August 2017 Favorites

It’s that time again— time to share my favorites from the last month! If you’re new here, first and foremost hello and thank you for reading my blog! Second, at the beginning of each month I put together a post talking all about any current products, brands, foods, or activities I enjoy from the previous month! I really enjoy these posts because it’s an accumulation of everything I talk about on social media, and it’s all on one place for you guys as well!

I think this whole summer has just flown by but August seemed to be the longest month! Yet I still can hardly believe September is here! September is a busy month in my household…lots of birthday’s, anniversaries, and FALL of course! This year will be a little different considering we are living in Montana (apparently September 1st marks the official day where it can begin snowing at any time, yikes!). As much as I don’t want any snow, Montana definitely needs it. The whole state is basically on fire due to the drought we are in. It hasn’t rained since May time frame and there’s been over 52 wildfires. All we can do is let Mother Nature run her course, and before I start to worry about winter, I’m going to finish enjoying this summer heat!

So for this favorites post, I am sharing everything I have been loving from the month of August! When I began gathering all of my products, I came to the conclusion I always have more food favorites than anything else…no shame in my food game! Other than all the food I will also be sharing a skin care fave and the few essential oils I have been loving!

August 2017 Favorites



GTS Kombucha– I’ve shared my love for kombucha in a few previous posts but the month of August I have fallen completely in LOVE with the brand GTS. I love all of their flavors (that I’ve tried) but right now I am loving their Cosmic Cranberry and Triology! My favorite way to drink it is cutting it with a La Croix sparkling water; it taste like a mixed drink except 100% good for you. Now that’s my kind of mocktail! Bonus points because my fiancé LOOOOVES it too (finally)!

Chameleon Cold Brew– I am by no means a huge coffee drinker (it can upset my stomach if isn’t high quality or made correctly) but when I do it’s definitely this brand! I like to buy the single serving jars and drink only half of them with almond milk! Soooo good and makes them last longer!

Kite Hill chive cream cheese– BEST. CREAM. CHEESE. EVER. This brand is soooo good! Super creamy and taste pretty darn close to the real thing, considering it’s vegan! 10/10 recommend. I love this on my gluten free bagels with avocado!

Coconut Bliss ice cream bars– *insert drool face emoji here*. I was a little hesitant about these guys because a lot of dairy free ice cream, to me, taste way too artificial. I love ice cream but I’m lactose intolerant and taking lactaid just doesn’t cut it. When I first tried these I was in shock! Currently I am obsessing over the plain coconut- it has actual shreds of coconut in it, YUM!

Blueberries– So random, I know. Hear me out though- fruit is tricky for me. I can’t have too much because it hurts my stomach, but I am addicted to it! Blueberries are low glycemic and high in antioxidants so the don’t make my stomach upset! They are my go-to snack and I could easily eat a whole pack in one sitting!



Kopari– I found this brand on Instagram several months back and honestly fell completely in love right off the bat. We all know how amazing coconut oil is for us (except if you read bs articles that lie to the world). This brand uses coconut oil in some of the most unique ways. For example- my current fave, their coconut body glow. It’s coconut oil with an added gold shimmer and it is free of all chemicals and toxins! I love using this if I know I will be poolside tanning, or want an extra glimmer to my skin when I’m going out. It’s so nourishing and makes you feel like you’re on a tropical island.



Essential oils– If you follow along on my Instagram stories, then you are familiar with my favorite combo I diffuse every morning- Peppermint + a citrus oil. The perfect blend to wake you up, energize you, and make you feel ahhhmazing! Another one I have been loving is the Eucalyptus oil. It has such a calming scent and is amazing whenever you are feeling congested!



Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)!



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