My Favorites from Summer ’17 – products, places, and food I couldn’t live without

Unfortunately, it is that time of year where we kiss the sweet, sweet summer goodbye and prepare for the cold to sweep in. I don’t know about you but I LOVE the summer. Everything about it, yes, even the heat! There is just something so magical waking up to the warm sun and dancing around barefoot outside that I crave. I feel like a different, much happier human being in the summer. In fact, Mark always calls me his moon…I need the sun to shine (AWE).

This was also our first summer living in Montana and it has been much different than back home on the East Coast. Here our summers are much shorter and this year we were in a drought causing a majority of the state to burn. So as much as I don’t want the cold or the snow, we need it. And in Montana it can begin to start snowing at any given moment now.

But before we plunge head first into the fall and winter, (to be honest I’m a huge sucker for the fall, especially fall fashion), I want to take the time to share with you all some of my summer favorites. This includes brands, products, foods, and random things that I just couldn’t get enough of these last few months! I thought it would be fun to do a collective ‘season’ favorites post of everything I love from summer; although these products will continue with me throughout the colder months, they are the things I fell in love with in this hot summer heat!


Summer 2017 Favorites


Kombucha. As if this wasn’t an obvious one! This summer I fell head over heels in LOVE with kombucha! And Mark even did too! I pretty much implemented into my daily routine as a way to cool off and put a pep in my step! Plus, mixing it with La Croix makes for the perfect summer time mocktail!

Cold brew. I shared this in my last monthly favorites post but it held a place in my heart all summer. I’m a cold person so this may not follow me into the colder months but it will definitely be making an appearance once spring hits in 2018.

Iced chai tea. Another love of mine each time the temperatures spike. Chai tea and I go waaaaay back, lol. I used to have a cup each morning in high school and as I grew older I continued to love it. My favorite place to get a good iced chai is a local café here in Great Falls.

Popcorn, chocolate, Simple Mills cookies, and Coconut Bliss ice cream bars. These are my top four favorite snacks from this summer and you bet they will follow me into fall and winter. The true reality is I alternate between the four of these each night of the week, LOL.



Fire Artisan Pizza. The BEST pizza in Great Falls. Hands down. As most of you probably already know, Mark is on a 4-day work schedule and each time he comes home we get pizza from here. This will forever remind me of summer nights.

Electric City Coffee. You know that chai tea I was just telling you about? Well this is the place to get it! And many other things too! This place is another once a week stops Mark and I make. They have the best vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free sweets in town!



BARE Republic mineral sunscreen. This summer I vowed to take extra good care of my skin and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without this brand! Chemical and toxic free sunscreen for the win!

Kopari. Again, this is something I shared in my previous favorites post but it’s a winner for sure! It gave me the perfect sun kissed glow this summer season!

Face and body oils. Really, just coconut oil. I probably went through two and half jars of coconut oil this summer. I love it on my face, body, and even my hair. It’s perfect for the dry Montana air!



Podcasts. OBSESSED. I love filling my brain with all the knowledge and podcasts have been the perfect way, for me anyways, to absorbed all the info!

Walking. As soon as it began to get warmer outside I started taking 20-45 minutes walks every morning! It quickly became a part of my morning routine and I love it! However, this will have to wait until the weather gets warmer again.

Reiki. Reiki, and anything energy healing, hippie hippie woo woo, I really fell in love with. This year, especially this summer, has been a huge transition period for me. I really opened myself up and tapped into my spiritual side. Reiki definitely sparked a deeper love for it all this summer.


If you’re curious about what other products and random things I was loving over the summer make sure to check out my monthly favorites posts from MayJuneJuly, and August!


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