Cycle Syncing – What Is It? + My Experience

Hi loves! Today on the blog I am going to be talking all about cycle syncing. What it is, why I (and so many other women) do it, and my experience with it! If you follow me on Instagram then this isn’t the first time you are probably hearing about this. I discuss it a little bit on Instagram stories and even share some info in my captions. However, today I am getting into the details. I have gotten many questions regarding this topic so let’s just jump right in!

Cycle Syncing- What Is It?

+ My Experience

So, what is cycle syncing? Cycle syncing is syncing your everyday routine, meals, and workouts to your menstrual cycle. If you are familiar with the book Woman Code by Alisa Vitti then you may already be familiar with this. The author of this book developed an app called “my flo” which is the app used when you cycle sync. The app breaks it down really simple and easy to understand.

To give you a quick run down of it, the woman’s body goes through four different cycle phases.

The first phase being your follicular phase, then ovulation, luteal, and ending with the menstrual phase. Each phase can be supported by the foods we eat, how we workout, social planning, and even completing tasks and organizing. The app has a calendar and tracks what phase you are in throughout the month. As you enter a new phase it notifies you and you can learn what your hormones are doing in that specific phase AND what you should be doing and eating to help support your body during that time. This app is amazing not only for your overall healthy but also for anyone struggling with their period or hormones.

For a better example, the first phase (follicular) is the phase when hormones are at low levels and effects on the brain include openness to trying out new things. During this phase you should be focusing on creativity and setting intentions and goals. Try something new for your workout and eat fresh, vibrant light foods. In this phase arousal is important during sex, so focus your attention on touching and massaging. This phase least about 7-10 days.

Starting to catch on?

So why should we cycle sync? Simple. We are essentially giving our bodies what they need during a specific time. However, it definitely isn’t for everyone.

I did it for a few months and learned I was one of those peoples. Cycle syncing is not for me and heres why…

Long story short, about 5 years ago I found this new love for health and fitness. I went through some pretty tough times with my diet (restricting, counting, binging) and exercise too. Although I am happy to say I am about 99% “cured” of all of that, there’s that 1% that  will always be with me. With that said, once I began cycle syncing I became too obsessed. I would give myself anxiety if I didn’t eat the foods that were recommended. I felt like I failed and wasn’t “perfect”. Like I wasn’t healthy. (LOL come on Devon, what are you even thinking?!?!) And I even started to compare myself to other people who enjoyed cycle syncing. It also effected how I thought about my workouts, to the point where I basically just stopped working out. I was trying to force something (that is an up and coming trend) and it was bringing up old, unhealthy habits. So, one day I said “F it”. And I stopped right then and there. I am a healthy individual that takes such good care of my body, I don’t need to be causing myself this anxiety over literally nothing.

I am sorry for this long post but that’s it. That is what cycle syncing is and my OWN experience with it. I truly am 110% for it, but for me and I’m sure many others, it may be a trigger to controlling how you eat. And that’s okay. Just don’t let it run your life.

I think it can be a great tool to use to become more in-tune with our bodies, especially those struggling with any hormonal problems. I just don’t think it is for everyone. I hope this answers any questions you may have had and if not please feel free to message me!

Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)!



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