A (beginner’s) Guide to Crystals

Happy Friday, babes! (Even though it is Saturday when I am writing this, it will be published on Friday!) I have just been on a high these last few days and it feels great! For the longest time I wasn’t feeling much like myself at all. So over the last 3 days I took some time to myself and really worked on healing whatever was altering my energy. And now I am feeling like myself again! YAY!

I have a really excited post for you all today. It is something that I am very passionate about (Okay, I am passionate about everything I share with you guys). It is a topic that I often talk about on Instagram, post pictures of, and they are quite trendy lately. Yep, you guessed it from the title…CRYSTALS.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Crystals

Today I am sharing with you a beginners guide to crystals! I will be showing you some of my favorite crystals as well as crystals that are perfect if you are new to them. I am going to be giving you a sneak peek into my own collection and spilling the details on how magical these beautiful gems are! So let’s get to it!

So you wanna play with crystals, huh? These super trendy, yet so so magical rocks, stones, and gems, are EVERYWHERE. It seems like everyone is using them in some way or another and maybe you want to use them too! In this post I am going to focus on the basic tips and secrets you need to know when starting your crystal collection. It can get overwhelming but that’s why I am starting with just the basics!

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Why crystals?

The use of crystals dates back to waaaayy before any of us were alive. These beautiful gems are used for SO many purposes, each one used for something different and sometimes even the same. Crystals are used to heal, guide, protect, and be used as tools for overall wellness. For example, Amethyst is a great stone used for its calming effects. Its pretty purple color is soothing in itself, so imagine holding this baby! There is more to it (i.e. the energy and vibrations of humans and crystals, etc etc) but this post is to get a basic understanding of crystals, not leave you running away scared.

What crystals should you choose? 

It’s completely up to you! Grab whatever you are drawn to! See one that catches your eye? Hold it for a few seconds and if it feels ‘right’ then there ya go! Let crystals choose you, is what I always say. OR if you are looking for something specific like protection, choose a stone you know that is good for this purpose. The sky is really the limit in this case.

You picked out some crystals but now what do you do with them?

Again, it’s up to you! Some people like them strictly for aesthetic purposes, they look pretty, they sparkle, etc. You could wear them, meditate with them, or even place them around your house!

Alright, you got the jist of it so now I am going to share with you my favorite ways to use my crystals AND show you some that are great for starting out!


How I use my crystals-

1. I like to hold them while I meditate. Depending on what my intention is I choose a crystal(s) accordingly.

2. I carry them in my pocket and/or bra wherever I go to protect my energy and to keep myself up beat and ready to go go go!

3. I place them around my house for different purposes.

4. When I go get my Reiki attunement.

5. Full and New Moons

6. Intention setting

*PRO TIP* Charge your crystals each month underneath the Full Moon light!



Color: light purple to deep violet

Chakra: third eye, crown, and heart

Uses/Healing Properties: meditative, calming, balance, peace, protection of all types. Great stone to wear and have in your home. This crystal is also great for meditation and winding down. (I carry this one with me at all times for protection and ease).

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Clear Quartz

Color: colorless

Chakra: all chakras, but primarily the crown chakra.

Uses/Healing Properties: balancing, healing, manifesting, meditating, protection, focus, and so much more. Known as a power stone for its’ multiple purposes and uses.

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Rose Quartz

Color: pale pink

Chakra: heart chakra

Uses/Healing Properties: the stone of unconditional love. This is stone us perfect for any and all things of love, self love, relationships, family, and friends. It can enhance love in most situations. (I carry this one with at all times).

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Color: varies

Chakra: all chakras, as well as specific chakras depending on the color

Uses/Healing Properties: this stone os known for strength, courage, balance, and calmness. (I wear this one in a bracelet).

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Color: colorless, sometimes tinted

Chakra: crown, third eye, and sometimes sacral.

Uses/Healing Properties: associated with the moon, this crystal is excellent for mental clarity, truth, and honesty, intuition, and angels. This is one of the only crystals that do not need to be charged because it is packed with that much energy. (I use this to charge my other crystals I use daily).

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Moon Stone

Color: can vary

Chakra: crown, third eye, and sometimes heart

Uses/Healing Properties: calmness, stress relief, hope, intuition.

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Color: iridescent, usually blue/green

Chakra: solar plexus and third eye

Uses/Healing Properties: stone of transformation and magic. Protects, balances, and clears the aura. (Another one I carry with me at all times).

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Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)!



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