Engagement Photo Diary

Today I am sharing something that is probably the most personal topic I have ever shared on here. It’s personal in the sense that it is very close to my heart and I typically don’t share a lot of this (on social media) on a day to day basis. Today I want to share with you all a sneak peek into Mark and I’s engagement photos.

I made the decision to make a post of this last minute for a few reasons. The main reason being it is something I can look back on as my blog grows and as Mark and I progress in our relationship. As I say many, many times as much as I write, share, and post for all of you, I also do this for ME. But I want you guys to see other parts of my life, not just health and wellness.

I made a promise to myself that I would begin to share more personal moments on here and other social media platforms I use. My life isn’t just health foods, crystals, and fitness. There are a lot of other in between moments you don’t get to see and like I said, I want to share that with you! The real, raw, vulnerable Devon. Of course there are obvious things on in my life that I just won’t share because I would still like a private life too. But I think if I am always encouraging myself and others to live from a place of love then I need to show more of that…..and what better way to do such a thing than to share a glimpse of the actual love of my life.




















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