1 Year in Montana

1 Year in Montana

I just read through my other Montana posts (one from after a month of living here and the other after six months of living here) and all I can say is, wow. A lot has changed, both in my mindset, me as a person, and my outlook on this state. I am so excited to write this post just for that reason, to look back on in another year from now.

If you haven’t caught on yet, this post is dedicated to living in Montana for one full year. I want to take this time to reflect on my time here and share it with all of you of course. If you aren’t familiar as to why we moved to Montana a year ago, go read Montana Living – One Month In and Montana Living – 6 Months In, both of those posts explains more!

I was toying around with the idea of making a “things I’ve learned living in Montana” type of post or if I wanted to just chat. I’m still not sure how I feel so I just decided I am going to type and see what comes out.

Montana is the last place I thought I would end up, but here I am with my fiancé whom I get to marry this August in Glacier National Park, Montana. Pure craziness. If I am being honest with you, I truly do not like living here. The state itself is not bad, it’s quite beautiful actually, but it’s not me. Not who I am. Since moving here I developed several health problems out of nowhere that still aren’t solved. The air is overly dry and makes your skin insane. And anyone with asthma, make sure to have your inhaler on you at all times. Sure, those things are tolerable to a certain point but as a highly sensitive person, I am taking living in this state really hard.

This may not be our forever home or the place we want to live but I can’t say I hate it all that much because of what it has given me. Besides, amazing friends who are now like family, a beautiful first home, and new territory to explore, Montana has been the place where I grounded down into who I truly am. My authentic self, if you will.

I said this in my six months in Montana post, but there’s something so magical about this place and I know this is where I am supposed to be. Right here. Right now. This is where I started my blog, became a Life and Wellness Coach, got certified as a Meditation Teacher, and fell in love with myself and life all over again.

It’s an unexplainable magic, the kind you have to experience for yourself to know exactly what I am talking about. Maybe it was just a shift in me and I grew up a bit more but either way I can only describe it as pure magic. I have never been so in tune with myself and the world around me. So many amazing things have happened for me and to me and the more I look back on this last year in Montana, I can’t help but feel grateful. It sends chills down my spine.

So, I don’t have anything life altering to share in this post and it came out pretty different than I anticipated, but I will leave it at that. If you made it this far and you are living somewhere that doesn’t feed your soul, know one thing- make the most of it because in the future you could be wishing to go back to this very moment you are in.

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