Meditation Teacher Training – 1 Month

I am officially ONE MONTH into my Meditation Teacher Training!!! (What?!?!) Time is just flying by and as much as I want it to slow down I also cannot wait to see what the future holds! As you all know on June 1st I began my journey toward becoming a Meditation Teacher. It was never an idea to me that I could be, or do, such a thing but this opportunity literally fell right into my lap so I rolled with it! And boy am I SO happy that I did!

A few weeks back I published a blog post when I was about a week into my training to kind of sum up what was happening and what to expect from my training experience. Well, today I am one month into my journey and I am going to share what it has been like thus far! These posts are not only for you guys to follow along with me on my journey but also for myself to track my experiences and thoughts. With that said, training from here on out won’t be changing much (other than the styles of meditation I will be practicing) so instead of boring you all with monthly updates you can follow along on my Instagram @devonnjadee!

In about 2-3 months I will be able to call myself a Meditation Teacher and that couldn’t make me more happy, excited, nervous, proud, inspired, and motivated! Like I said, I never even knew there was such a thing and when I discovered this I knew I had to do it. Although it feels like not much time has passed, a whole month has flown by and each day I am learning something new and exciting. This training may be super flexible (which I LOVE because I am one busy gal) but it is also very intense and immersive. Lately I have been spending three or more times a day meditating and journaling my progress through each meditation style. When first starting out I was a little intimidated and then that feeling turned into grace and ease which is now a feeling of strength and motivation. This training isn’t easy and there are some days I don’t even want to meditate but those are the days (and times) where I learn I need it the most. If I am being honest some days I completely forget or am too busy to even sit down to meditated and those days go missed. But I always pick up the next day where I left off and all is well again.

Although my time is mostly spent practicing the actual meditation style and technique it isn’t all just practice. I have lectures and assignments and even assessments to complete. To give you all an idea of what I am doing, for each meditation technique we have a lecture on a specific style of that technique (There are four different meditation techniques and about 3-7 styles under each). Once you complete the lecture for that specific style, you go into the practice phase where you practice that one specific style of mediation a few times a day for about a week. Once you have practiced for 7 days, you go through the analysis phase and move on to the next style or technique of meditation. In this first month I am about half way through the first meditation technique!

I have a lot of things to work on, like one of them being more consistent (guilty) but overall I have slowly made my new mediation practice a habit. I am forever bettering myself and my practice and I am always learning something new (about myself AND meditation) each and every day! I am no expert and ways away from officially being a teacher but what keeps me motivated is knowing soon I will be able to share more of this passion of mine and help others doing so!


Share your thoughts with me! Comment below or head to my Instagram page (@iamdevonjade)!



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