Self Care Tips & Tricks

Hi, loves! As I mentioned a few times on my Instagram and Instagram stories, I haven’t been feeling quite like myself the month of July. Just over the last week or so I really took the time to dig deep inside and fix whatever was altering my energy. I am a Highly Sensitive Person so being my best self requires a lot of inside, personal work. When I don’t focus on myself daily, I have periods like the one I just mentioned above.

With that said, a lot of self care was needed. So for this blog post I am sharing some of my own personal favorites for self care as well as general tips and tricks to better take care of yourself! I hope this sparks some inspiration for you guys and maybe even push you to give yourself some more TLC. You deserve it, enjoy!


Self Care Tips & Tricks

Have a plan or routine– this doesn’t have to be strict or very structured, you can make it day by day, or week by week. I found having a set routine or planning out your day helps lower stress levels, anxiety, and all around relaxes your mind. When you have a plan it allows you to see when and where you have time and the places where you don’t.

Say ‘no’– you’re probably thinking “what the h*ll, Devon?” but hear me out. Everyone works off of their own schedule and we don’t ever really take into consideration of our peers’ time and plans. When we are bored or free we grab our phones and text our friends to make plans. More times than not, when we get that text from a friend, we are already busy but say yes anyway, neglecting what really needs to get done. So, if you have your routine and your day/week planned out, do not be afraid to say no when needed. This doesn’t mean just when you have work that needs to get done but also when you want some time for yourself to relax and unwind. Saying no can be stronger than saying yes.

Find a creative outlet– I think this is one of the most important tips I could give you. Having a way to express yourself and emotions makes all the difference. This can be journaling, drawing, painting, dancing, or even going for a run.

Listen to your body– this sounds so simple yet people don’t seem to ever do it. No one knows your body like you do so tune in and listen up! If you want pizza, grab pizza, if you want to take a nap or bubble bath, go for it! Whatever it is you need, listen to your body and give back to it. It WILL thank you later.

My Favorite Self Care Essentials

Essential oils– I use essentials daily, but even more so when I need a little extra TLC. i love to use any and all grounding, calming, and uplifting essential oils. Some of my favorites are Lavender, Bergamot, a blend called Grounding, citrus oils, Stress Away, and Peace and Calming. I enjoy diffusing them during the day and putting a few drops in a bath!

Nourishing foods– nothing makes me feel better and more like myself then a good meal. Sometimes it might be gluten free, dairy free pizza and other days it could be a giant bowl of veggies with rice and organic chicken sausage. I choose whichever foods my body is craving in that moment.

Crystals– crystals are the most grounding, calming tool in my self care toolbox. I usually meditate with them or simply carry them with me throughout my day. I also like to pick specific crystals I am drawn to and set intentions with them.

Journal– a key component in a perfect day/night of self care….a journal. I journal every morning, however, when it’s time to throw in a little extra love to myself I enjoy spilling all of my thoughts and feelings in a sacred place, like my journal.

Oracle cards– messages from my angels. It feels so good to do a reading on myself to see what I really need and if I am being guided down the right path.

Hot bath w/ epsom salts– need I say more?! This is another staple in my self care routine. Like I said, I enjoy putting essential oils in my bath as well as epsom salts. It is so relaxing and detoxifying, especially with my journal and a good book.

Books– which leads me to my next favorite for self care…..books! I always have a good book on hand to read in the bath. When I am giving myself some time for self care I don’t like to be on my phone so a book is a great alternative.

Movement– whether this be going for a walk outside in nature or a gentle flow on my mat. A good stretch and some movement can do amazing things for me.
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