Tips & Tricks to Living a Healthy Life

We all hear how important it is to be healthy. To eat healthy, exercise to stay healthy, and don’t forget about that healthy mindset. Yes, those are all so very important and you really should be as healthy as you can, no one ever tells us how.

While it is different for everyone, it can be very intimidating and confusing when you’re trying to make healthy changes. Who to listen to, what to read, how much to eat, the list goes on. Truth be told, you’re always going to be changing the things you do and eat because you’re human. There’s no one way to do anything.

I’ve been at this “healthy” lifestyle thing for a few years now and have a few tricks up my sleeve that make living a healthy lifestyle easy to obtain and more importantly, easy to stick to! Like I said, it is different for everyone so every single one of these tips may not work for you, figure out which does and get going!


Tips and Tricks to Living a Healthy Life

Tip #1 Do YOU. Seriously. Why do you want to become a healthier individual? Is this for YOU or for someone else? Drop the people pleasing act and make changes you want to make for yourself. And do what you want to do for pete’s sake!

Tip #2 Listen to your body. Can I say that enough? Nope. Never. Your body knows what it wants and, more importantly, what it needs. Chances are you just aren’t listening to it so tap into what you feel inside of you and don’t be afraid to say no!

Tip #3 Don’t focus solely on a specific goal. For example, if you want to lose weight don’t make your main focus on how many pounds you are dropping. Do what you feel is best for your body and the rest will follow. Stress can alter progress so don’t make yourself freak out over something unnecessary.

Tip #4 Make small goals. Don’t get hung up on losing 50lbs by the end of the year. Instead, try making small goals like eating a big bowl of leafy greens 1-2x a day, going for a walk during your lunch break, or stop eating out and start cooking at home.

Tip #5 Get yourself a support group. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and lift you up. Having a group of friends and/or family to support your lifestyle makes all the difference. Some people may not understand or agree but you aren’t doing this for them, you’re doing this for YOU.

Tip #6 It’s all in your mindset. You have to actually want what you are going after and believe that you are capable of achieving it, otherwise it’ll be a lot harder. You are worth it and don’t allow yourself to feel anything less than worthy.

Tip #7 Learn to say NO and set boundaries. I write a blog post allllll about saying no and setting boundaries and it is very important to learn how to do. Like I said in the first tip, drop the people pleasing act. Your friends ask you out to eat but you really don’t want to eat pizza? Say no or suggest something else! Rather spend the night in instead of going to the bar? Do it!


So, these may not be the best tips but they are real, honest, and raw. I am not here to sugar coat anything, I am here to tell you it won’t be easy but it’ll definitely be worth it. Maybe your goal isn’t to eat healthier or lose weight, these tips and tricks can be applied to anything! Career goals, financial goals, you name it it’ll work. Being healthy doesn’t mean salads and workouts.



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