Tips To Overcome Food Anxiety During the Holidays

Happy Tuesday, a.k.a. happy last day of October, a.k.a. Happy HALLOWEEN! Anyone else LOVE this time of year/Halloween?! Ya’ll should know by now I love fall but Halloween just makes me so nostalgic inside and it’s the sign that the holidays are near! I’ve always loved dressing up and going out and seeing what everyone else came up with for a costume- it brings out people’s creative sides and I love that.

Although I don’t have anything too spooky or wild for you today I do have something that could benefit some of you throughout this holiday season. We all know once Halloween/October hits the candy and sweets start to pile up on our countertops and in our pantries. The last three months are about friends and family but it’s all centered around food, and a lot of it. That can be scary for some people, I know it was for me a few years ago. But let me tell you one thing, you are NOT alone and I am here to help ease your mind.

Last week I shared a post about what I like to call “food obsessed”, and a few weeks before that post I shared one discussing over exercising. Go give those a read if you’re curious and then come back. This post goes hand in hand with both of those topics. Today I am sharing some tips and tricks on how to overcome an unhealthy food obsession and over exercising. And I think there’s no better time than now because like I said, these next few months tend to be all about food.

Feel free to exit now if you don’t feel comfortable reading this just yet, but I promise I got some good tricks up my sleeve that will ease those holiday scaries.


It’s Halloween and maybe there’s a lot of sweet treats and candy surrounding you, then comes Thanksgiving and you spend a whole day, or more, chowing down, next rolls around Christmas and New Year’s, more food and alcohol. This time of year, can be very overwhelming for some, I know it was for me. There’s a constant pull inside of you where you want to indulge in the tasty treats and meals but when you do you feel guilty, over work yourself in the gym, or not even enjoy yourself at all. This time of year, shouldn’t have to be that way.

Tips + Tricks to Overcome Food Anxiety and Over Exercising

It’s all in your mind. Your mind likes to play tricks on you. It can sense this time of year as it creeps up on us, making you panic the day of and feeling unprepared. Don’t let your mind win. Mentally prepare yourself by saying affirmations out loud. I know this may sound useless and even silly at first but it has shown significant results when using it overtime.

Some good affirmations are…

“I love my body and to show my body that love I will allow myself to indulge in this time without any guilt.

            “Holidays are fun and I am so grateful I get to spend this time with friends and family.”

            “I am grateful I have a body that loves me so much. The gym will always be there, but today I intend to be present and spend this time with the ones I love.”

Let go of fear. This kind of goes hand in hand with the first tip. Fear is all in your mind (False Evidence Appearing Real). Try and find the root of your fear (i.e. not having a six pack, gaining weight, skipping the gym) and realize this is just one day. One day will not ruin any progress you made thus far. There’s no reason to fear the holidays, everyone is indulging, allow yourself to relax and enjoy them too.

Listen to your body. You guys are probably sick of me saying this by now but it’s truly so powerful when you just sit for a minute or two and listen to what your body is telling you. Notice when you are hungry and eat, remember less is more; fill your plate with what you want and know you can always grab more if you still feel hungry. Notice when you are full and stop eating. Not only will your body digest your food better, you also won’t feel bloated and lethargic.

Eat slow + chew your food. This is something that is soooo underutilized. There’s no rush! Chew your food, taste your food, and enjoy what you are eating. When we eat fast that’s when we get bloated and over eat. So, enjoy your meal.

Have some and move on. Maybe you can’t decide between the apple pie or pumpkin roll, have a little of both! Ask a friend or family member to share it with you or cut yourself a small slice! You don’t have to make yourself suffer, enjoy what foods you want but do it in moderation.


I know holidays can be stressful and trigger some deeply rooted emotions. As I already said, I use to be that girl. I would binge on holidays and work my ass off in the gym afterwards. I never got to fully enjoy the holidays because I was so worried about if I was skipping the gym or not, how much I ate, and what I was eating.

Food and the holidays are meant to be fun, stress free, and full of love. Let yourself enjoy this time because it only happens once a year and you’ll want that memory to look back on. Know you’re not alone and you CAN overcome the holiday scaries.


*DISCLAIMER* I am not a professional, this is strictly me giving advice from my own personal experience. If you feel that you need further help please seek your doctor or therapist.


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