At Home Upper Body Workout- Who says you need a gym to be fit?

Hi, friends! Today we are spicing things up on Devon Jade and it’s going to get hot and sweaty! I am giving ya’ll an at home upper body workout! What better way to spice things up than with a sweaty workout?!

I realized I neglected this section of my blog and that cycle ends today! Although I am not a personal trainer or believe myself to be a workout expert, I do know some things and have a lot of experience in the fitness department! I also really enjoy working out myself, plus this blog is about all things lifestyle, including fitness! Soooo, with that said, today I am making you guys get up and sweat!

Time and time again I hear people complaining about the price of gym memberships or the lack of time they have to get a good workout in. I am here to tell (and show) you that it doesn’t have to be expensive nor time consuming. I started my fitness journey in my bedroom at my mom’s house! That’s why I created this workout that you can literally take anywhere with you- gym or no gym! Let’s get started!




*Always make sure to do at least a 5 minute warm-up/stretch before jumping into an intense workout!*




10 reverse push ups (start at the bottom of a push-up and push yourself up into plank; go on knees for modification)

20 plank jacks

10 straight leg tricep dips

20 overhead claps




20 (10 each side) shoulder taps

20 (10 each side) mountain climbers

10 one arm to down dog push ups (start in down dog with one arm beind your back. Move into plank and perform a single arm push up. Do 5 on each arm)

30 second (each side) side plank




20 jabs (10 each arm)

10 push ups

20 jumping jacks

20 (10 each side) cricket climbers (like mountain climbers but you are bringing your knee to the opposite elbow)






Cool down and stretch when complete!



Make sure to comment below, on my Instagram (@iamdevonjade), or shoot me a message and tell me if you would like more of these types of posts! Also- make sure to tag me and use the hashtag #SweatingWithDJ if you do any of my workouts! Let’s see those sweaty selfies!

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