Sit Down & Chat With Me: It’s Okay to Not Be ‘Perfect’

Happy Friday, babes! I want to just hop right in with this post today because I have been playing it over and over again in my mind for quite some time now. I originally had another post planned for today but each time I go to sit down and write it, it doesn’t seem authentic in that moment. And I am all about being myself and staying true to who I am. That means I only write blog posts that not only serve you guys, but myself as well.

I feel like I will eventually find the time to write that post but right now is just not that time. Today I figured I would talk to you about another topic that is equally important. That topic is the idea of being ‘perfect’ and why it’s okay to not be such a thing. And I feel like this post couldn’t have come at a better time.

You see, the word perfect is so daunting and it truly makes me cringe. That silly seven letter word puts so much pressure on us fragile humans. It wraps us up into people and things we aren’t suppose to be nor who we should be. It gives us the wrong impression, false hope, and continually lets us down. Being ‘perfect’ makes us actually not perfect at all because by trying to be that we are always obsessing over living up to unrealistic standards. It makes us go mad, do and say mean things, and it just all around is not our true reality.

Maybe you view perfect as the way you and others should look, as the job you dream of having, or even the life you wish to live. We all dream of the perfect someone or something. We all have our own definitions of perfect but the truth is no one and no thing is perfect. However, I think that is what truly makes this thing called life so beautiful.

Not having it all together, not having your ducks in a row, or simply not sticking to the plan is all okay. It is what makes us humans! If we were all perfect we wouldn’t have anything to talk about and the world wouldn’t be the same. Of course we all want to be the best we can be and strive for excellence….. but if we all met the ‘perfect’ standards then there would be no point in goal setting, furthering your education, learning new things, or any other task(s) that make us evolve into better individuals. We wouldn’t appreciate the good when we received it and most of life’s experiences would be taken for granted.

This goes for everything you do. Not just the way you look, your career, your relationship, or your Instagram feed. Think back to an experience that seems far less than perfect, perhaps a life altering moment when you were younger. Now ask yourself would you be the same person you are today if that experience never happened? I bet most of you would answer no. That’s because you were able to take that experience and learn from it. To grow from it and use it to mold yourself into the wonderful human being that you are today. Now I want you to think of a project you are working on, it can be a hobby or something big in your career. Think about where you are in this given moment with that project. Maybe you just started or maybe you are almost finished. Now think about what you had to go through to get yourself here. Would you still appreciate everything if there were no struggles, if everything went perfect? Probably not.

I didn’t really have an outline for this post and I’m just typing whatever comes to mind as I write (pretty fitting for this post if ya ask me), but the point I am trying to make is whatever you decide to do, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Follow your gut and do what feels right. Find the things and people you love, surround yourself with them, and embrace it fully. Say yes when you want to say yes, say no when you want to say no, and go with ebbs and flows of YOUR life. Find what works for you and stick with it. Have a routine, make a plan, set deadlines for yourself, and don’t be afraid to fuck them up. Live from a place of love and don’t worry about anything else.

Life can be SO beautiful if we let go of all of these false perceptions of what it’s suppose to look like and/or how we are suppose to live. If we could let go of this idea of perfection, we will then clearly see perfection is made up of all the non perfect moments and things in life.


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