FALL(ing) out of Summer

FALL(ing) out of Summer

Last week on my Instagram I opened up and I was a little more vulnerable than I usually am. I shared how I was very sick and the impact it had on me, not only physically, but mentally too. It was definitely one of the less “Instagram worthy” times of my life and I almost let it stop me from sharing my journey with you guys. During this time I felt like my sense of self was ripped out from under me and I was lost, searching for who I was again. All this kind of happened at a funny time too. With the seasonal shift and change in energy I was feeling every single emotion very deeply.

If you’ve been following me then you know how strongly I believe in the universe and natural happenings of the world and how they directly affect each and every one of us. This year I have become more intuitive to all of these shifts and changes and also noticed in myself the major shift I make with each new season.

Whether you believe it or not, when the seasons start to change our bodies do too and it’s our job to tune in and listen to what it’s telling us. Think about Spring into Summer, the days are longer, the weather is hot, and you begin to shed the winter blues and bloom without a care in the world (think of a flower). Once Summer ends and beautiful Fall rolls in we go in quite the opposite direction; the days are shorter, the air is cool, and seasonal depression can flood over us without us even knowing (the flowers shrivel and die). Now I’m not saying everyone is happy in the summer and sad in the winter…I’m saying what you feel in your body during these seasonal shifts are for a reason.

Today I am sharing some ways you can let these changes happen naturally without feeling too overwhelmed and anxious. Change is hard whether it is big or small, positive or negative. Learning how to flow with these universal shifts, instead of fighting against them, will have you making you wish you did this sooner.


How To Ease The Anxiety of the Seasonal Shift

  1. Tune into your body. Like I always say, your body knows best so listen to it. During this change, take some time to sit quietly with yourself. Meditate if you’d like but if not, just sit. Sit with your thoughts, let them flow in and out of you, acknowledging how they make you feel. Notice what you feel in your body. Pain? Tension? Happiness? Joyful? Knowing how you feel, mentally and physically is an important part of allowing change to happen.
  2. Journal. I know journaling isn’t for everyone but writing out how you feel and what you are noticing in your body sometimes makes it easier to process. Plus, it also feels good to just get it out!
  3. Fill up on grounding, nourishing foods. Fall is the season for root vegetables so eat up! Your body will thank you for this, I promise! Not only are they naturally grounding (which is great to be when change is present), but they are nutritious and comforting. Make a stew, eat some pumpkin, or spice up your salad!
  4. Be easy on yourself. Like I said, your body is changing along with the seasons too so treat it with care and respect. Rest when you want to. Do Yin yoga instead of your usual hot yoga class. Take deep breaths. You are doing great, trust me.
  5. Take a hot shower or hot bath. The air is getting cooler and so are our bodies. Warm up and treat yourself to a bath with grounding crystals, salts, and essential oils. Not a bath person? A shower works just as well! Bonus points if you sip on some tea too!
  6. Treat YO self. Really, do it. Bake yourself a cake, go to the movies, have a cookie for a side instead of a salad. Maybe you’ll treat yourself to a new sweater or that pair of jeans you’ve been eying up. Whatever it is allow yourself to enjoy it.



Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page  (@iamdevonjade)!



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