to leave your comfort zone.
  9. Time moves fast. It waits for no one so either keep going or watch it fly by.
  10. Say no.
  11. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. P.s. You are allowed to change.
  12. A few, high quality friends, are far much better than several crappy friends.
  13. Your health is the most important thing- take care of your body.
  14. And love HARD AS F*CK
  15. Life is too short to be unhappy. Find what sets your soul on fire and run with it.
  16. Life has a lot of challenges, set-backs, and difficulties, but you are stronger than them all.
  17. Change is the only constant in life.
  18. Take time for YOU.
  19. Be present.
  20. Laugh every day.
  21. Accept your flaws, they make you, you.
  22. Let go of anything that vibrates on a low vibration.
  23. Listen to your body, it knows best.
  24. Trust the universe, it has your back.


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