Oil Training 101


Oil Training 101

Most of us grew up learning to wash our hair every day when we take a shower. It’s “dirty” so we should wash it, right? WRONG. This is actually a common myth and I am here to bust it! Washing your hair everyday can strip it of its natural oils, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to more split/broken ends. I know, it sounds a little contradicting, but here me out.

When you are consistently wetting and washing something (in this case your hair/scalp but your skin, too!) you are constantly rubbing away at the surface, taking whatever barrier it has away. This means drying it out. When your scalp is too dry it’ll start to produce more oil to compensate for the lack thereof, which makes you wash your hair again, staring this vicious cycle over.

When you “oil train” your hair (also known as “grease training”) you are teaching it to go as long as possible without washing it. During this process, you allow your hair to get as greasy as possible by decreasing the amount of times you wash it. Ideally you should work up to about one week without washing your hair (I know some people who can go longer but find what works for you)! You will, of course (I hope), still shower as normal, but without wetting your hair until it is “hair washing day”. You will want to buy yourself a shower cap because wetting your hair in between washes actually spreads the oil, making your hair greasier.

The overall process of oil training your hair can take weeks to months for some people. This really depends on several things such as hair texture, ethnicity, water, and pH levels. For me, I started doing this several months ago (maybe 4-6?) and I can go 7 days without washing my hair. Sometimes I cave and wash it every 5 days depending on what I am doing.



People always give me funny looks when I tell them I don’t wash my hair every day. I used to be embarrassed at having a little grease in my hair but now I totally rock it. Oil training your hair allows it to moisturize itself with its own oils making your hair more voluminous, longer, thicker, and overall healthier. Remember, over washing strips your hair. 


Yes, sweat creates more oil than usual. This is why oil training varies from person to person. For me, I don’t sweat that much, it takes a lot. So that means I can get away with not washing my hair after workouts. I also use my D.I.Y. (toxic free) Dry Shampoo. If you’re someone who sweats like a pig and is nervous about skipping out on washing your hair, don’t be! Try it for a day or two, use a good, non-toxic dry shampoo, and you’ll be surprised!


  • Take it slow! Like I said, this can take some time so don’t freak out if you can only go a day or two without washing it. Besides, it’ll work better if you gradually stray away from washing.
  • Buy a shower cap. I know I already touched on this but it’ll seriously buy you more time in between washes.
  • Wear a braid, ponytail, or cute headband! Find ways to style and rock your 3 day curls! Dirty hair actually holds and styles way better than freshly clean hair. Finding different styles that work for you will help not only hide the grease but it’ll also buy you more days.
  • Avoid touching it. Your hands have dirt and oil on them, so the more you touch your hair the greasier it’ll get. If it’s been a while since you washed your hair and you’re afraid it might be too greasy, rub your fingers on your scalp and if it smells, wash it!
  • Your hair isn’t as greasy as you think. When you’re used to washing your hair daily it’s easy to assume your hair looks greasy after only a day of not washing it. Truth be told no one notices it but you so stick with it.
  • ACV. Apple cider vinegar works wonders. Read here for more. If you really can’t stand the grease but don’t want to wash your hair just yet try ACV! It clarifies it and soaks up some of the excess oil. Wet your hair when you do this!
  • Just wash it! If your hair smells, scalp itches, and it just TOO greasy just wash it!

To see what my hair care routine is, read Hair Care Tips and Tricks (+ my hair care routine!)

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