My Favorite Non Toxic Make-up

Hi, loves! Happy Tuesday! I hope you are all having a fantastic start to your week and you are making the most of what you have! I am super excited about this blog post today (but when am I not?? Lol) and it has been a long time coming. I tell you this ALL the time but whenever I am sharing products or brands that I use it is because I have tried them out and fell in love with them. I make sure to use any new products for a few months to truly get an idea of how they work and if I like them. I won’t ever share things that I don’t personally use (and LOVE) or anything I don’t stand by 100%.

With that said, today’s post is all about my new favorite make-up brand, 100% Pure Cosmetics! A few months back I posted on my Instagram about getting rid of all of my make-up from the drug store and Sephora because I was switching to a non toxic brand. Well, I did and I am so happy with the results!

I like to follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to living a toxic free lifestyle. There are some things that you just can’t avoid, i.e. the external environment in which you live in. I try my best to keep things real and feasible for myself so I don’t go insane. Although I am pretty much 90% toxic free, I have my vices too. I get my hair highlighted and still use regular nail polish and those are some things I don’t feel like giving up right now, and that’s okay!


My Favorite Non Toxic Make-up

Making sure I used non-toxic make-up was definitely something I felt was really important. Did you know the average woman wears over 500 chemicals a day? And that 80% of them are applied before breakfast? When I learned that I was stunned, paralyzed, and desperate for a change. Beauty products, not just make-up ladies, have SOOO many harsh chemicals that do more harm then good. Hormone and endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, dyes, and perfumes and fragrances…the list goes on. And the worst part is these products are not regulated! We care so much about what we put IN our bodies so shouldn’t we care about what we put ON our bodies as well?! Our skin is the largest organ and it absorbs everything, treat it like you would treat your body’s diet and workout routine, with care and respect.

So who is 100% Pure Cosmetics and why are they so special? They are a make-up and beauty brand (duh) that formulate their products without all of the nasty chemicals or toxics that mess up our bodies. The brand was founded in California in 2005 and seems to be growing tremendously! All of their products are 100% free of any harmful chemicals, artificial dyes, fragrances, and any other preservatives and toxins. Everything is 100% pure, high quality ingredients to truly treat your skin and body with nothing but love! Did I mention they are also gluten and cruelty free?!

The products I bought were the Mattifying Primer, 2nd Skin Foundation, Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer, Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer, Gemmed Luminizer (highlighter), Fruit Pigmented Blush, 3 Fruit Pigmented lipsticks, mascara, and liquid eye liner. I have used each product numerous times and I have fallen completely in love! I will tell you though, if you have dry skin, over moisturize a little right before applying the make-up. I have very dry skin since moving to Montana and I also haven’t worn much make-up since then either, so when I first applied their concealer my skin started flaking. However, it was not the product, it was my skin, because I applied my moisturizer on top of the primer and had zero issues after that!

Their products give you just the right amount of coverage and look natural, which is something that I love. I hate when I wear make-up and it looks so overly done, but 100% Pure nails it in the natural department! When wearing the make-up it also feels so light and weightless, like you have nothing on! Again, something I absolutely love. Everything goes on smoothly, stays on throughout the day, AND comes off with no problems!

What’s also really cool about this brand is their prices are great too! You spend about the same amount on 100% Pure as you would at Sephora (or LESS) AND you are treating your skin and body way better.

Some of my favorite make-up products from 100% Pure Cosmetics include—

The Fruit Pigmented Lipsticks. Using these little guys I would of never guessed they were toxic free and good for me! They glide on so nicely, like most other lipsticks. They also stay on for a majority of the day AND don’t dry out my lips!

Black Tea Mascara. One word, HEAVENLY. Say goodbye to your eyelash extensions because this mascara makes your lashes look AMAZING and natural!!!! I can apply 2-3 coats and my eyelashes look so full and long but also like I’m not wearing mascara at all! I love it! It smells amazing too lol!

Gemmed Luminizer (Rose Gold). This is one of their highlighters and it does exactly what it says…luminizes! I apply it to the high points of my cheek bones and the bridge/tip of my nose and I am glowing! Again, it looks soon natural too!

Like I said, I follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to living a toxic free lifestyle. I do what I can and I truly believe some is better than none. Having non toxic make-up was important to me because us women are exposed to SOOO many chemicals already that our make-up shouldn’t be one of them.

Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)!



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